Ishkara- a new way of life (episode 6)

Ishkara- a new way of life – epi 6

Flashback continues

Thanks to all my readers who read this ff and share their lovely responses. A big thanks also to all my silent readers who read it on regular bases. I hope my writing brings a smile on all ur faces and that’s my true success. Even if I get less comments, I know I make many hearts smile and that’s what gives me satisfaction. So please keep ur love like this
and enjoy the story.

RECAP : om proposed ishu in the most romantic way

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Lets start with todays epi,

Om’s POV

After this wonderful proposal, I know she wud be very happy, I was dropping her home, but I was driving slowly so that I wud get more time with my newly made girlfriend but when I looked at her she was lost in her own world. I called her but got zero response. I stopped the car to a side, how cud I concentrate on driving when my heart and mind were busy in some lost thoughts. “Ishana !!” I shook her with a jerk and finally she responded. “huh, om” she looked at me bewildered. “I am sitting next to u and u r lost somewhere else” I said complaining like a 5 year kid. “I don’t want to talk to u” she snapped at me and looked to the other side.

I was shocked by her antics and was taken aback. I had thought it was my chance to complain but I guess no one can beat girls in this. I thought she is sensible enough not to be upset about the café incident till now but what had I done that she was so angry. I remembered each and every moment I had spent with her but cud not think of anything that cud make her so much angry

“what did I do ?” I asked her giving a break to my thoughts.”ab yeh bhi main hi batau” she said facing that side. “tell naa, ishu” I was literally begging. “show me ur mobile” she demanded with an angry look. I instantly followed and gave her my phone, but what will she do with my phone. “look at this” she said pointing to my mobile screen and I was confused. “oh!! So u didn’t like my wallpaper, don’t worry I’ll change it” I said trying to lighten her mood. “shut up, cant u see my missed calls and messages” she said irritated by my poor joking skills. “I am so sorry ishu, I didn’t see” I mentally slapped myself for being so careless.

“who were you talking to, that to for 2 long hours? Who is so imp that u didn’t answer my calls? Ab kya hua, bolo na, ab ho gayi bolti band” she continued with her CID questions that I had to put my hand on her mouth to stop her chatter box. “sshh, let me speak” I said removing my hand, I continued, “I was talking to Naina, she…” before I cud complete she again started her questions, “NAINA !! who is she? What were you two talking for so long”. “let me speak. Y r u girls so over-possessive, let me complete. She is my BF and she only helped me in arranging everything today, fine now” I asked her waiting for her confirmation. “are u sure, that’s it” she asked me giving a suspicious look, “don’t u trust me?” I asked her in a sad tone and turned to the other side smiling to myself , now its ur turn to persuade me. “sorry naa om” she said turning my face to hers and made a cute puppy face to which I cud not resist. “acha ok, but I have a punishment for u, u have to agree” I said smirking at her. “punishment” she said and agreed after thinking for a moment. “ok then get ready tomorrow at 4 pm, I’ll pick u”, “but what is the punishment, tell naa” she said. “no u’ll know it tomorrow” I said and started driving again.

You all can guess what will be her punishment. Till then wait for the next epi, keep reading and commenting. Don’t forget to keep smiling.

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