ISHKARA and shivika a new story of ishqbaaaz episode 41 part 1

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Thank u so much guys for ur comments let’s go to the episode

Episode 41 part 1
Ishu opens her eyes everyone is happy one by one the siblings come and kiss her on her forehead
Veersumi- u scared the hell out of us
Ani- u promised me to never leave me alone but almost left me
Ishu- but i didn’t na pls don’t cry
Ani- now u will not leave me na pinky promise
They join their little fingers
Ishu- pinky promise

Nurse- pls all of u wait outside we will check her again

They all leave but om comes back and kisses her cheeks
Om- i thought i lost u but u came back now i will not let u go anywhere away from me
And leaves
Ishu is shocked by his behavior
They all come out and r crying with happiness but others misunderstood tht they r crying as ishu is dead anika comes and Shivay rushes to her they hug and she is crying
Shivay- shhh its alright i know how it feels…
Ani- she is alive shivay she came back for us
Shivay- wht
Ani- yes she is back
Shivay- omg
And is happy and hugs her again

Same with rumya and jeevika
Doc- we will operate in ishanas heart as her time to get operated is now
All- do anything but she shouldn’t be harmed
During operation all r waiting outside
Shivaay- i don’t understand one thing if u r twins then how come she has a heart problem and anika doesn’t
Veer- anikas heart wasn’t tht weak as ishus so we had her operated when she was young but ishus heart was to weak to bear an operation so doctor told tht the age of her being 22 will ve better for her to get operated for ger heart
Shivay- ok

After 3hrs
Doctor comes out
Everyone rushes to him
Doc- congratulations the operation is successful she doesn’t hv a weak heart anymore u all can meet her after 2hrs
Later everyone meet her
After 1week
Ishu is discharged and is now back home with everyone and nrs rathore does her aarti
At night in garden
Ishu was sitting on a bench abd reading a book and dozed off but unknowingly kept her head on oms shoulder

She wakes up suddenly
Ishu- sorry
Om- its alright ishu
Ishu- how many tyms should i tell u tht u hv no right to call me ishu
And walks away
Om follows her
Om- why not
Ishu- because i gave tht right to my loved ones
Om- am i not one of them

Ishu- u were but not anymore
And goes inside the mansion through main door entering the living room all were sitting their but ishkara didn’t notice
Om holds her
Om- tell me why I’m not their in your heart anymore
Ishu (shouts)- because u hv betrayed me in the name of love and marriage
Om is heartbroken
All listen this and r shocked

To be continued

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  1. Pratha

    What a twist post soon.
    Sorry short of words…

  2. Sairan


  3. Awesome

  4. It is awesome dear… Eagerly waiting for the next update please post ASAP…

  5. Nithu

    u stop the story at the peak time with a twist n without precap…….waiting for nxt part

  6. Awesome update..

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