IshKara The Story of a Drug Addictor ff by Soha (Chapter 1)

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It was midnight and I was coming after my work (she is none other than Ishana). My mobile phone started ringing as I picked up from my purse and then answered.
“Hello mom what happen are u okay” answered Ishana.
“Ishana where are u beta I am waiting for u and its midnight” in a worried tone.
“Mom don’t worry I am coming know. I am just on my way okay”. After talking to her mother.
She started walking on road side. As she was walking she felt like someone was chasing her as she turned she saw some goons behind her.
“Why you all are chasing me” said Ishana. Goons looked at her and the other one said “you will go with us today”.
Ishana got scared and said what you mean. While saying she putted her hand in her purse and took off the
Pepper spray. She was about to spray but it was finished. The goons started laughing at her and she got more worried “oho din hi Kharāb chee” she said.
“Today you will go with us” the goon said while laughing. I was too frightened. They looked up. I dropped the spray and started running. I could hear them behind me. I could hear the water splashing under their feet as they ran. I knew they were behind me. I was afraid I was going to faint. I ran crazy like all over the road. I kept hearing something behind me. I ran until I fell. I knew there was no use. I couldn’t keep it up. They caught me and made a circle around me. I just fainted because when I fall my head was hit on the side of footpath. I didn’t know what happened next.

The goons looked at each other and one of the goon was about to pick Ishana some hold his. The goon looked at him.
“How many times I told you all not to dare do this with any girl”. The goon looked at him.
“Don’t dare to stop us today our boss commanded us to take her with us if we will not pick her he will not live us” Replied one of the goon.
“If you will touch this girl then I will not spare you all”. (This is none other omkara). The goon was about to pick Ishana Om gave him a tight slap and started fighting with them. They all started running from there to save themselves from him. Om went near Ishana and looked her. He removed her hair from her face.
” who is she”. He questioned himself and started to search her purse to get some details about her. He looked her card and read her name.”Oh so her name is Ishana but where is her address”. He started searching but couldn’t find Ishana’s address. He picked her in his arms putted her on his shoulder and from other hand he hold his alcohol and started drinking
he took her in his car. Then he drove towards his house.

He reached in his house and enters. Suddenly a voice came from Om’s behind.” Agaya tu lekin yeh larki kon hai”. He is om friend they are living together since he left the OM. Om turned back.
”Actually Rohit yeh mujhe bahir mile some goons where trying to misbehave her and they told that their boss gave them order to pick her” said Om to Rohit.
“How many times did I tell you that don’t try to come in between someone matters if they were picking her let it be” said Rohit while going near him.
“Rohit you know that I can’t tolerate if anyone misbehaves with girls”. Looked at him while speaking
“I know but I am worried about you om if their boss comes to know about you then he will not leave you” said Rohit in worried tone.
“Don’t worry about me I know how to handle this type of guys Rohit okay can I go know” replied Om
Okay said Rohit to Om. Then Om went in his room and laid Ishana on his bed. She was sleeping like a sleeping beauty on bed. Om looked at her and sat near her. He did first aid of her and keeps looking at her.
“I don’t know why I am getting attractive towards you. I saw you before but never knew your name today I got to know that your name is Ishana”. He smiles and holds her hand.
Rohit was standing near door and looked
“Ahan so you love her it means om” as he said he gave him a smile. Om looked at him
“I don’t know” replied om and looked at her.

So that’s it guys I am having exams. I thought to give some relaxation to my brain and wrote this hope so you all will like it and yeah partha I am not giving any surname to ishana It will be relived afterward okay. And in my ff ishana is gujrati. If I will be able to write next chapter then I will write it but after 2nd of may because on 28 I will be having math exam and then physics so you know guys how tough it is especially math ufff
Ok bye take care all of you guys will miss you all and lots of love from me.

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    1. Soha

      thank you so much crazy girl

  1. Renimarenju

    i loved it dear ….wonderful ..and loved the plot also….so nice 2 see ur work …..hope u know me….if possible….. do read my ff whenever u get time …

    1. Soha

      than you for your comment dear and yeah sure i will read it but i dont have time now but i promise that i will read and comment it so sorry



    1. Soha

      thank you dear

  3. It is awesome dear… Best of luck for your exam and eargly waiting for the next update..

    1. Soha

      thank you so much niki

  4. Ruby_MarNy

    Superb start..continue soon..

    1. Soha

      thank you ishana and i will

  5. Pratha

    Hey soha u r back with a bang
    I loved d scene when O was carrying Ishu on shoulder n in one hand d bottle..
    Keep writing loved it.
    No problem Soha u can reveal Ishu surname whenever u want..

    1. Soha

      thanks pratha and i will reveal later again thanks yaar for commenting and reading my ff

  6. Awesome

    1. Soha

      thank you niriha

  7. Superrrrrrr update thanks next post sooon

    1. Soha

      thanks shabnam i will try to post next after 2nd of may

  8. Amazing update… loved it… all the very best for ur exam..

    1. Soha

      Thank you ankita ??

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