Ishkara : Pyaar ya nafrat (Episode 55)

Ishkara – Pyaar ya Nafrat – epi 55

RECAP: Roop-Shreya trap the Oberoi family in OM…..ShivOmRuYank make Shreya confess their crimes and they record it in Om’s mobile……Roop-Shreya think that they have succeeded

At present, Outside Oberoi Mansion,

PriVeer and Gauri reach OM at the same time, they walk up to the main entrance but see it locked,

Gauri: The door is locked but how?
Ranveer: They were not going anywhere, then how come the door is locked from outside.
Priyanka: Khanna is also not seen, where did the other gaurds go?
Gauri: why I am getting a feeling that something is wrong?
Ranveer: Wait, I’ll call Shivaay. (He tries calling Shivaay but the call didn’t connect) there is a network error.
Priyanka: I think you are right Gauri, something is wrong.
Ranveer: We shouldn’t take risk, I’ll call my team, and you both please stay away from here.

Inside Oberoi Mansion,

ShivOmRuYank were happy as their plan had succeeded, Shreya had confessed everything,

Shreya: Mom, what are we waiting for, let’s end it all.
Roop: Relax Shreya, don’t be in hurry, abhi toh in sab to waise tadpaungi jaise main tadapti rahi itne saalon tak.
Tej: Whatever happened with you is because of your own deeds, you can’t blame us.
Jhanvi: Leave it Tej, whom are you talking to. If she ever understood things, her life wouldn’t have been such a mess.
Roop: I am surprised, you both are talking to each other with such understanding. Looks like all the past is forgotten, kyun Bhabhi.
Pinky: You shut up, and don’t talk in our matter. And it is between them, who are you to interfere.
Shakti: Leave it Pinky, talking to her is waste of time and energy.
Shreya: Mom, why are we listening to their non-sense, lets finish the game.

Mayank: Wait, you can’t do this, I mean atleast let me go, why are you all involving me in your family matters. It’s none of my business.
Ishana: What are you saying Mayank, you stayed with us for so many days, we took care of you and this is what you gave us in return.
Mayank: So what should I do Ishu, my life is imp than all this. (Mayank signals Ishu to open the knot)

Ishana gets up from her place and slaps Mayank, all look at her shocked,

Ishana (without getting noticed by Roop-Shreya starts opening the knot of the rope): Acha life is more imp, than what about our frndship, ppl sacrifice everything for frnds and look at you…. (she continues opening the knot, the ropes loosen and ShivOmRuYank are free but act as they are tied)
Mayank: Toh kya ab jaan de du.
Ishana: Aise dost ki jaan bhi dokha hi degi.
Shreya: Enough of your non-sense, and you Ishana, get back to your place, not a word more.

Ishana quietly comes at sits back, AnIshSoum share victory glances.
ShivOmRuYank look at each other, they start beating the goons in full on hero-style. Roop-Shreya get shocked by the sudden rebel. ShivOmRuYank beat all the goons, however they stop fighting when they hear a bullet sound, all are shocked as Roop fired in air,

Roop: Next one will be one of you.
Shreya: Leave them, warna ek ek karke ke sab upar jaoge.

ShivOmRuYank stop fighting.

Roop: I think you all don’t want to die in peace so now enough is enough, now I’ll end this game.

Roop points the gun, at Tej, all are shocked,

Roop: Bahut bol rahe the naa aap, ab sabse pehle you’ll only die.
Jhanvi stands in front of Tej, Jhanvi: Before killing Tej, you’ll have to kill me. Till I am alive, death can’t touch Tej.
Omkara: Mom, what are you doing?
Rudra: Wow mom, I am so proud of you, but till the time your Rudy is there you don’t have to worry. Bua, you shoot me first.
Soumya: Rudra, how can you say this? No Bua, you shoot me first.
Roop: Stop all your drama, I’ll kill you all don’t worry.
Omkara: Bua, kill me first. I can’t see my family die.
Ishana: No Bua, don’t listen to him, kill me first.
Anika: No Ishu, I wouldn’t let my sister die. Bua, please kill me first.
Shivaay: No Anika, till the time Shivaay Singh Oberoi is alive, no one can kill his family.
Pinky: Shut ups Shivaay, no one can dare to kill my heer beta till I am alive, Roop you kill me.
Shakti: Nahi Pinky, Roop you kill me.
Dadi: Bas karo tum Sab. First I’ll die.
Shreya: Mom, I think, let’s kill them all at once.
Roop: You are right, enough of their family drama. Now I’ll end this game for once and all.
Priyank: whats the hurry Bua?

All are shocked to see Priyanka and Gauri,

Roop: How did you come in?
Ranveer: That you think in jail, you’ll have plenty of time there.

Ranveer enters with his team who surround Roop-Shreya and the goons, all look happily at Ranveer.

Ranveer: Inspector, take them and put them in special custody, inka interrogation to main khud karunga.

The constables take away Shreya, but Roop frees herself and Points a gun at all of them,

Roop: No, till the time my revenge is over, I won’t leave.

She shoots and the bullet is about to hit Omkara but Tej comes in between and he gets shot, all others are shocked. Tej falls down,

Jhanvi: TEJ (she immediately runs to Tej) Tej, stay with me, Tej…

Tej gets unconscious, Om looks on shocked.

The police takes Roop-Shreya and the goons. Tej is taken to the hospital.

City Hospital,

Pinky and Shakti were consoling Jhanvi and Dadi, Anika was consoling Priyanka, Shivaay and Ranveer were doing official formalities at the police station, Mayank and Gauri were doing formalities at hospital.

Oberoi Mansion,

Rumya were at home with Naina who was scared by all that she has seen.

Naina: Dadu will be fine naa, I want to meet dadu. Please take me.
Soumya: Not now Naina, we’ll go tomorrow. Dadu needs rest.
Rudra: we’ll go tomorrow pakka.
Naina: But I want to go now, please (she starts crying)
Rudra: Sumo, lets take her, she won’t listen.
Soumya: You are right. Naina, we’ll go, you stop crying.

They leave.

City Hospital,

In the other corner of the hospital, Om was crying badly and Ishana was consoling him,

Omkara: Ishu, because of me, all this is because of me, Ishu…. (he hugged Ishana and was crying badly)
Ishana: No Om, it’s not your fault. Please don’t blame yourself.
Omkara: Ishu, he saved me…he really loves me and al I did was hate him….Ishu, I want my dad back….Ishu…
Ishana: Om, you’ll get your dad back, but you have to be strong, mom, dadi, Priyanka, Rudra, they all need you.

Gauri comes there,
Gauri: Om, the doctor has come.

They all reach outside Tej’s room.

Doctor: There is nothing to worry about, he is out of danger. He’ll get conscious in some time.

They all thank God.

Omkara: Doctor, can I meet Dad? (All look at Om shocked as he called Tej as Dad)
Doctor: Not now Mr.Oberoi, once he gets conscious, you can.

The doctor leaves.

PRECAP: Tej-Omkara-Naina bond……Mayank proposes Gauri……Happy times

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