Ishkara : Pyaar ya nafrat (Episode 66)

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Episode 66

Some of you are confused as to did Shivika and Rumya see the complete video, the answer is no, they couldn’t as the battery of Rudy’s laptop finished, they have watched only till where Dadi says I know Billu and Rudy wouldn’t agree with this, so only Om you can do this.

I hope it is clear now. If any more doubts, drop down in comments below, I’ll try and clear them.

RECAP: Shivika and Rumya aren’t able to watch the video as the battery of the laptop finishes…..Ishkara find the PD in Shivika’s room

At present, Oberoi Mansion, Amaira’s room,

NaiRiAmYan were sitting in Amaira’s room as Shivaay had told them, he had assured them that from now on it is his responsibility to find the truth and unite the family. They were relieved as they knew Shivaay wouldn’t break his promise.

Amaira: Naina di, till now they would have seen the video, all will be ok naa?
Naina: Don’t worry, Amu, you know naa Bade Papa, he will make everything fine.
Amaira: But I also know his anger, what if something in the video makes him angry.
Rishi: Amu, don’t think like that, everything would be fine.
Yansh: Haa Amu di, just chill.
Naina (thinking): I just hope everything is fine….i don’t know why but I am getting a feeling that something is wrong….God, please make everything fine….bring our family together.
Rishi: Naina di, what are you thinking?
Naina: Nothing just like that.
Amaira: Di, you know naa that you can’t hide anything from us then why do you even try.
Naina: Nothing like that, really.
Yansh: If you are saying, then we believe you.
Naina (thinking): Whatever happens, I won’t let their faith break. Amu, Rishi and Yansh are happy thinking all will be well and if not, I’ll make everything fine.

Shivika’s room,

Ishkara take the PD and turn to leave but are shocked. Pinky was standing near the door looking suspiciously at them.

Ishana: Choti maa
Pinky: What are you both doing in Shivaay’s room? Looks like you have started stealing also.
Ishana: Choti maa, what are you saying? Why would we steal in our own house?
Pinky: Jo apno ki jaan le sakte hai, chori kuansi badi baat hai.

Ishkara looked at her in disbelief, Pinky ignored their looks.

Omkara: Ishu, lets go.

Ishkara move forward to leave.

Pinky: Better choice this time, I wish you had made the right choice then also.

Ishana wanted to answer back but Om held her hand gesturing her not to say anything, Ishana controlled herself and they both left the place.

In the corridor,

Anika was coming back to their room with Rumya, when they saw Ishana walking angrily with Om explaining her,

Anika: What happened to Ishu? Why is she looking so angry?
Rudra: Jaroor O ne kuch kiya hoga, and now he is persuading her.
Soumya: I don’t think so, Bade baal wale bhaiya is not like you, who’ll argue with his wife and make her angry.
Rudra: what do you mean Sumo, I argue with you and make you angry.
Soumya: Any doubt
Rudra: You are very bad Sumo
Soumya: Rudra….
Anika (interrupting their silly fight): Tum dono chup ho jao, we are talking about them and you both started.
Rudra: Sorry bhabhi, but this Sumo
Soumya: what do you mean, I started it.

Anika gave them “nothing-can-happen-of-them” look, just then Shivaay also comes there and finds Rumya arguing.

Shivaay: What happened to these two?
Anika: Kuch nahi, faltu mein lad rahe hai, aapke jaise.
Shivaay: What do you mean Anika, I argue unnecessarily?
Anika: Of course, you are always in bagad billa mode, pata nahi kab kisse lad lo.
Shivaay: Don’t call me that Panika.
Anika: Don’t you dare spoil my name.
Shivaay: and you spoiling my name from the day we met.

Ishkara come there and see Rumya and Shivika arguing.

Ishana: What happened to them? Why are they arguing like this?
Omkara: Don’t know.
Ishana: Guys, what happened? Why are you fighting like this?
Anika: Ishu, ask this to you ladaku jiju only.
Shivaay: Oh please Anika, I am not ladaku, you are ladaku.
Omkara: Soumya, what happened?
Soumya: Don’t ask me BBW Bhaiya, your brother will only answer.
Rudra: Sumo, you toh leave it. Ishana Bhabhi, ask her only, she started it first.

Ishkara looked at each other confused.

Ishana: Om, I am not understanding whom to ask?
Omkara: All are answering like you, I am unable to interpret.

Om chuckled while Ishu hit him playfully in the stomach, Om moved his hands in reflex and the PD fell down. All of them stopped and looked at the PD as the key ring attached to it made noise while falling down.

Om without wasting a second picked up the PD, and Ishkara shared a few tensed glances. Shivika and Rumya realized that it is the same PD. Ishana guessed that the situation was getting tensed so she spoke,

Ishana: Om, PD gira diya. You know naa this has all my imp performances, how can you be so careless.

Om was confused at first but understood her move.

Omkara: Sorry Ishu, it fell by mistake, you only keep it.

He placed the PD in Ishana’s hand and they started to move to their room trying to escape the questions they would have to face if they waited for a moment too, however Shivaay’s stern voice stopped them and they turned around,

Shivaay: Om, do you really think that such ways to escape can fool us? I very well know what that PD has.

Ishkara are shocked as they think Shivika and Rumya have watched the entire video. Ishkara keep quiet.

Rudra: O, speak something at least.
Shivaay: Om, tell us why you did all that? Didn’t you feel like discussing once with us? Kya itne paraye ho gaye hum 10 saal mein, ki tu ab humse sab kuch chupane laga hai. (Shivaay wasn’t angry but hurt)

Om couldn’t see his brother like this but words didn’t come out of him and he remained silent.

Rudra: O, please don’t keep quiet like this, answer to what Shivaay Bhaiya is saying, please O, ek baar sirf ek baar humse share karo, we’ll make everything fine. Please O…please….

Rudra spoke with tears in his eyes, everyone had tears in their eyes, and how could any of them see their Rudy in such a state, Shivaay hugged Rudra, who now cried badly in his Bhaiya’s embrace, Om could feel his heart being crushed, he could never see his baby brother crying like this,

Shivaay: Leave it Rudra, there is no use talking to him or expecting anything from him, if he cared even 1% for us, he would have told us everything long back. Don’t cry for him, don’t please….Rudra…..calm down…shaant ho jaa….. …..PLEASE…RUDRA KEEP CALM… (Shivaay almost shouted at the last words)

All were shocked by his sudden increase in pitch and Rudra kept quiet at once, and moved back. Shivaay continued in the same loud voice which startled everyone,


Shivaay couldn’t speak further as his voice choked, now even the great Shivaay Singh Oberoi couldn’t control his emotions, he just sat down sheding his silent tears, all were shocked to see him in this state, Anika immediately sat next to Shivaay and hugged him, Shivaay buried himself in her embrace, over the last ten years, Shivaay – Anika’s relationship had seen a lot, they were always there for one another, Shivaay showed himself as strong in front og others but only Anika had seen this side of him, she had seen him breaking everyday, although he showed that he was angry with Om but only she knew how much he longed for his brother, he spoke harsh words to Om but only Anika had seen him regret for each word that hurt his Om, his Om, who is not only his brother but his life. Anika calmed down him, she caressed his back and whispered to him,

Anika (whispered to Shivaay): Shivaay, please calm down, you have to be strong not for us but for our family, for Rudra, for Om, please Shivaay, just do this for your OmRu, for your OmRu, please stop crying. Please.

Shivaay looked up at Anika, how much she understood him, how much she also had faced alongwith him, he would pour down all his anger on her on many occasions but she, she never bothered, she always stood by him, and even today, she didn’t care for herself, but cared for his OmRu who were now even hers. Shivaay calmed himself down and Anika wiped his tears. They both composed themselves.

Shivaay stood up and immediately took Rudra into a hug, who was shocked to see his Shivaay Bhaiya, his superman, in such a state. They broke the hug after a few minutes.

Shivaay stood next to Anika and Rudra walked up to Soumya, Rudra side hugged her, in these ten years, Rudra – Soumya’s relation had also grown a lot, both of them were each other’s strength, Rudra who was a cry baby had tried not to break down in front of others, he only used to cry in front of Soumya, his Sumo as he knew no matter what happens, she would always be by his side, even Soumya had noticed how much Rudra had changed, from once a happy-go-lucky person to a sad-depressed person, but one thing that never changed, is how much ever he was sad he always tried to cheer up others, he tried his best to bing a smile on other’s faces by doing his stupidities but deep down, he was sad. Soumya looked at Rudra with a “Don’t-worry-look” to which Rudra just gave a weak smile.

ShivRu gave one final look to Om and turned around to leave. AnishSou just kept staring at the three brothers. Om was silent all this while, didn’t utter a word even after seeing his broken brothers, he also turned around to leave. Ishana’s voice stopped the three of them, AniSou looked at her shocked,

Ishana: I’ll tell you the truth.

ShivOmRu turned around looking shocked at her, ShivRu looked at her with hope while Om looked at her indicating a NO,

Omkara: Ishu, what are you saying, you can’t do this, no, never.
Ishana: What is wrong with you Om? Why are you doing all this? You only said naa you are hiding the truth for family’s happiness, see Om, no one is happy, then what’s the use of hiding. Its better we tell them the truth, how can you see them broken like this.
Omkara: I know, even I can’t see my brothers like this but I also can’t tell them the truth. And I won’t let you also tell the truth because even you know only half of it, and half truth is dangerous than complete lie. The truth will not come out, not till I am alive.

All looked shocked at Om, what he was hiding that, even Ishana was shocked that all these years she also knew half of the truth.

Ishana: What are you saying Om, half truth?
Omkara: Yes Ishu, you don’t know the complete truth, I have never disclosed it to anyone and I will never disclose it to anyone, not even you.

Ishana was taken aback, she took support of the wall and sat down, all these years she thought that Om shared everything with her, he could never hide something from her, she was completely shattered knowing that her Om, her Om lied to her everyday from the past ten years, she wasn’t angry on Om but on herself that even in all these years she couldn’t earn his trust. Tears flowed from her eyes but she wiped them and stood up.

Ishana: I stood by you always, and what you did broke my trust. I didn’t expect this from you, today you have disappointed me Om, today I have failed not only as your wife but also as your friend.

She left from there. Shivika and Rumya also left, as they knew it was no use talking about anything at this point of time.

Om stood there defeated, he had lost his brothers and now he lost his Ishu, his reason to live, his strength, and his inspiration, his everything. He sat down with a defeated look.

PRECAP: What is the other half of the truth that Om is hiding? Will Om be able to win Ishana’s trust again? Will Shivika and Rumya find the truth? What will happen when the children will know that they failed once again? What will Priyanka do when she’ll know about things Om is hiding?

Lots of questions and no answers. To know the answers, keep reading. Please do comment and share your views on today’s epeisode.

Keep reading, commenting and SMILING!!!!

Also, I won’t be able to post for next two days as I am going out of town. Sorry to leave you all at such an interesting twist, but what can I do. You all can guess what is Om hiding?

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  1. Fenil

    Ishu taken a back and hold wall when Om utters about half truth.everything shaken up in her as always she thought Om is not hiding anything but at last Her beliefs break in a moment.
    Shivaay breaks down bitterly can’t even imagine him in this condition.
    Rumya manage each other.
    Omkara :(:(:,(:,(:,(
    Precap-Questions Answers only you can …

  2. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome and emotional dear… Please clarify the misunderstanding…

  3. Omg!! You can leave us hanging with so much suspense. It was a really emotional episode.. shivaay and rudra breakdown?? can’t wait for the mystery to unfold. Eagerly waiting for the next update?

  4. Ruby_MarNy

    Another suspense!!! How many twists you are having more??
    Superb chapter… waiting for the next..

  5. Aashi9

    awesome and mysterious
    update soon

  6. Niriha

    Awesome and so emotional…update next part soon

  7. Shilpa

    OMG….you ended the update with a lot of questions. .. Eagerly waiting…..take care

  8. Alekhika20

    Nice update

  9. Aarti32

    OMG!! Wat an episode man..such high level suspense!!

  10. Ankita27

    Amazing… Superb… fantastic… loved it… uff ye ishqbaazo ko ladne ka bhana chahiye… can’t see obros in this state.. what ishu also knew only half of the truth…. ishkara talk was emotional… everybody left n om sat down with a defeated look… ??? l think prinku samjegi apne bhai ki majburi… Eagerly waiting for the next part

  11. Oh god… So many questions. 1st part of da epi was funny but 2nd part was very emotional. Feeling really bad 4 ShivRu nd Ishu. Eagerly waiting 4 da nxt part. Nd these 2 days break is like Weekend. Like in serials.


    Dear Prajkta
    ShivRu Emotional Break Down???Ab Kya Secret Chupa Hai Om?Wo Bhi Ishana Se?The Episode Is Emotional And Nice????

    Take Care And Stay Safe?

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