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Hello Ishqies….Sorry guys for updating it bit late….See guys, to manage job and 2 write ff is bit difficult since workload is been increasing day by day….Still I will try 2 post as early as possible , but it depends on my schedule……So can’t assure you about when I will be able 2 update ff…And perhaps updates will be short….Pls forgive me guys for this…..If u missed any parts, u can check it here… Links for previous part….
Part 16
Part 17
Part 18

Pls read all and drop ur comments…..Am eagerly waiting 2 know ur views…..

Scene -36 {@ Raana Nivaas} [continuation from last part]
Sidharth : Malika….U can’t even imagine in dream that what am going 2 do……
Malika : Sidharth!!!!! [gets scared and moves back] Pls……leave me……
Sidharth : Am sorry my sweet wife….But I have no choice…..
Malika : What are you going 2 do with me ?
Sidharth {with a wicked smile} : See my hands are empty [sidharth shows his hands] Am not going 2 do it….But….
Malika : But, what…..[sidharth raised his head and turns his eyes behind malika, with much fear malika turns her eyes there and finds a person with a mask…..Before she could re-act sidharth places his hand on her mouth and the unknown person presses her hand and injects something……With a scream malika faints down….
Person : Sidharth sir, I have done it……
Sidharth : Thanks…..My Wife’s Loyal Assistant……Malika has no idea that actually her assistant is not loyal 2 her but he is loyal 2 me only……
Person : Sir….I handover those files related with kapoors 2 shivaay and omkara …..They didn’t felt any doubt on me…..Sir my money….
Sidharth : U will get it when u reach ur home…U can leave now…[sidharth laughs in a high voice] …..Shivaay will be in hyper tension now……Ishana’s missing, Kapoor’s mystery etc. might be pressurizing him well……This is the perfect time 2 attack…..But this malika…… Am sure once she gets normal, she will not keep quite….I have 2 do something……[sidharth calls some one and gives him some instructions……]

Scene – 37 [ Next day morning, @ City Hospital]
Omkara is lying on the bed..Shivru are standing beside him
Doctor : Mr. Shivaay…..Only one week is left , After that he will be fine and also he will be able 2 walk…
[Shivru smiles….]Shivaay : Thank you doctor…..
[Shivru hugs Omkara…..]Shivaay : Om…am feeling much happy for you…..
Rudra : O…..U just wait…..Soon u are going 2 lift ishana bhabhi in ur arms…….
Omkara ; Rudra!!! Kuch bhi!! [omkara smiles and bows his head]
Shivaay : Rudy, just look @ his face…..He is blushing!!!
Rudra : Really….O….I thought u are weak in these kind of things……
Omkara : Pls …..Just shut up….rudra….
Shivaay : Ok…Ok…..We are just making fun only…..
Omkara : I know…but as rudra said I really want 2 walk soon….I can’t wait any more…. shivaay…..I am worried for ishana……I hope she is alright…….[omkara recollects moments which he spend with ishana]
Rudra : O……U don’t worry……We will find ishana bhabhi……soon……
Shivaay : Haa Om…..everything will be fine……trust me….
Omkara : Shivaay, rudra…..U both are really special 2 me….And I believe that if my brothers are with me then I will never fail……For me you both are like my two eyes only….Nothing can separate our bond…..I mean it….[shivomru gets emotional and hug each other]
{BGM…..”Lafzon kaa yeh rishta nahi” plays……

After a while, Shivomru release themselves from hug …..
Shivaay : Om….lets come 2 the point….first we have 2 find out who is behind this….
Rudra : Shivaay bhaiya….we know that it’s swethlana only…..
Shivaay : Yeah rudra…..but she can’t do it alone……Some one is helping her and we have 2 find it…..
Omkara : May be Mrs.Kapoor ……I mean shivaay commissioner sir told that swethlana is actually swethlana kapoor, daughter of mrs.kapoor….Mr.Kapoor and Mr.Oberoi were business partners and something happened in between them which is yet 2 be revealed…. And mr.kapoor is dead because mr.oberoi killed him and that kid whose pic we find, what about that , shivay ?
Shivaay : I asked about it and commissioner replied me that once they gather information they will find it…..And I told them 2 trace swethlana’s phone , but they said that they are not able 2 find her phone’s location…
Rudra : Or what else we can expect shivay bhaiya ? Swethlana is so smart, may be she will change her number per minute, I guess….
Shivaay : May be she is smart, but she can’t beat shivaay singh oberoi {sso shows his signature step}
Rudra : U can play as much as u want, but u can’t hide from Agent Rudy’s Eyes {rudra shows his style by waving hands on his forehead}
Omkara : The one who taught me 2 believe in heart and made me 2 stand strong, Omkara won’t allow any one 2 steal it from him….{omkara passes his hand near his ear and waves his hair in heroic style and gives a sharp gaze}
Shivaay : So shivomru are ready for the mission….Because ……We Are…
Shivomru hold their hands together and says : One For All And All For One…..

Scene – 38 {@ Raana Nivas}
Swethlana arrives there 2 meet sidharth…..
Swethlana’ s View….
“Today I have 2 make sure, what exactly sidharth wants…..His plans are weird…And what all things Ishana said, I think she is right somewhere….I have 2 finish everything as early as possible….Without any delay I have 2 do some thing against oberois….But how ?”
Sidharth : Welcome, swethlana….so tell me how’s life ? [swethlana walked towards sidharth and stares him]
Swethlana : Are u kidding me sidharth , I don’t understand why u told me 2 kidnap Ishana ? We don’t have nothing 2 do with her…..
Sidharth : Oh Come on, Swethlana….U don’t understand even a silly thing, I just want 2 see omkara and shivaay in tension. That’s all…
Swethlana ; U and ur plans, it’s out of my knowledge, sidharth….Any ways I want 2 ask u what should I do with that girl ? She is giving me lectures of pain, life and so many things…I am not able 2 bear these things….
Sidharth : Swethlana, u can’t handle a girl ?
Swethlana : No really I can’t ……And I think unnecessarily I have kidnapped her….Oberois are my enemies and I want them 2 get destroyed soon…..By the way u told me that soon there will be a rift among shivaay and omkara in oberoi mansion and it will affect their business…But I guess ishana’s absence will not make any difference on it…….In fact now omkara and shivaay might have become more stronger only…..
Sidharth : Yeah, u are right….. swethlana……But the thing is…….
[Soon sidharth and swethlana hears some one screaming “help, help”]
Swethlana : This voice……[swethlana gets panic]
Sidharth : Malika!!!! It’s malika’s voice….[pretends 2 be fake] I think she is in trouble….
Swethlana : Lets go , sidharth……[swethlana rushes, sidharth follows her]

Scene shifts 2 bed room of sidharth…..As soon as swethlana entered the room the lights went off…..Swethlana screamed …”Malika…malika” She moved forward and suddenly her legs strikes on some thing and she falls down……All of a sudden lights were on and swethlana finds malika lying on the floor in a pool of blood only…….She finds a knife besides malika’s body……Swethlana took the knife in her hands and stares malika in confusion……She finds some blood stains in the knife…..Her hands started shivering…..
Swethlana : Malikaa…..get up…{swethlana holds malika’s hand, there was no response from malika gets feared….she stares the knife again ….All of a sudden, some flash lights of cameras turned towards her face, swethlana was unable 2 understand any thing}
“See, this characterless lady, she was trying 2 grab me from my lovely wife and when my wife questioned this, she murdered her….” [Swethlana gets shocked with statement and finds that it was said by none other than sidharth raana only]
Sidharth : Why swethlana, why u killed my wife ? All these are happening because of oberois only…..
Swethlana : Sidharth, what’s wrong with you ?? Why I will murder malika ? In fact I was here 2 save her because I felt she is in trouble….
Sidharth : My dear reporters [sidharth turns his eyes towards the media people who assembled there with cameras and mikes] See this lady, already u all know her well for living as the mistress of Tej Singh Oberoi……Oberois are well known for the business rivalry with raanas…..I can’t imagine in dream that for business rivalry oberois, I mean shivay singh oberoi will degrade so low 2 send swethlana for defeating raanas in business….Already raanas are undergoing tough phase in business because of oberois and now because of this prblm issues will increase only…….U people tell me what I should I do ? My wife,….i have lost her because of swethlana and oberois…..[sidharth starts shattering crocodile tears]
Swethlana : Sidharth !!! [extreme anger] How dare u do this 2 me, Am not going 2 leave u…. sidharth….[swethlana moves towards sidharth and press his neck in anger]
Sidharth : {coughing} Help……This lady is mad…..
Vikram Raana [father of sidharth] who was standing behind the crowd enters 2 the plot and screams…..Vikram : Swethlana….pls leave my son……Reporters, can’t u see how this lady is brutally pressing my son’s neck ? He is gone 2 die….pls save him….
[Some people from crowd moves forward and stops swethlana…..Swethlana bend in her own knees and stare sidharth and vikram sharply…..Her eyes were filled with some tears and it has went 2 red because of the biggest betrayal which she received from raanas]

Scene shifts 2 oberoi mansion….
Shivomruprinku, pinky, sakthi, jhanvi, dadi, mona all are assembled in hall and they witnessed the news on television…..With much frustration, shivaay throws the remote of the tv and all get tensed…..Mean while some media people crowded @ the entrance of oberoi mansion were demanding 2 meet sso….Khanna and others were trying 2 stop them……Shivaay notices it….
Shivaay : Khanna……let them come inside….
Reporters rushed 2 the hall of oberoi mansion and started firing shivaay…..
Reporter 1 : We heard that u have send swethlana 2 raana nivas for murdering malika….
Shivaay : It’s absolutely wrong…Malika is my friend, why I should kill her ?
Reporter 2 : Where is Mr.Tej Singh Oberoi ?
Shivaay : U have 2 ask questions 2 me only….
Reporter 1 : But where is he ? A big offence has been charged on oberois and the head of oberoi business is not present here…..
Jhanvi : U media people seriously don’t know it or whether u are trying 2 make a scandal only ?
Reporter 3 : Mam, why we make a scandal ? We asked a simple question only……Has he returned from abroad ?
Omkara : Abroad !!!!
Reporter 3 : Yeah….Recently when shivaay was rewarded the business man of the year and in connection with that a popular magazine interviewed him and he said that tej singh oberoi has went abroad for a business related project…..He will return within few weeks only……

Omkara gets shocked with statement…..he moved towards shivaay…….His eyes were filled with anger and tears…..
Omkara : {pressing shivaay’s shirt’s collars} Shivaay…..what this reporter said, is it true or not ?
Shivaay : Listen om……Let me explain ….Actually that interview came all of a sudden and lot of things happened….
Omkara : [Interrupts] Shivaay….i asked u only one thing…..Yes or No…….Just answer 2 the question….
Shivaay : Wooh……
Omkara : Yes or No…..
Shivaay : Yes…..They said it right……Om see the thing is I hide the truth because u know in business we oberois have a kind of status and reputation and it is been established by dadaji as well as bade paapa and paapa…..Especially bade paapa built up this oberoi business as an empire and I just followed his steps only…..And though he was not a genuine person in personal life, as a business man he was loyal 2 us…..And all of a sudden I can’t reveal the things since it matters our business….The deals which I got because of bade paapa’s name it would have cancelled and we would have been went 2 loss…..See this is professional ethics….[shivaay touches omkara’s shoulder] Om….I hope u understand…….
Omkara : [removes shivaay’s hand from his shoulder] No….shivaay…….I am not able 2 understand……why u lied ? The great wall of shivaay singh oberoi….the whole family admires him, loves him because he never breaks any one’s trust….U know well that if I have 2 make a choice between family and truth then I will favor truth only…..And u lied 2 the whole world for business and reputation? In the entire world @ first I trust you more than myself……For me u are the symbol of perfection , But today u have broken my trust……shivaay….. Mr. Oberoi was a betrayer, which was visible for my eyes, but for ur business and so called professional ethics, I hate u shivaay because Like a chameleon u have changed your color today …….
Pinky : Omkara!!! [pinky slaps omkara, omkara stares pinky…..] How dare u blame my shivaay?


Last but not least, specially want 2 wish Riddhima as she is celebrating her birthday today….. The precap is specially written for riddhima and riddhima pls don’t ask me what’s the answer abt choosing, even I don’t know it……
Ishkara fans….due 2 time shortage I was not able 2 show ishana today….But as certain things and twists which u guys undergone in previous episodes, it was necessary 2 reveal some of them today…..And for me swethlana is for revenge only, because intentionally no girl will want her life 2 be degraded by any man, it’s my view …..And I explained it in previous chapter also….So swethlana is not a vampire in my ff……In fact tej is the biggest betrayer rather than her. He is blessed with a rich nice family, but he is not able 2 realize his wife’s space in his life…that’s why through ff, I portrayed jhanvi as bit strong by sending tej 2 prison for domestic violence which u guys read in one chapter…..Hope u guys are liking twists as per the title it’s a passion of omkara’s struggle and I have 2 show how he deals with it and compassion means who shows the right way and showers care, which is ishana only….. Hope all are liking it….

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  1. Aarti32

    Amazinggg one.. Svetlana ki oh my mata ho gyi??

    1. Renimarenju

      Thanks aarti….and this has 2 be happen one day……







    1. Renimarenju

      Uf thanks for commenting…See am not getting much time 2 write an ff which includes all couples….nd for shivika , i think am weak in writing them , because i didn’t followed much the show after ishan’s exit and i think i can’t write on them…..And abt funny scenes….see once in my one of the ff i told that am really very bad is expressing fun ka thadka on ff…..and mostly the scenes of couple in my ff will be portrayed as emotional as when i writes it comes from my heart and some times i feel my own real life ishq only ….thing is story changes , characters are different but depiction is my own inner feelings…..and perhaps my mood is reflected on my ff…so i can’t always put fun on my ff…..but i will try like shivomru moments or rudy, because he is a coolguy and necessarily some fun element has 2 be added…..And shivika ib is fully for shivika fans now, so others have no space there…..And u so many shivika ffs 2 read…
      Abt gaurika am writing because of two reasons…firstly with chulbul track am really fed up….upto an extent i enjoyed it, but it’s high time omkara should know chulbul’s truth and should realize gauri’s stand….so in dbo everything is filled with chulkara , where is gaurika … and shraddha demanded me 2 write for gaurika a lot and i started writing it for her….
      I can certainly write on rumya also highlighting sumo because sumo is not getting screen space…So ishkara, gaurika and rumya…in my view these are the pairs which are 2 be highlighted as we are not getting scenes from them….And for shivika …am really sorry it’s really difficult for me 2 write on them… it needs 2 much of atitude and + so many things ..which qualities are nit present in me and even i will not be able 2 imagine them also….
      Ok…i hope u understand my view and i didn’t felt nothing as bad as u expressed ur wish only….Thanks a lot

      1. I’ts okay renima Di.
        iam always love your all ff storys.i’ts really amazing and heart touching????
        keep smiling and take care of your self?

  3. It is awesome and emotional and shocking dii….
    Dii aap kaise itna emotional and pain ful ff likh le te ho… But jo bhi likhe te ho.. Usse mujhe ek himmat milate h…
    It’s encourage me to fight against the problem..
    Thanks for this update and take care and lots of love dii…

    1. Renimarenju

      Thanks nikki yaar…..and love u 2….

  4. Riddhima

    Renima …
    Thank you … For dedicating the precap …
    It teaches me a lot of lessons in life …
    Thanl you for your wishes ???… …

    You have portrayed Om’s feeling in words that to fabulously …
    Love you Renima ???

    1. Renimarenju

      Hey birthday girl……just am portraying my own feelings as precap only and u likes my precap and that was specially written 4 u and glad that u liked it which means a lot…. And om’s feelings….well in starting i said u that i will bring old omie back and slowly from ishana’s entry 2 omie’s life omie started believing in life and u witnessed omie as the real omie which we saw in initial episodes of ib… the power of truth which makes our omiee is really special and i tried it here only…..thanks a lot for commenting….

  5. Samm

    loved, loved, loved the last bit with pinky slapping om! i was really shocked with om bursting out on shivaay for his professional life. but then for probably the second or third time in my life i’ve liked pinky’s interfering character, the first being in the show when she spoke up against tej for janvi and then similarly when she finally spoke up about herself in the women empowerment part with mallika. i can’t understand what’s with siddharth, but i hope to see the obros reunited and bashing him up for good. post next soon renima, and thanks so much for the link 🙂 , i guess i missed it 🙁

    1. Renimarenju

      It was necessary 2 show as i promised in the promo of this ff, that slowly u will see omie as old omie who is true from heart and i have did it here only….but he has 2 be practical also as always idealism is not possible before certain issues…that’s what i wrote in precap….wait for next one yaar….if u missed any episode u can check the links which i given in this episode…. and pinky….of course pinky has the right 2 do it, because shivaay is her one and only son and i portrayed pinky in that way here….glad that u liked it …..thanks a lot samm

  6. Ruby_MarNy

    It’s Mallika really dead?? ShiOm fight,OMG!!! I hope it is their plan to make Siddharth to get trapped.. obro bond is too strong to broke..

    1. Renimarenju

      Thanks…oh god, what a question….see u just wait for next update …..and shivomie fight…..well it’s actually a struggle ….where professionalism vs idealism …..which am missing from ib which inspired me a lot, and shivkara is missing badly in the show…..that’s why i wrote such type of scene only…..

  7. Amazing update..

    1. Renimarenju

      Thanks yaara

  8. Yashu

    Awesome di….lovely….waiting 4 nxt…

    1. Renimarenju

      Thanks a lot yashu

  9. Pratha

    Hey Renim u rocked once again in expressing ur views, ur really great in depicting Omkaras emotional views, ur r really at ur best..
    I really wanna learn this from u
    Keep updating, really missing ISHKARA n just remembering them through O SAATHIYA as caller tune n watching their Vms….

    1. Renimarenju

      Thanks a lot and omkara’s role has always inspired me and i think that makes me 2 write more and more on ishkara….and even my phone’s ring tone is also saathiya male version….i have not changed it …..and yeah even i used 2 watch their vm’s and some old episodes in hotstar which really reminds me how much i miss ishkara …..u know what this is my 6th ff on ishkara , even i don’t know how much i can write…..but yeah..i just love ishkara….the untold incomplete painful souls which am really missing now

      1. Pratha

        Oh wow
        My too Male version only
        I also watch d episodes especially there first meeting when she was in Burkha I really love it..
        The emotions in her eyes were real it can’t be fake. As she showed that..

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