ISHKARA and shivika a new story of ishqbaaaz episode 41 part 3

heyaa guys thank u so much for your comments and SAIRAN I just read ur ff it’s awesome keep on writing pls

episode 41 part 3
ishkara are shocked to see harsh there and then turn the other side to see the whole family standing there in shock
veer- is this true ishu r u married to om
ishu- bhaiya I uh I
veer-tell me the truth ishu

ishu- after our confrontation of me being a con girl we met in Bareilly where I was looking after sumeets mother as Gauri he came there for a deal and when I refuse to leave my shop he destroyed it but after sometime a man with my order came and gave me money so I treated maa with tht money then Kaali Thakur chained in his house and wanted me to marry him as well as his brothers I ran away but he humiliated me in front of the villagers and tried to kill maa and kids came there and saved me I ran away but Kaali Thakur instigated the villagers and they after my life while I was running away by mistake I hit om and when he came to know tht I was running away he took me in his arms took the seven rounds and filled my maang with his blood to indicate that we r married after villagers leave he pushed me down and humiliates me and goes back to Mumbai sumeet came to know everything but Kaali Thakur stabbed him in front of my eyes and he died bhaiya

veer- wht sumeet died
he breaks down
ishu- I ran away from there to save maa when I came back to Mumbai Chandan forced me to marry him when I ran away he beated me in front of om and om again married me forcefully in the name of my safety
om- because I could not see ur condition
harsh- it’s ok Omkara she is like tht only no one can see her in pain I came here for recording our song but I guess we’ll do it later I’ll leave now
ishu- harsh can u come with me
harsh- sure

they go to garden
ishu- how can he think tht I can stoop so low harsh how can he think tht I had an affair with u

and cries hard

after sometime harsh leaves but while going sees om
harsh- let her be Omkara she is very upset by ur allegations

but om goes
Ishana turns back and sees him and starts crying harder om goes to her but she faints the doctor comes and tells all tht she had a nervous breakdown

precap:. shivika rumya reunite but will ishkara reunite????

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