Ishkara: Pyaar dooriyon ka mohtaaj nahi ……..OS

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Ishkara: Pyaar waqt ka mohtaaj nahi

Hi everyone, I am back with an OS for all lovely Ishkara fans. Many of us are missing their intense love story. So guys this one is for you all. Please read and drop your valuable comments. I won’t waste time with talking and directly start. Here it goes,

It was 6:30 in the morning, the sun was spreading its golden rays over the city, the breeze was flowing softly around making the leaves and flowers dance with it, the silent music of the sea waves could be heard from a distance, the chirping of birds filled the morning sky and the hustle-bustle made the city of dreams work with full zest. The Mumbai airport was busy with its travelers and flights.

Among all these was a face, calm and composed, black hair flowing with the breeze, eyes filled with a thousand emotions, a smile anyone would fall in love with, he stood their spreading his arms and took a deep breath and said, “I am back Ishu, see I kept my promise”. He picked up his luggage and took a cab.

Going through the city, all his memories replayed in his mind, everything around reminded him of her, tears appeared in his eyes but he composed himself. He was back after 7 long years, he was away from his family, his brothers and most importantly her. He closed his eyes and was lost in the sweet memories the city had given him. all those walks along the beach, enjoying the beautiful sunsets, those stupid pani-puri challenges, those bike rides, the late night movies, how she used to talk non-stop for hours, how she used to admire his philosophical talks even when she didn’t understand it, their marriage, remembering all this, a smile made its place on his face.

His thoughts were disturbed by the sudden brakes of the car as he had reached his destination. He got down and walked up to a medium sized row house with a small garden with lilies and roses. He rang the doorbell and a beautiful lady in her early thirties opened the door. Both of them had tears in his eyes and immediately hugged each other. They broke the hug after a few minutes.

“Om, you came back” she said tears still flowing. “I keep my promises, Anika” he said smiling, his eyes clearly said that he had a lot of pain behind that smile, “Where is Shivaay?” his eyes were now searching for his brothers. “Here” they heard Shivaay standing near the kitchen counter, Om quickly ran and hugged him, he hugged him tightly and after 7 years he felt that he was complete, how much had he missed this hug, how much had he craved for this embrace, hugging his brother made Om feel safe. Anika stood there watching the two brothers. “This is not fair O, Obro moment after 7 years and that too without Rudy” they turned to see Rudra standing at the door with a frown. “Don’t become a cry baby now” saying so ShivOm spread their arms open and Rudra ran to them like a five year kid. The brothers broke their moment after few minutes.

“Om, you freshen up, I’ll bring tea for you” saying so Anika turned towards the kitchen but Om stopped her saying, “Anika, I’ll meet her first”. “But Om …” Shivaay couldn’t complete as Anika interrupted, “ok, but I’ll come with you”. “Count me in” Rudra added. “If everyone is going even I’ll come then. We’ll pick Soma on our way” Shivaay said smiling but his sea blue eyes said a different story, he was afraid for his brother.

As decided they picked up Soumya on their way, who was really happy to see her bade baal wale bhaiya after so long. Shivaay was driving with Anika next to him, rumya as always were busy with their silly arguments and Om was lost in his thoughts looking out from the window. “Shivaay stop the car” Om shouted shocking everyone, before anyone could ask he got down from the car and returned after sometime carrying a bouquet of white lilies, “Om, these flowers” Anika asked with a confused look, “Ishu loves them” Om replied with a smile. A sudden sadness surrounded everyone but they brushed away the thoughts and put on a fake smile. A mask they had been wearing for years now. No one spoke a single word for the rest of the journey.

The car stopped in front of a garden. The garden was surrounded by gulmohar trees, the red flower petals covered most part of the grass, wind flowing softly as if playing a soft music, sun shining in the sky, children playing around, in the centre was a beautiful fountain, to the left was a stone path which lead to a small house. They started walking towards the house. Om opened the door and a sudden breeze touched his face as if the house has been waiting for his coming. They entered and stood in the middle of the hall, Om walked to a photo of Ishana which hung on the wall with garland. Below it was written in the most beautiful handwriting,


“Om always keep smiling, Ishu loves you a lot.”


27 JULY 1990 – 25 MAY 2017”

Om quietly walked up to the photo and kept the lilies and said looking into her eyes, “see Ishu, your favourite flowers”. He could no longer suppress his emotions and started crying badly. He had not shed a single tear in the last 7 years but today he needed to let his heart out, his life had left him long ago, he was alive from outside but from inside he was dead the moment Ishana took her last breathe, he had never visited her before as he wanted to fulfill her dream of seeing him as the most successful artist, he had done it, today the whole world knew Omkara Singh Oberoi but only Ishana knew Om.

Shivaay and Rudra wanted to hug Om and pacify him but Anika stopped them as she knew it was for Ishkara. The four of them stood there with tears for both of them.
Ishkara- their love story was not left incomplete by God but completed in the most beautiful way, they didn’t spend a lifetime together but were there for eachother at every step of life, Ishana had died for the world but for Om she was always alive in his heart and his memories, she had never left his side.

True love is between souls and not between bodies and Ishkara had achieved this true love. to understand their love you have to love someone deeply and you’ll understand why they were complete in ways the world could never even think of.

I hope you all love it.

“Kuch kahaniyaan aksar ankahi reh jaati hain kyunki lafz aksar sabhi jajbaaton ki bayaan nahi kar pate”

Keep smiling!!!

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  1. Renimarenju

    OH My God!!! U made me 2 cry with this os …..I really loved it…..ishkara the untold, incomplete magical love …..u have portrayed it very well in this os….it was short but it touched directly 2 my heart……and i am not able 2 express what am feeling by reading….i can connect it with myself only….thanks for bringing this amazing os…..pls keep writing more on ishkara

    1. Prajkta

      thank u dear

  2. Aarti32

    Rula diya aapne??

    1. Prajkta

      even i felt same
      thanks a ton



    1. Prajkta

      thanks dear

  4. most beautiful love story I’ve ever read,heard,seen or imagine…WHAT A BEAUTIFUL STORY!!! I can’t express my feelings in words.

    1. Prajkta

      thank u so much

  5. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome and emotional also…. Sach me itna accha h ki word cum padh rhe h…. To describe the awesomeness of the update…

    1. Prajkta

      thanks a lot dear

  6. AMkideewani

    Fantastic, your OS made me cry???

    1. Prajkta

      it struck the right cord of ur heart

  7. Ruby_MarNy

    Emotional OS..very heart touching..almost cried while reading..

    1. Prajkta

      i am glad it touched ur heart
      thanks dear

  8. Yashu

    Yaar I literally cries reading dis…..really fab…firstly the title…it was superb which really attracted to read dis…den om’s description….o god lovely??….an awesome simple plot with that one shayari which touched my heart really yaar mind blowing…n finally the end note…in all I really enjoyed reading dis….it was fab yaar…it really stole my heart…well written…

    1. Prajkta

      thanks a lot dear
      i am happy u loved it

  9. Yashu


  10. Getting into serious relationship and love will give only immense pain…so never commit guys…ALL the true love stories have ended only in death eg:shahjahan and mumtaj, romeo Juliet, majnu laila. don’t hurt yourself by getting into love….this is my P. O. V. ..plzzz sry if it hurts anyone…

    1. Prajkta

      i understand ur view
      its ok
      thanks for reading

  11. Neha_Pheonix

    I really made me capture in its beauty…a great OS dear..loved it ishkara os after long time..

    1. Prajkta

      thank u so much dear

  12. Fenil


    love this lines.
    I m also a big fan of Ishkara missing them like hell. U made me cry dear:,(:,( !!

    Impressed with your work and writing skills .
    Thanks for it.

    1. Prajkta

      thank u so much for ur valuable comments and love

  13. Soooo emotional i loved it superb

    1. Prajkta

      thank u so much dear

  14. Soha

    dear you made me cry with your os it is awesome

    1. thank u so much

  15. Pratha

    So finally there is a ff that I can cry ? on alot n listen to O SAATHIYA ? just after reading it.

    A love story that is incomplete but for someone it’s fully complete …..

    This OS is d best work of ur’s till now n loved it from my ♥…
    This ff has made a place in my ♥ n will always be remembered….

    Now about d story, it was mind-blowing, no one can thought to express views on Ishkara’s story so beautifully……

    She was dead but alive in ISHU’S OM ♥…..
    Can’t get over this…
    Keep writing such lovely ISHKARA’s ff again n again…..

    1. Thanks a ton pratha
      I am glad u liked it

  16. It made me spellbound. Ishu’s possessiveness was so cute. I’ll read it again now

  17. I’m so sorry for the previous comment. I mistook the starting with a similar ff on Ishkara posted recently. Do forgive me.
    This one was superb. I hope you wouldn’t mind if I take it as an extension of the same ff.

    1. its ok
      thanks for reading and commenting

  18. Heart touching…. wonderful dear.. loved it… missing ishkara…

    1. Prajkta

      thank u so much ankita

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