Ishk Par Zor Nahin 29th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Ahaan defends Ishqi

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 29th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riya coming to help Ishqi. She says sorry, I heard Sonu telling everything to Kartik, wear this tummy tucker, clothes will get perfect on you, I was also overweight before. Ishqi says I m not overweight. Riya says I m really sorry, I didn’t mean that, I mean I used to wear this under the gown, feel special. Ishqi nods. Riya nods. Ishqi recalls Suman’s words. She wears the tummy tucker and says I will talk to Mayank later. Everyone starts the sangeet function. Kartik jokes on Sarla. Dadi asks Chacha not to show his old dance. Everyone laughs. Sarla says our function is viral today. She talks to her relatives in Canada. Dadi smiles. Ahaan asks where is Ishqi. Mayank says she thinks its designer’s mistake, her clothes are not fitting. Ahaan thinks I should go and help her, but how will I help her, moral support also can’t help. Sarla dances first. You know she likes this drama…..plays…

Ginni compliments her. The guys say Sarla is Sonu’s Saas. The guy asks Mayank not to think Sonu is his fiancee. Mayank gets angry. Sarla asks where is the main dancer, Ishqi, did she run away. Ishqi comes on the stage. Ahaan looks at her. He thinks the dress is fitting right, why does she look worried. Riya says I have given her the tummy tucker, she was much worried, the fitting wasn’t right, I know its not comfortable, but she will manage, brides start dieting much before marriage, did I do wrong. He says no, you did right. Kartik announces Ishqi and Mayank’s engagement. Mayank comes on stage and asks how did you fit in this dress. Ishqi says I have just worn it. The guys talk about Mayank and Sonu’s affair. They laugh on Ishqi. Kartik cheers for Ishqi. Ishqi and Mayank dance on the stage. Dheere dheere….plays…. Ahaan looks on. She feels discomfort. Ishqi’s dress gets torn during the dance. Everyone looks on shocked. Sarla smiles.

Ishqi tries to cover up. The guys laugh at her. Everyone gets up and look on. Mayank leaves. Ishqi cries on the stage. Ahaan takes a coat from the chair. He runs to the stage. He covers up Ishqi with the coat. Mahiya….plays… Ishqi looks at him. Chachi asks how can a big designer make a bad dress. Mayank says its not designer’s mistake. Ahaan asks what are you saying. Mayank says I m saying the truth, I can’t cover it up, same designer took Sonu, Riya and Ishqi’s measurements, how did just Ishqi’s dress get tight, Ishqi has got oversized, she eats anything non stop without thinking, she should have controlled her diet, I would have not got embarrassed. Sarla jokes on Ishqi. Dadi also taunts Ishqi. Ishqi says I m not overweight, designer took the wrong measurements, what shall I do, my dress got torn, its the truth. Sarla jokes on Ishqi’s intake of sweets. Maasi says Ishqi didn’t eat sweets since that day. Dadi says girls should take care of their fitness. Ishqi hears the taunts. Sarla asks them to see Riya and Sonu, they maintain themselves, Ishqi has reached another weight category. Ahaan and Kartik feel bad. Sarla further insults Ishqi. Ahaan calls it enough. He says we gathered here to celebrate, not to accuse each other, everyone is different here, we should respect each other.

Dadi says Riya and Sonu are fit like heroines, what to say about stranger, get ready to see another performance. Ahaan stops Ishqi. He says you don’t need to change yourself for anyone, you are perfect, absolute original, don’t change for anyone. He goes. She smiles and thinks he isn’t mean today, he said what Mayank should have said, Mayank never takes a stand for me. Sarla and Ginni joke again. Ishqi wears the coat. She asks everyone to look at her, zoom and see. She dances again. Ahaan smiles. Everyone claps for her. Kartik asks Sarla to see Ishqi’s rocking performance. Ishqi and Ahaan see each other and smile. Mahiya…plays… She sees Mayank and thinks you made fun of me and proved that our relation is wrong, this marriage won’t happen.

Ishqi goes to talk to Mayank. Ahaan tells Ishqi about Maasi. Ishqi runs to her home and shouts to call Maasi.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Don’t know what will happen tomorrow!!

  2. I hope Ishqi gives Mayank a big dose of his own medicine and throw his ring to his face!! Ohh I can’t wait to see his LOSER face!! (Props to the Akash Gupta, he plays his role so well)

    Chin up Ishqi, we love you the way you are!!! Ahaan said it right and well, you are perfect.

    I love this show and waiting eagerly to see what happens tomorrow.

  3. Pranjal Singh

    Yaar is mayank ko koi jor Ka ek thappd do 🤬🤬

  4. Archiya

    This episode was so good.. looks like sony wants to cover all female issues in this serial
    1. the person who loves u will love u the way u are.. no need to change
    2. why is a girls weight always so important
    3. most important point ishqi proved today
    she is herself and she can dance even without that mayank

    but looking at all this if ishqi still wants to marry mayank then its foolishness.. but she will still want to, what this story tries to convey.. patience

    1. Archiya don’t worry may be she goes to the mandup and there she will give a shocker to Mayank and say no for the wedding. Think how amazing would it be..

    2. How did maasi get hurt ??

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