Ishkara -ff story full of love , anger,lust and revenge -(part 69)

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Episode 68 .

Ishana wake up Ishana wake up om was Continuously shouting and crying.

Rohan tell om to carry her .

Om carry her in his arms like a baby and take her towards rohan car.

Om – ishana plz open ur eyes see inam here plz open ur eyes ishu ishu plz he was Continuously calling her and sobbing badly.

SUDDENLY ishana open her eyes she try to call om name but she was in pain so words r not coming out .

Om – Ishana bolo mat look i am Here u will be fine .

Ishaana want to tell om something but she was not able to speak.


Ishana holds om hand and bring it near her stomach …..( She wants to tell om that she is pregnant ).

Ishana – om humara bababa and again she lost her sense.

Om- Ishana.

They reached hospital .

Om carry her and rohan call the doctor .

Doctor plz sir place her here .

Doctor – her condition is not looking good plz take her to operation room ……fast fast .

Doctor sir plz wait .

Om – ishana …..and SUDDENLY he thinks what ishaana was trying to tell him.

Rohan call james .

Rohan – James Ishana ( he explained the whole story ).

After 15min james reached and he was all most out if breath.

James to rohan.
James – what happened to ishaana where is she ……and the baby .( Here we go when james said the baby om looked towards James).

Rohan – omg i forgot that she is pregnant ?.

Om rushed towards them … what r u saying Ishana is ???bolo kya.

James – om actually Ishana .( He was about to say).

Doctor called om .

Doctor – mr oberoi.

Om- ya hws ishanA??is she k.

Doctor – mr oberoi we have a situation ….. as ur wife is 9 week pregnant……..Om what om was happy plus confused plus tensed .

James – so what doctor.

Doctor – we can only safe one or the mother or child as ur wife also meet an accident 2 months ago her that wounds r also in bad condition so plz think and tell what we do ….as child condition is also not there is lot of internal bleeding …and some veins r also punchured .

So plz .

Om was all shocked.
James and rohan shocked plus crying .
Om -james Ishana is pregnant. ?

James – ya om even get to know dis few days ago …thats y she came back to tell u .all crying.

Other side oberoi mansion.

Gauri to anika .

Gauri – anika bhabhi om abhi tak nahi aya.

Anika – ya i was also thinking same .

Jhanvi- gauri u don’t worry vo ata ho …..tum jao rest karo after two day tum dono ki engagement hai .

Anika – shocked but ma om na abhi tak haan nahi bola.

Jhanvi – he will u don’t worry anika .

Other side some were in road Shivaay was driving he gets a call from om art gallery .

Shivaay – ya some from om gallery tell that om is in hospital and all that.

Shivaay hang up phone and turn the care towards hospital.

Om entered Ishana room om.
Om was looking at Ishana with all pain and love his eyes was telling that how much he missed him.

To be continued

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  2. Fenil

    Fabulous chappy.
    I just started reading from last two chappies.

    1. Ruhirachel

      Well thanks for reading my ff ??

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  4. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice and emotional dear

  5. It was fabulous. It’s sooooooo good 2 see IshKara 2gather again. Plz post nxt part soon. Nd plz if it’s possible try 2 make a long epi.

  6. Aashi9

    update soon

  7. Aarti32

    Such an emotional update

  8. AWESOME???

    Story Going Intersting???

    Take Care And Stay Safe?

  9. Ankita27

    Amazing update… loved it… Eagerly waiting for the next part…

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