Ishkara…the pair of truth and lie ( Episode 14)

Note- Ishu and ACP randhava are actually childhood friends. They were besties till junior high…then Ranveer went for his further studies and their contact broke. Ishana unfortunately had to lead a con girl life. After her foster father’s death she was all broken. So she decided to surrender to the police. ACP randhava was shocked to see his dear childhood friend such a horrible condition. He supported her and helped her to start a new life. That’s why Ishana used to help him technically in the cases. Ishana was really grateful to him for doing this . Ranveer was the same khadoos to everyone except Ishana…he cared for her. Butt they are just friends nothing else……And Our cu. andIshana- Well, Mr. Ranveer, you are not the only person who works.

Ranveer- What do you mean?
Ishana- Oh..come on Dear RV, I work here, this is my new job!!!!!!
Ranveer- With the OBEROIS? Are you comfortable with this Ishu, I mean, after all that, are u sure, you want to work here/ ( he asked holding here hand in his with a concerned look.
All the youngsters were shocked after seeing this( except Shivaay, off course, he already knows). Om got a shock by seeing them holding hands and Prinku could not belive her ears that Ishana called ACP Ranveersingh Randhava as “ RV”.
Om- You two…you two know eachother?
Prinku- Very nicely?

Om- Yeah, I mean that was unexpected.
Prinku – are the ACp, right?
Ranveer- Yeah I am the Acp, yeah we two know each other very nicely and I don’t think this is that much shocking. So, I don’t understand why are you OBEROI bro-sis acting so weired. Can’t the acp be friends with someone?

Om, Prinku both realized that they overreacted a bit, so they covered up.
Prinku- No, we just meant that, we didn’t expect this.
Om- Yeah, Ishana and You? What can possibly be the connection.
Ranveer- Ohh…Mr. Omkara Singh Oberoi, you look a little too much interested in our connection. Do you inquire every person you meet in the same way?
Om was left speechless by this. Ishana who had no idea, what is the story between them three, thought that the atmosphere was getting a bit serious now. Rudy too thought that he needs to crack a joke now…

Rudra- Haan om, he is the ACp, it’s his work to inquire…
Ishana- And Ranveer, remember you are talking to my Boss. So behave yaar. You’ll get me fired on my very first day. Already, I had struggled hard enough!!!!

With these two comments, the surrounding become a little playful. But now, Omkara was staring at Ishana with a blank look he was still feeling uneasy by seeing Ranveer and Ishu so close. Same was the thing with Prinku.

Shivaay- So I guess, we all should leave now, it’s dark out there.
Anika- Yeah, let’s go.
Om- You guys came by your cars so you go ahead I have to take my car.
Prinku- Om bhaiya, I’ll come with you.
Ranveer ( who saw Ishana walking)- No need, I will drop you home. So sit silently in my car.
Prinku misunderstood that Ranveer is talking to her.

Prinku- What are you talking about. I am going with my brother. NO need to show your fake care-concern How can you be so shameless.
Ranveer- Miss Oberoi, I am not talking to you. And why will I drop you? I was talking to Ishana. I cannot see my Friend troubling herself like this, and ya, I don’t care even a bit about you.

Om was now really angry at ranveer. First he hugged Ishana and now “ How dare he talk to my sister like that”, he thought. He was about to say something but, ishana hit Ranveer’s arm,
Ishana- Why are you all guys so RUDE always? She just said a sentence and you heated up like an electric heater. Hmmm typical BOY.
Ranveer- Ishana….don’t start this boy-girl fight here.
Soumya- No, actually Ishana di is right, all boys blame girls for small small things.
Anika- Yeah, boys always show their ego in anything.
Shivaay- Ohh really? Well, I think you are misplacing the word “BOYS” with ‘GIRLS”.
Rudra- Yeah, these girls are so mean, they misunderstand us every time.
Om- yeah, I agree… Noone listens to us fully
Anika- Ohh so you mean, that now, it was Priyanka’s mistake and not Ranveer’s?
( anika used the trump card, as everyone knew that o-bros love their sister more than anything and cannot say or hear a word against her)

O-bros- no…we just mean that…
Ishana- See, Ranveer, noone’s on your side you better say sorry otherwise (She moves her hands to pull his ears)
Ranveer- Oh you stupid girl……. Ishana, now you behave. I am the ACP and you are trying to pull my ears..that too here…come on yaar, limit hoti hai.
Ishana- So, say sorry first.
Ranveer- Oh god…Sorry Priyankaji, I shouldn’t have talked so rudely, I was being an idiot. And you girls can make us do anything. Even if the guy is ACP or a gangster.

( girls chuckled hearing this and shouted “girl power always wins” and all the boys gave them “ you are Impossible look”.)

Ranveer- Now if your narishakti morcha is finished, can we go. Ishana, I am going to drop you home.
Om and Prinku ( together)- WHY?
Ranveer- Excuse me…I already told you that we are friends. And we know eachother. Why are you acting as if She is a little girl and I am kidnapping her.
Ishana- Again Ranveer “be polite”, “be Polite” “be polite”……
Ranveer- Stop teaching me Ishana…
Ishana- I gave up on that a long time ago. You are THE ACP ranveer now, you don’t listen to anyone. Now

Ranveer- yeah, we will continue the classes, let’s go first.
Ranveer dragged Ishana to the car and Ishu bids bye to everyone and says ‘Thank You” just by lipsing. Om was left awestruck by her memorizing looks and especially the way she just expressed her gratitude to him. Till the car left from their sight, he was continuously staring at Ishana’s side profile ( which is like the most shocking thing because Omkara is the one who is most composed and humble always) and he staring at girls…that’s way out of blue)
After that in the car,Om was continuously thinking about Ishana. “ I wish if she had been there with me like this, for ALL THE TIME’, Omsmiled thinking this to himself and just again got lost in the sweet memories.

At the Dinner table –
After the Oberoi family dinner, tejvi and shanky went to their respective rooms. But dadi was still there enjoying the dessert with youngsters.Everyone was prasing the.chocolate ice cream and were continuously talking.
Om was still in his own world. Dadi noticed it and asked ShivRu by eyes, that what happened to him.
Shivaay- long story dadi….Om had a GREAT day at work today…right Om? ( Om didn’t pay attention) Om..OM…( Shivaay shook him)
Om- Yeah…Shivaay…you were saying something?
Rudra- No..he already said his dialogue but you were either sleeping by your eyes open or Again Lost in HER….???
Om- Shut up Rudra…Eat your food silently.
Dadi- ek minut minute…Who is this ‘HER’ now?
Rudra- Come on dadi, there is only one girl on this planet who was able to attract this long haired Creature…and she is…
PriSoumShivAni ( in union)- ISHANA………
Dadi smiled slightly and Om coughed while drinking the water…
Om- What???are you guys mad? Who said that she attracts me? And What do you mean By “THE ONLY GIRL’, If you don’t remember, I had a girlfriend
Rudra- Plz Om…ab muh mat khulvao yaar aap. Everyone knows that you were never ever interested in Riddhima. I always felt as if it some kind of JABARDASTI on you.
Shivaay- And today we all saw how you were staring at Ishana. Belive me, I have seen you with that passionate gaze but only with your statues and paintings and today, first time it was with a living-person and that too a girl.

Om- Rudra…I am letting you speak, that doesn’t mean you will say anything. And Shivaay since when you started to natice these things…According to you we should be practical and all and all.
Dadi- tu chup kar Om..
Om- What????Dadi, aaj aap bhi inke side ho?
Dadi- haan. But now tell me, how did you meet her AGAIN? Today morning, you were saying that you will never see her again. Aaj kal toh log Ishqbaazi bhi chorichupe kar rahe hai.
Om- dadi…aap ye Shivaay aur Rudra ki baton mein mat aao. Aur Ishqbaazi? Ye aap pyaar kaha se bich mein laa rahe ho. Mere aur Ishana ke bich aisa kuch bhi nahi hai.
Dadi- toh maine kab kaha ki hai….Aur humne to Ishana ka naam bhi nahi liya. Aur jab dekho tab tu hi to pyaar mohobbat sikhata rehat hai aur ab tujhe uss se prolem hai?

Om- Pyaar se problem nahi hai dadi… but you are connecting wrong people with wrong things. you people are just…Impossible….. I don’t understand why you all pay attention to every little thing about her.
Rudra- Om…Ishana…Ishana…naam hai unka…Naam lene me ita Sharma kyu rahe ho?
Om- Shut up Rudra..
Anika- Ohoo…aap teeno bhai na, kaam ki baat chod ke sab kuch bata rahe hai. (then Anika, started her talks, which were of course nonstop. She told Dadi about Ishana, how she got a job in the art-company, how Om challenged her, the meeting, deal…her work on whole day, Inpressing Om and all)

Dadi- So again, destiny connected the two of you.
Om- Ya…Finally you understood Dadi. I didn’t wish to meet her it just happened.
Rudra- Oh Really??? and What about your Jealousy then? It ‘Just happened’ too?
Om- What jealous..I was not at all jealous.

Soumya- No bade baalonvale bhaiya, you WERE jealous. When ACP hugged Ishana di, you were really angry. ( prinku again begins to think about that with a upset face but soon she manages herself)
Rudra- see, now even your one and only Moti sissy is also saying the same.
Dadi- Ab to mujhe lag raha hai, ki aaj ka din tape kar lena chahiye tha…Hamara Omkara sach mein JEALOUS tha? Kaisa dikh raha tha? Haahaa( everybody laughs)
Om- dadi…aap sab bhi na …..( but he too understands that there is no point in fighting because he WAS still feeling uneasy reminding Ishu with Ranveer, in other words, he KNEW that he was jealous)
Rudra- By the way, Our long hair creature is really lucky. Ishana is so beauty ful and gorgeous.

Om- Shut your mouth Rudra…
Rudra- Say something new yaar. And if you don’t have anything to say, at least let me speak. So…what was I talking about??
Everybody( smiling)- Long-hair-creatre and the beautiful girl
Rudra- haan…Vaise Om’s love story is running very fast’s speed is like 400km/hour. I mean in just one day…
Anika- Tashan,intensity
Prinku- Care, Help
Soumya- impressed and Jealousy

Shivaay- Everything…
Rudra- I think we should write a book on this “Omkara Singh Oberoi ki untold-oneday Lovestory” OR “Beauty and a Boring-Long-haired Beast”
Om- Ho gaya sab Ka…ya ab bhi baki hai kuch? You know what, say whatever,love story…attraction…whatever you want. I don’t care about these stupid jokes,, comments or that Ishana ( ohh…damn it…Why was his heart racing fast as soon as he mentioned her….and why was he lying? Even her thoughts affecte him…that girl…she was just a mystery which he always wanted to hold with him..unsolved, he knew this and had even accepted the fact ) ( he continued further…) Mai ab sone ja raha hu, aur aap sab bhi ye “Omkara ki untold Lovestory” chapter khatam karo aur so jao, already it’s too late. ( he begins to leave)

Rudra- arre jate jate mera sher to sunate jao…
Anika- Irshad..Irshad…
Rudra- Om ke gehre baalon mein Na jane chupe hai kitne raaz. –
Om ke gehre baalon mein Na jane chupe hai kitne raaz…….
Upar se sidha-sadha Satyavadi artist,
Aur andar se, Rang-biranga Ishqbaaz…Ishqbaaz…Ishqbaaz
Shivaay- wow Rudra…What a timing yaar…For the first time a good shayari from you
Rudra- Thanks bhaiya…
Om gives a angryvala look first…then realises that they are teasing him again. He thinks for a while and then passes a cunning smile to both of them.Om now takes the ice-cream bowl in his hand and puts it on Rudra Upside down. Rudra’s face was now messed up with the chocolate-icecream. And Shivaay’s shirt was filled with ice-cream too.’

Shivaay- What thw wuck Om….Don’t be an Anika
Rudra- shit…ye kya kar diya mere million dollar face ko….Ab to mai aapko pakka I.K.D bulaunga
Om- Matlab?
Rudra- I.K.D stands for Ishana Ka Deewana ( and shows his tongue to Om and runs around the dinning table)
Om runs behind Rudra with a glass of water and accidently drops it on Shivaay. Shivaay sees him angrily
Shivaay- oh god Panika…tumne mere dono bhaiyon ko bigaad diya. ( now Shivaay and Rudra attack Om with Ice-cream and Water)
Everybody bursts out in laughter seeing the handsome O-Bros and their clothes spoiled with Icecerem and water like kids.

Precap- Ishana in Om’s room at night…..???

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