Ishkara look at each other and back off .They go to Rajeshwari and handover the gifts  . after giving the gifts to the guests they call it a night and goto sleep

Next day
Ishana woke up a bit early so she went for a walk , took a bath and started making breakfast . daaimaa intervened but earned a glare from ishana and she chose to shut her mouth .

 daaimaa intervened but earned a glare from ishana and she chose to shut her mouth

Ishana’s dress

Ishana was making pancakes

Ishana- so all set waffles in waffle maker only pancakes left , i will serve it with whipped cream , strawberry , chocolate and off course maple syrup yum ?

Just then vikram entered the kitchen

Ishana- good morning papa

Vikram- good morning ishana ?

Ishana- wow

Vikram- what

Ishana- nothing , breakfast ?

Vikram- what have you made ?

Ishana- pancakes & waffles

Vikram- perfect ?

Ishana- thank you papa ?

All- good morning , breakfast mein kya hai

Ishana- on the table

All went to dining table

All- wow pancakes and waffles

Ishana- you guys liked it ?

All- we love it

All dig in

All – its awesome , delicious and what not

Ishana- thank you

Dadasa- umm ,ishana i wanted to ask you something

Ishana – ji dadasa

Dadasa- what have you thought about marriage ???

Three people spit out water

They are – Ishana , Vikram ,Omkara

Ishana- what

Vikram- what

Om- what

And cough badly

Rumya pat Om

Aditya pays Vikram

Shivika pat Ishana

All- ishana coughing is understandable but what happened to you two ???

Rudra- ha O what happened to you why did you spit out water , that to when dadasa talked about ishana di’s marriage ???

Saumya- yes Bade Baal Wale Bhaiya

Dadasa- same goes for you vikram

Shivika- are you alright ishu/chutki ???

Ishana- no at all

All- why

Ishana- i’m too young for a marriage i mean i’m just 24 i need some time please

Dadasa- but the boy is from good family ishu

Vikram- he would be but if she is saying no that means she doesnt want to get married

Dadasa – what exactly happened to you vikram , you are supporting her, you despised her mere presence , you didnt want to breathe in the air she breathed in , now that she can go away from you then why its hurting you

Vikram- because she is my ….

Ishana held her breathe as she thought vikram would call her his daughter

Dadasa- she is your what vikram ?

Vikram- because she is too young thats it

Rudra- and O what about you why did you spit water

All- yes om why

Om- even i feel that she is too young

All- o (suspicious especially adika , shivru)

Ishana- ok people you all eat here i’m gonna watch TV and enjoy my breakfast (to escape the situation)

TV reporter- breaking news rohan sharma the accused in mona patel and father’s death is found guilty and has been convicted to life sentence

All rush there

TVreporter- her sister was harassed that night and an attempt was made on her life too , her two brothers and her sister are prime witness her sister escaped death but mona succumbed to her injuries , her father died a month ago before the unfortunate incident as rohan had hit him with his car intentionally and ran away , he did all of this because mona’s elder sister wasnt marrying him.

Maahi , rv, priyanka are seen coming out of court

TV reporter- mona’s brothers and sisteein law have come out of the court lets ask them how they feel

Maahi- we are very thankful to the court and the judge that he gave justice to both of my sisters the fight has been long and now her soul can rest in peace

Rv- she loves her sister so she gave her life for her ,ishu if you are watching this news then please dont cry mona will be sad and you did all you could to just protect her , we have got justice and dont ever blame yourself

Priyanka- i wish i could spend more time with mona but whatever i know about her us that both the sisters can do anything for their family and they have proved it and i’m proud to be a member of this family where only selfless love is found , ishu we miss u hope we meet soon and mona you are missed everyday you both are perfect examples if sisters we all love you

News ends

Ishana starts crying very badly

Adika want to console her

Om- let her cry this way she can take out her pain

Dadasa- was someone related to her in this case

Dadisa- i was going to ask the same thing

Ishana runs to her room and locks it

Dadasa- ishu open the door pls tell me baccha what happened

Ishana opens the door

Ishana- dadasa dadisa i will tell you everything

They listen as well as oberois too

All have tears in their eyes

Dadasa- i could even thank them they both protected you as if…

Dadisa- you were a part of them , aisa pyar maine aaj tak nahi dekha tum log ek dusre ke liye jaan de sakte ho , ishu tu ne unke liye apni khushiyaan kurbaan kar di aur unhone khud ko tere liye kurbaan kar diya woh bhi tere sage na hokar aur ek tumhare papa hain jinhe aaj bhi tumpe bharisa nahi hai 

Ishana cries and runs back to her room

All day she didn’t come out

Precap: om- yeh ishana kaha gayi kahi nahi dikhi room mein bhi nahi hai aakhir gayi toh gayi  kaha ???

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