Ishkara -ff story full of love , anger, lust and revenge -(part 11)

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Episode – 11

#Let me tell u all that surprise is om family …….yes he is back to oberoi mansion .

Oberoi mansion?

Om – was so happy as he was back to his house his family ( tear r continuously flowing ) …. and whole family was very happy that their om is alive and was standing unfortunately if them.

Dadi- om mera putter aa gya ( dadi was crying)?

Om- dadi he hugged his dadi and was so happy.

Dadi – om r u k ??? Beta kha tha tu? ( Dadi was asking questions questions to om)….. suddenly someone slapped om hardly ?

Santa,anki ,rudra,shakti and dadi all were shocked as it was shivay.

Om – shivaay.
Again he slapped him………..and suddenly he hugged om and was totally crying like a baby ( Actually both r crying like a baby).

Shivaay – om hws u??

Om- I am fine shivaay and they hugged .

Rudra aree that’s not fair o u only love shivaay bhi not me.?

Om who was missing rudra his little brother like hell …….. opened his arms .

Om – rudra .
Rudra – o he just jumped and hugged om.

Om – mera ( duffer).

Shivaay also joined them.

Om apni mom ko bhul gya ??

Om turn and was trying to control his inner child as the child was curving to meet his mom and just tell her that how much he loves her .

OM – mom ??????hugged her
Mom I am sorry I left u …..plz mom forgive me ……I am not a good child ,I am so selfish that I left u and I was just THINKING about my pain

Jhanvi- nahi mom don’t say like dis … not ur fault …..but om plz never again do like dis …..u know and Na I need u …..u r my life support … can u leave me .

Om – sorry mom.(both r still hugging each other.

Pinki- aree meri you value nahi hai om …..kya me Teri ma nahi hu?

Om – nahi ma ap to meri ma ho …….both looked at each other and hugged.

Anika – om I am so happy that u r all right .

Saumya- u r my only brother and u also tried to left me ? .

Om – sorry saumya ……and om hold his ears ( om u can punishe me ) .

Saumya- ya u should get punishment ….. she thinks …..ur punishment is that u have to promise that u will never leave us what ever the situation is ….. promise .

Om – smile and reply promise.

Thn dadi saw a girl was standing at the door .
Dadi -Om who is she ??

Om – thn remember about lovely and ishana.

Dadi she is lovely I was staying with them only ……..she took care of me past 3 weeks .

Dadi – ? oh beta ji thank u … tum Na mera om lota diyA.

Lovely – aree dadi ji ap q thanks Boll Rahi hai plZ thanks bol kar sherminda Na kara .

Om looked around but was not able to see ishana .

Om to lovely .

Om – lovely ishana kha hai????

Rudra and shivaay shocked when both heard the name of ishana .

Both together ISHANA!!!!!!!!!!

Om – hai shivaay ishana .. …u know she only saved because of her I am still alive and standing in front of u.

Dadi but om tuna bolo lovely saved u ?

Om – dadi lovely took care of me ….but I was saved by ishana .

Dadi – ishana ???? Kon hai.

To be continued……

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  1. lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lovely episode loved the way u united om aSnd his family!!!!!!!!!!! And being frank i totally fell in love with your FF Di!!! Hope I could call u that and I was a silent reader but I thought to comment so i commented on this episode as well as the previous one. You are a great writer and your FF makes my day!! And I really appericate your talent and also the fact that despite of your busy schedule you manage to take sometime out for your FF and post it regularly and I hope u just continue it and yeah please Di make the next one lil longer and yeha post it today itself becoz i am eager to read the next part and yeah also tell whether I can call u do or not???

    1. Ruhirachel

      Thanks nidhi …..for ur lovely comment and I will try to make it little longer.?

  2. once again thanq yaar…. best epi among all,what’s tej reaction?

    1. Ruhirachel

      Welcome Devi …tej reaction hmmm I am thinking .?

  3. best among all episodes,what’s tej reaction

  4. Shivika


  5. Yashu

    Awesome Waiting for nxt

  6. Fabulous episode… loved it…

  7. MahiraKhan

    Nice epi!!

    What will be tej reaction???

    Shivru in shock!!! What will be their reaction!!!

    Gonna read your next epi tooo…

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