ISHKARA and shivika a new story of ishqbaaaz – EPILOGUE

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Thank u guys for ur comments this ff was a wonderful journey I would always wait for ur comments u guys always told wgt was right and wht was wrong and I really appreciate tht writing this ff was never on my mind it suddenly happenednd the responsei got was overwhelming and I got very nice friends like NIKITAJAI who I considermy sister PRATHA a true ISHKARIAN and SAIRAN a true SHIVIKA FAN I’m gonnaMISS U ALL VERY BADLY for shivika fans I am again sorry for hurting ur feelings by not being able to give them enough space due to lack of tym thank u so much for welcomingme in ur ishqbaaaz family it was very supportiveof u guys to always comment.on my ff whichwas sometimes.stupid and thanksfor bearing I thank all my dear readers commentors and silentreaders so here I am here with EPILOGUE of my ff ISHKARA and shivika a new story of ishqbaaaz

Part 1
Next day
Shivay wokeup and saw anika sleeping besidr him
She woke.up
Shivay- goodmorning
And pecked her forehead
She blushed
Shivay- how was last night
Ani- the best night of my life
Suddenlytears form in her eyes shivay panics
Shivay- wht happened anika is it paining somewhere plz tell me ur tears ur silence is killing me
Ani- u will keep ur promise of trusting me u will never doubtme na
Shivay also has tears
Shivay- doubting u was the mistake of my life and I dont repeatmy mistakes
Ani smiles
Shivay- let’s make this morning also best
Sayingthis he pecked her lips and they both bathed together


ISHKARA woke up at the same tym
Ishkara- good morning
Om- so miss o sorry three times marriedto her same husband mrs ishana singhaniya omkara singh oberoi how was last night
Ishu- thanks for such a long name my long haired zulfi singh oberoi and my three times married to same wife mr omkara singh oberoi and about last it was my best night
Om- pleasure is all mine dear wifey
Ishu- but u hv to promiseme to neverdoubt me
Om- I promise ishu
And he kissed her and took her bathroom and bathed

All couples came down at diningtable for breakfast
Ishu- ok guys tell me the planning for our wedding yesterday
Veer- we wanted u to get married so on the engagement day om forcefully made u wear the ring and anika made u swear to not remove the ring on haldi the bowl u put ur hand in waa first touched was oms anotherone was mine for jeevika oms.haldi was put on u during the haldi fight on the wedding day we played our last card tht was om messaging u tht ge wants to kill himself for u don’t love him anymore and hate him also u did forgive him
Ishu- u all played with my feelings si bad
All- it was our helplessness
Ishu- how come 4 weddings
Veer- me and jeevus wedding was a normal one but u all tge weddingwas so dramatic we thought ur would be children will ask did their mom dad ever had normal wedding

They blush

Precap- two years leap

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  1. It is awesome dear sweetie…

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  3. Awesome dear…waiting for next part

  4. Awesome

  5. Alekhika20

    Wonderful,waiting 4 epilogue

  6. Pratha

    Sorry for not commenting on last one..
    This was great N precap r u going to cont d epilogue too
    Thank u so much for d appreciation of TRUE FAN OF ISHKARIAN

  7. Amazing

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