Ishkara – ff story full of love , anger,lust and revenge -(part 24)

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Part 24.

Oberoi mansion?

Shivaay room .
Shivaay – Anika mera file kha hai ??
Anika – aree vo table mei hai .
Shivaay – nahi hai …mena dekha.
Anika – ufff shivaay apko ek file nahi milte……..see it’s here only .
Shivaay hold Anika from back .
Shivaay – I know but I want see the blush on ur face .
Anika – shivaay what r u doing leave me.

Shivaay phone rings .( Shivaay was lost in Anika )
Anika – shivaay phone .( She signal shivaay through eyes)

Shivaay – ya ya I know ….both smile .

Shivaay – hello ……….what ( he shout loudly) …..k i coming.

Anika – kya hua shivaay ?
Shivaay – om jail mei hai.
Anika -?what …. q ???
Shivaay – pata nahi … let’s go.
Anika – ya let’s go .

#Shivaay and Anika rush towards the car.?

Rudra notice them .

Rudra – aree kya hua ….y they r running …..koi late night racing ho Rahi hai ….if yes thn shivaay bhi should told me too .

Rudra also follow them..?

Shivaay Anika rudra reached police station.

Shivaay and Anika r shock to see rudra .

Shivaay – what r u doing here rudra .

Rudra – following u too …….what r u doing here at dis time .

Anika – rudra vo om Jail mei hai !….

Rudra – what ???? Q

Shivaay – that’s y we r here let’s go .

Shivaay entered … ……and shouted .

Shivaay – how u dare to arrest my brother ?.

Police – Sir plz don’t shout we r just doing our work .

Shivaay – work … arresting a innocent man !!!

He is not innocent Mr shivaay s oberoi . …..he tried to kill some one .

Shivaay turn …. and was shock to see ranveer.

Shivaay – what nonsense …!!!…..where is my brother I want to meet him right now.

Ranveer – ya sure u can meet but u can’t save him ….he will get his punishment.

Shivaay ,Anika ,rudra reached where om was locked up .

Shivaay – om .(with lots of concern)
Om – shivaay plz take me out plz vo vo ishana needs me she us all alone plz do something .?

Anika – ishana who is she ?

Rudra – om what police r saying that u tried to kill someone …..y they r saying dis.

Om – plz shivaay do something plz .

Om was sobbing badly as he don’t know how ishana is and what condition is in she .

Shivaay – om relax …. what happened to ishana ….y r u here …..plz tell me .

Om explain whole incident to shivaay.

Om – plz .

Anika – om where is she admitted tell me u will go .

Om – she is in city hospital .

Anika don’t worry I will be with ishana k. ..

Shivaay and rudra r here with u .

#Anika left for city hospital .?

Shivaay to ranveer.

Shivaay – explain whole incident to ranveer and tell him to look for Raj ….he also tell him how he tried to destroy oberoi company .

Ranveer – k i will …but I can’t let om out as prove r against him .

Ya I can free him if ishana come here and tell that it was not om .

City hospital ?

? A man entered in ishana room ….Ishana was unconscious and was connected to oxygen mask .

Man to ishana.
U r still breathing ishu baby … ( ya it was Raj)…….just look at u ……….u r looking so weak chalo koi nahi ….now ur uncle is here he will help u …… sleep for a long time .

Raj removed the oxygen mask and was about to put pillow on ishana face.

Suddenly some one came inside and shouted …..kon ….???? Kon ho tum ?

To be continued.

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