Ishkara -ff story full of love , anger,lust and revenge -(part 22)

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Mehta mansion?

Om – work what work ???

Ishana- well when u know my identity thn I can now tell u ……..I was spying on ur family actually on ur dad ur so call Mr oberoi.?

Om- shocked …… spying !!!! But y ???what we have done .

Ishana – what u have done ????ur dad liked my dad u oberoi thinks that ur money can hide any crime…..but ur dad don’t know that every one is not a coward .

Om- was shocked to the hell ……Mr oberoi killed ur dad!!!!???????.

Om- no ishana it can’t be ….. I know he is arrogant but he can’t kill can one.

Ishana – I don’t believe u om.

Om walked towards ishana and asked her about the incident.

Om- kya hua tha bolo.

Ishana always had a soft corner for om …..or we can say that she love om but ….she never said it …. because whenever she take a step to om ….she think about her dad death…………and now too when om asked her to tell what happened …..she saw the same concern …..same pure heart that she meet few months ago.( So she decided to tell him)

Ishana – was about tell the story ……when her evil uncle entered with some goons .

Ishana – uncle !!!!!

Om- u !!!!!!

Ishana to om

U know uncle .

Om- ya he is the one who tried to sell oberoi company share . ……. tried to prove lshivaay
Guilty for that …..he is fraud …. shivaay and Mr oberoi though him one year ago .

Ishana remember that he joined metha company one year ago .

Ishana – uncle ( his name Raj )

Raj – just shut up ishana I am not ur uncle ….. but I must say u r so innocent …….and a stupid girl.

Ishana – uncle what r u saying I can’t understand

Raj – really ……u still didn’t get that it was all my planning.

Ishana – planning ????

Raj- laughs ya dear ……. oberoi didn’t killed ur dad ……I killed ur dad…….u r dad was just like u stupid … was easy for me to trap him in my talks .?

Ishana & om both were hell shocked.?

Ishana rush towards Raj and hold his Coral tightly

Ishana – u I will not leave u.??

Raj – signal his goons to hold ishana .

Goon -1 hold ishana from here hairs and drag her .

Ishana- ahaaaaaaa

Om – leave her and he rush to save ishana but goon2 hold om .

Raj – omkara oberoi .. ……u know what u r so opposite from ur dad and brother …….that’s y told ishana 3 months ago to trap u … she get information about tej……and look my dear ishana was so innocent she did each and every thing as I said .? …..and she some how able to make u feel something about her ……..but again ur brother Shivaay ……..failed my plan by blaming ishana a con girl …….?.

Ishana – but what y ????Om ??

Raj – because I wanted u to get married to -omkara and …. as u know he had guy how just listen to his heart …….and without the feeling of love he u not going to marry u….that y I thought that if u both fell in love thn my work will be much easy .

Om ? – but y u wanted us to marry each other …. what profit did u get in that .

Raj – hmmm nice question omkara …..
Actually I thought that it will be a easy one to get metha company ……..if I kill that stupid metha ……….but after his death I came to know that …. according to his whill if he died in accident his company and share and house will directly go to ishana …..that was not a problem ……..the problem was if ishana die before her marriage each and every thing will donate to a child care Institute …….and if she die after her marriage thn half property will go to child care Institute and half will be of ….

Start laughing ????to me …….mera koi beta nahi hai hota to ishana ki shadi us se karva deta.

Ishana – u bustard u killed my dad I will not leave u …..she try to free herself but SUDDENLY Raj slapped her tightly.

Om ??? leave her u bustard ….I will kill u if u touch her .

Raj aree kya bat hai kitnA…..pyar hai Dona mei ……bhi mera dill to panni panni ho gya .

Ishana – just because of money u killed my dad …???.

Om to ishana

Om -Ishana don’t cry plz ……..I am here Na .

Ishana – looked towards om with full of tear eyes ………..her eyes was telling that how much she loves om ….and after knowing the truth ……she loves him more.

Ishana – plz leave omkara let him go……u want property I will give but leave om.

Raj – hmmmm not a bad idea ishu baby but it can’t be happen … u r dad wil say u can’t convert ur property till u r alive.

So u have to die …..but don’t worry ….. first u will get married .

So here the contract marriage paper u both have to sing .

To be continued

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  1. MahiraKhan

    Iskhara’s marriage???

    Please continue soon…

    1. Ruhirachel

      Thanks yar ?& sorry for my mistake in my ff .

  2. Jaya

    Huh….thank god! You always pain at first…then puts ointment also 🙂 . Takla kahi ka(as u said he’s the same person from swaragini who played laksh’s father role.there he was bald so… 😀 )mann krta hai i will kill him. His dialogue “Mera dil toh paani paani hogaya” 😀 hilarious. Finally something achcha gonna happen 🙂 although ishkara are in goon’s grip.

    1. Ruhirachel

      Thanks jaya ?and sorry …in today episode so many mistakes r there so sorry for that?….and thanks for ur precious comment?

  3. JanviSingh

    Awsm dear…. It’s so interesting…☺☺

  4. Shivika

    Woahhh…..osum……loved it…..ishkara would gonna unite…happy know that ishana got to know about truth

  5. Amazing episode..

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