Ishkara : Pyaar ya nafrat (Episode 70)

Episode 70

RECAP: Oberois are united forever

At present, Oberoi Mansion,

ShivOmRu hugged each other once again,

Priyanka: So officially everybody has forgotten me. (She said with a frown)

All smiled at this, ShivOmRu immediately walked to her and pulled her into a bone-crushing hug, others looked happily at the brother-sister bond.

Shivaay: How can we forget our one and only little sister?
Omkara: Tu hi to hai jo hum teeno ko jodti hai.
Rudra: I know that everybody here loves me the most but I can share that love with you, only because you are younger to me.
ShivOmPri: Acha (and he received a light punch from the trio, others laugh)

They all were laughing and talking with regular teasing to one another.
All turned towards the door to see NaiRishAmYanAru standing at the entrance staring at them in shock,

Yansh: OMM looks like we have entered the wrong house.

All hit their fore-head while Rudra was proud that his son carried his legacy ahead.

Rishi: Shut up duffer, your drama never ends.
Yansh: after all beta kiska hu, right dad (he ran to Rudra and they shared a hi-fi, all gave them “inka-kuch-nahi-ho-sakta” looks)
Shivaay: Soumya, you are incredible, how you manage to handle two dramabaaz at once.
Soumya: Bhaiya, that’s my talent.
Naina: But how did this happen?
Anika: I’ll tell you (She tells them only things neccessary)
Amaira: Oh to aisa hua yeh milan.
Yansh: See it was so easy and you ppl took so long.
Omkara: You are right Amu, we took really long.
Pinky: Bas now no one will become senti, its happy times.
Jhanvi: Right Pinky, now no more crying only smiling.
Rishi: then its time to celebrate.
Yansh: Wow Bhai aapne to mere muh ki baat chin li.
Ishana: But what will we do, celebration now?
Amaira: Celebration hai to dance to hona hi chahiye
Rudra: Aur Rudy’s fruit punch bhi

Rudy makes a sad puppy face while others laugh.

Rudra: Not at all fair
Shivaay: Fruit punch and that too made by you, never
Omkara: Right Shivaay, phir gadbad hi hogi
Pinky: Enough of teasing my bacha (Pinky said supporting Rudra who happily hugged her)
Rudra: Choti maa, only you love me truly.
Jhanvi: So celebration start kare

Music plays,

ShivOmRuPri sing together,

Dabi dabi si hasi
Honthon pe phansi hai
Gudgudi kar rahi hawa
Oo halla macha rahi hai
Pagal si khwaishein
Khushiyon ki mili hai wajah

AnIshSouVeer join them,

Kuch hai junoon sa
Kuch pagal pan hai
Sau baatein karta yeh
Buddhu sa mann hai

NaiRishAmYanAru join their parents,

Karne de khwaabon ko badmashiyaan
Chalne de nazron ki manmaniyan
Dhundhe chalo kuch thikaane naye
Hone de pagli pagli si nadaaniyan

TejVi and Shinky join in,

Hosh mein rehna hai kyun
Rehne se hoga kya
Behoshiyon mein hai maza
Oo bachkaani harkatein
Jo hoti hain hone de
Khushiyon ki mili hai waja

All together,

Kuch hai junoon sa
Kuch pagal pan hai
Sau baatein karta yeh
Buddhu sa mann hai (x2)
Na na ye Na na oo..

Shivika and Ishkara together,

Mausam ne bhi ki hai kuch koshishein
Hone lagi dekho ye baarishein
Sar pe chadha hai yeh kaisa asar
Daude raftaar mein dil ki sab dhadkane

Rumya with Priveer,

Dhun koi chal rahi hai
Kaano mein dheeme se
Roshan hai zyaada yeh subah
Oo hulchal jo ho rahi hai
Seene mein hone de
Khushiyon ki mili hai wajah

All together,

Kuch hai junoon sa
Kuch pagal pan hai
Sau baatein karta yeh
Buddhu sa mann hai (x2)

They all share a group hug.

(“La la la la la…

Lafzon ka ye rishta nahi
Lafzon ka ye rishta nahi
Sadiyon ka ye hai waasta
Hai rooh ka raabta

Na ab kabhi nazdeekiyon ki fiza ye
Aaaye na doori dilon mein
Karti hai aankein dua yeh
Koi khusi ho gum ho
Kahi jyada kam ho..
Koi khusi ho gum ho
Kahin jyada kam ho
Baatenge jo ho ata

Lafzon ka ye rishta nahi..

” plays in BG)

All shout together, “DIL BOLE OBEROI”

Thanks to all my readers because of you all, I am here proudly saying that I am good writer, if you all would have been not there, I wouldn’t have been here. Your love, support and
encouragement has brought me here. Thanks to all those who followed the story, commented and shared their love and also to all my silent readers.

Thanks to Sairan, CrazygirlS.P/ AMkideewani (you are the first one to comment when I started writing), Aashi, Sanyukta, UF, Niriha, Mrunal, Nikita_jai, Madhuani, Sree, Aarti, Tashu, Mahi, Ankita, Arthi, Fenil, Riddhima, Shilpa, Alekhika, Ishana24, Ishkara, Neha, Bubbly, Yashu, Farhina, Kavya, Dwet, Sanjanaa, Kajol, Nitika, Aysha, Banita, Shabnam, Pratha, Ros, Shanaya Rajput, Raeesa, and all my silent readers and a big sorry, if I missed anyone, SORRY.

“Alvida Na Kahungi, Kyoki Dil Ka Ye Thikana Hai..
Dost Mile Hai Pyaare Yaha Unko Na Bhulana Hai ..”

I hope our journey together continues forever, I am really happy and lucky to have so many friends like you all who are so loving, caring and supportive. Thanks a lot to all of you. I never thought that my writing would be so appreciated and encouraged, THANK YOU SO MUCH, LOTS OF LOVE AND A VERY BIG GROUP HUG. Really thanks.

Before I wrap up, I would like to say one thing to you all, I was only able to do this because you all were there, you made me do what I thought was impossible, I never thought I could be a writer but you all inspired me to walk ahead, today this success is not only mine but it is ours, to each and every person connected to this story.

  1. Aashi9

    I loved thwe milan part and rudy part
    be back soon

    1. Prajkta

      Thanks Aashi for commenting always and encouraging me to write ahead

  2. Fenil

    Super se bhi upper.
    kya bolu i have no word if i will start comment i will get no long comment.
    Each and every word of this ff even single coma and full stop i loved it.
    Dil bole Oberoi.
    Thanks for giving this.
    excellent yeh sab word kuch nahi .Most imp i toh joined you in middle nd madly in love with ur writing.

    1. Prajkta

      Thanks dost for always being there. I am also getting emotional seeing your love and support.
      I hope our friendship continues for a lifetime.

    2. Fenil

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    It is awesome dear. Lovely update dear…. Love you

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    I loved it… ShiOmRuPri hug was sweet and cute… Happy ending!!!
    I’ll miss this ff… You are one of my favorite writer… And please come back with another superb ff…

    1. Prajkta

      Thanks Ishana for your lovely comments on all episodes and I am going to entertain you all like this always

  5. I m still crying. Plzzzzz write a new story nd post soon. Dis epi was best of all. Dat group hug nd “Dil bole oberoi” part was incredible. Dis is da best ending I have ever seen ir read.
    I luv u nd will always support u. Nd
    u r a best writer. God bless u nd always keep entertaining us by ur writing.

    1. Prajkta

      Thanks Mahi for this compliment and I am feeling privileged to be your favorite writer. I will always be there to entertain you with my work whenever I get a chance.
      Thanks for lovely words.
      Senti kar diya tune

  6. Niriha

    Awesome dear…fabulous ending loved it to the core…I don’t have words to describe about ur writing skills dear…I really going to miss this ff come back soon dear…
    Love you ????Take care

    1. Prajkta

      Thanks Niriha for your constant support and encouragement I’m really feeling so lucky to have readers like you all

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    Awesome episode. Perfect end for the ff…I feel sad knowing that there wnt anymore update on this ff morow…. Iam gonna miss this ff…keep writing dear…your skills are just too good….and hope you will come back with yet another ff…..take care and stay blessed.

    1. Prajkta

      Thanks Shilpa for your regular comments and feedback on all my episodes

  8. Aarti32

    It was awesomeeeeeeeeee!!
    Oberois’ relationships n emotions couldn’t hv been described any was at it’s creative best..
    I’ve been a fan of every character of dis ff, but..I personally luvd d junior Oberois ?

    1. Prajkta

      Thanks Aarti for commenting always and encouraging me to write ahead

  9. Ankita27

    Wonderful update… Happy n perfect ending… loved shivomrupri part… hahaha Rudra was proud that his son carried his legacy ahead… ??? aww rudy boy n yansh so cute father-son jodi… shivay n saumya wala part was superb… they all share group hug n Dil bole oberoi wala part was fantastic… complete family…. per itani jaldi yeh ff khatam ho gaya… I will miss this ff…. u r an amazing writer dear…. take care….

    1. Prajkta

      Thanks Ankita for your continuous support and encouragement I’m really feeling lucky enough to have readers like you who encourage me every time


    Dear Prajkta
    Senior Oberoi And Junior Oberoi Rocked This Last Part???The Part Is Awwwesome?????Your Journey In This FF Is Amazing?I Really Gona Miss This FF?But It’s Okay Because Duniya Palat Gayi FF Is Also Their So Don’t Worry???

    Take Care And Stay Safe?

    1. Prajkta

      Thanks UF for your lovely comments and wonderful views
      I’m also going to miss this ff a lot

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