Ishkara : Pyaar ya nafrat (Episode 54)

Ishkara – Pyaar Ya Nafrat – epi 54

Hi guys, how are you all? I wish you all are fine and enjoying this ff and its story. Please share your views and suggestions via comments below. I hope I keep entertaining you all like this always. Guys, this will be a longer epi.

Now coming back to the story,

RECAP: Oberoi youngsters find a number plate at the accident site……Mayuri follow Shreya and find her partner in crime whos is none other than Roop…….They all are shocked

At present, Oberoi Mansion,

Shivika, Ishkara, Rumya, Priveer and Mayuri were sitting shocked near the pool side when they hear Naina calling for Om,

Shivaay: Guys, behave normal in front of others, I don’t want anyone to know about Roop bua and Shreya, ok?

All nod and get up to move down to he living room, Naina sees Om coming down and runs to him, Om lifts her up,

Omkara: My princess came back, I missed you so much.
Naina: Even I missed you so much Mr. Oberoi (she said spreading her arms, all smile at her innocence) you know, I enjoyed so much with dadu, he is the best, and he played with me, brought me so many toys and also gave my fav ice-cream.
Pinky: Whole day, she was with jeth ji only.
Jhanvi: Really, she never left him even for a second, and you know mummy ji, the surprising thing was Tej also didn’t wish to leave her.
Tej: So what, she is so lovely and sweet, why would I leave her?
Naina: Mr. Oberoi, you know we even saw a movie and it was really nice.
Anika: Naina, can I ask you something?
Naina: Yes Anika aunty.
Anika: Why don’t you call Om as Papa or Dad, you always call him Mr. Oberoi, why?
Naina: Because even he calls dadu as Mr. Oberoi, so I thought the one you love a lot, you call them like that and I love him so much, so I also call him Mr. Oberoi only.

All are surprised by her answer, Tej and Om look at each other,

Dadi: You are right beta, the one we love the most, we call them like this only. Now you must be tired, come we’ll freshen up and I’ll tell you a bedtime story.

Dadi and Naina leave.

Jhanvi: Priyanka, Ranveer when did you come?
Ranveer: Mom, Priyanka was missing you all, so we came here in the afternoon, so she could spend time with her brothers.
Pinky: I am to tired, good night all.

The elders also leave from there.

Gauri: I think I should also leave, it’s already late.
Ranveer: Even we should leave.
Priyanka: haa Gauri, come we’ll drop you.
Shivaay: Good night guys and we’ll discuss about this tomorrow.

The trio say good night and leave.

Ishkara’s room,

Om was lost in thoughts about what Naina said, how Tej and Naina had bonded so much in just one day, he always thought Tej to be person who only cared for himself, but in last two days, he had seen a completely different side of him, just then Ishana comes there and sees Om lost in thoughts, she knew what he was thinking about, she always wanted Om to think about his relation with Tej, maybe Naina’s answer nade him think,

Ishana: Om, where are you lost?
Omkara comes out of his thoughts, Omkara: Nothing, just like that.
Ishana: Thinking about papa, right.

Om looked at her surprised, how she always managed to read his heart,

Omkara: Yeah, just thinking about how well he bonded with Naina, I have never seen him like this, not even with Prinku, he never had time for us but for Naina, he left all his work, I am surprised.
Ishana: Maybe, he is living your childhood with Naina, he was not there when you three grew up, so he just living it all with Naina.
Omkara: You are right.
Ishana: Om, don’t you think, it’s high time, and you should also forget the past and think about improving your relation with Papa. You also know he has changed now, maybe your one step towards him will change things for the better.
Omkara: I don’t know Ishu, I’ll always want to try but memories of that past pull me back.
Ishana: I know Om, it’s hard but see you gave me a second chance, I gave Mayank a new chance, Di also gave jiju a new chance, life is all about second chances and we should give them before it’s too late.
Omkara: I’ll think about it, but right now I am more concerned about Naina and her future.
Ishana: Don’t worry, we’ll together handle it.
Omkara: So (he moved closer to Ishana)
Ishana: Om, what are you doing, koi aa jayega.
Omkara: No one will come, its so late, they must be sleeping.
Ishana: Acha, to hum kyu jag rahe hai, let’s sleep.

She tries to get up but Om held her hand and pulled her back,

Ishana: Om… (she couldn’t complete as Om placed his finger on her lips preventing her from speaking further)
Omkara: Sshh…. (he just picked her up in his arms and moved towards their bed, Ishana blushed and buried her face in his chest)

The next day, Morning at Oberoi Mansion,

Shivaay was really irritated as he had called Khanna about half an hour ago, but there was no sign of him, nor any other security guard showed up,

Shivaay: Today to Khanna will lose his job.
Anika: What happened, who will lose the job?
Shivaay: Khanna, I had called him long ago but see him, abhi tak nahi aaya.
Anika: He must be busy in work.

Just then Soumya comes there, she was looking worried,

Anika: Soumya, what happened? Why are you looking worried?
Soumya: Bhabhi, today when I was going for morning walk with Rudra…
Shivaay: Rudra, what happened to him?
Soumya: He is fine Bhaiya, but our main door is locked from outside, in fact all entrances and exits were locked. We called Khanna but he didn’t come nor are there any servants in the house, as if all our staff is missing.
Anika: What!!! Kahi…
Shivaay: Bua and Shreya…. (he turned to AniYa) call everybody in the main hall, I’ll inform Ranveer and Comissioner.

AniYa leave, Shivaay picked up his phone to call Ranveer but it showed no network. He tried the landline but it’s wires were all cut.

Shivaay: That means….how’ll I inform Ranveer.

He goes down to the hall. Everybody had gathered there.

Pinky: what happened Shivaay? Why have you called us here?
Shivaay: We are trapped. (All look at him shocked)
Tej: What are you saying, Shivaay? We are trapped.
Shivaay: Yes Bade Papa, actually….. (he tells them the whole thing including Roop-Shreya matter)
Dadi: I can’t believe this, Roop can fall so low. (Dadi must be really upset, all her children made her face worst days in my ff toh you all know only Tej, Shakti and now Roop, sorry for Dadi)
Omkara: How will we inform Ranveer?
Shivaay: Don’t know. There is no network.
Rudra: Bhaiya, lekin airtel wali ladki to kehti hai, hamari netwok har jagah (Rudy can never be serious)
Omkara: Shut up Rudra, this is serious.
Ishana: Now what will we do?
Roop: you don’t have to do anything, we’ll do everything now.

All turn around and are shocked to see Roop and Shreya with Naina.

Omkara: Naina, leave my daughter, otherwise I’ll kill you.
Shreya: Relax Om Bhaiya, her life is imp for us also. Right Mom.
Roop: Of course, and please keep your anger to yourself.
Dadi: You should feel ashamed of yourself, sharam kar kuch to.
Pinky: after so many insults also, you are standing here and giving us looks.
Roop: Arre Bhabhi, shant ho jaye warna kahi sabse pehle aap ko hi chup karna pade.
Shivaay: BUA, dare you even look at my family with your bad sight, I’ll not leave you this time.
Shreya: Relax guys, we all are family. We can sit and talk.
Rudra: Do you even know, what a family is?
Soumya: Trapping your own family in their house, and telling us we all are family.
Shreya: Mom, looks like they don’t want peace, so now…

Some goons come and surround the Oberois and Mayank (Bichara Delhi hi chala jata), they tie ShivOmRuYank to the pillars, dadi, TejVi and Shinky were sitting on the sofas and AnIshSou were sitting on the floor with guns pointed at all of them.

Shivaay (trying to free himself): You still have time, leave us and I’ll think about giving you a chance.
Shreya: Cut the crap, instead of begging for life, you are showing us attitude, kuch jyada hi gumar hai Oberoi hone ka.
Roop: Shreya, is this the way to talk to your elder brother, have you ever seen me talking like this to Veer ji.
Tej: Roop, now also you have time, better leave us and think about saving your life.
Roop: Oh ho Veer ji, abhi bhi kitni fikar hai behen ki but don’t worry, I know how to think about my life.

Convo between ShivOmRuYank, (they talking to each other)

Shivaay: What to do, how to inform Ranveer?
Mayank: Shivaay, Ranveer said he’d come at 10, now its 9:30, we have to engage them in talks for half an hour.
Rudra: But what will we do?
Omkara: I have an idea, we’ll make them confess their deeds and I’ll record it in my phone.
Shivaay: Ok, I’ll make them speak. Rudra, turn off the recorder in Om’s phone, as Om can’t move his hands.
Omkara: Mayank, phone is in my back pocket, dheere se nikal and Rudra, you switch on the recorder.

Shivaay (to Shreya): That means you planned all this and you only killed Naina’s parents.
Shreya: Oh ho Bhaiya, I thought you would have figured it out earlier only, but its Ok, I’ll tell you.

Shreya tells everything from how they killed Mr. and Mrs. Batra and pushed them in front of Shivaay’s car, how they wanted to adopt naina for her property, and everything they did to blackmail Shivaay.
ShivOmRuYank give eachother victory looks.

PRECAP: A bullet hits……Police arrest Roop-Shreya….Oberois are worried

So guys, I hope you liked the triller epi, well you’ll be more trilled in the next episode. Please share your views.
Keep reading, commenting and SMILING!!!!

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