Ishk Par Zor Nahin 25th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Ishqi helps Sonu

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 25th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riya asking Ishqi to drop her kaleerein on her. Ishqi nods. She breaks the kaleerein. Ahaan sees this. Ishqi drops the kaleerein on Riya. Everyone dances. Ishqi sees Ahaan. Kal ho na ho…plays… Ahaan hugs Sonu. They cry. Suman and Maasi compliment Ishqi. Suman says Mayank is lucky to get you, try this lahenga fitting. She goes. Maasi asks Ishqi not to see her chuda till she reaches mandap. She says I had a love marriage, love faded in two years, marriage is for lifetime, love is a guest, friendship and trust are forever, love will happen on own, Mayank has changed, he does a lot. Ishqi says yes, but on Ahaan’s saying. Maasi says Ahaan is sensible, he has seen a lot, Mayank is trying for you, marry the person who can become your friend, friendship always stays, not love.

Dadi says call the hotel staff, I will check them. Manager goes. Dadi says I know Savitri has come here. Savitri hides and says you can’t stop me from blessing Sonu. Ishqi gets ready. She says when Mayank went to see the cctv footage, the system failed, coincidence can’t happen thrice, everyone makes some mistake, he would have done it too, focus. Mayank comes. She says I m trying the lahenge. He asks what, did you talk to Sonu, did she tell Raj. She says no, she doesn’t want to tell Raj, its her wish, we should focus on finding that culprit. Dadi says nothing should go wrong now. Ahaan asks her to relax. He asks Kartik to work. The man says you can final the garlands for Ishqi and Mayank. Ahaan says fine. Riya says its nice to see you handling marriage preparations, I like the arrangements, I want to book the same resort for our marriage, it will happen when you are ready. He says not now. She goes.

Ishqi comes. Ahaan sees her. Kartik jokes he loves her, he loves her not. Ahaan stops Riya and says we should not delay, we will announce our marriage today. Mayank says that phone isn’t working, Sonu isn’t getting scared, I have to break her every hope. He collides with Sarla. He gets an idea. He says Sarla will break her hope. He messages Sonu and reminds her whatever happened. She cries.

She talks to Ishqi on call. She says I can’t forget all that, come to me. Sarla comes and asks why are you crying, what happened. Ishqi hears Sarla and goes to see. Mayank hears them. Sarla asks what wrong did you do, tell me, does Raj know, tell me the truth, if you don’t tell the truth, then see what I do. Sonu says I will tell you. Ishqi comes and hugs Sonu. She says I will fix everything, calm down. She says very sorry, Sonu is crying because of me. Mayank says how did Ishqi come. Sarla says I knew you did something. Ishqi says I was missing my mum, I was crying so Sonu also started crying. Sarla says everyone knows it, why are you crying today. Ishqi says its marriage today. Sarla says don’t cry much, pics won’t come good. Ishqi hugs Sarla. Mayank comes and says I heard someone crying. He hits the lamp by his hand. Sarla asks him to leave. Ishqi consoles Sonu. Ishqi thinks I felt Mayank made the lamp fall intentionally.

Manager says I will tell Ahaan that Mayank didn’t pay the party bill that night. He goes to Ahaan. Kartik says not now, I have to talk to him. Ishqi comes there. Kartik says you don’t love Riya, why are you marrying her. Ahaan says you don’t know about my love idea, why do you take Ishqi’s name always. Kartik says I didn’t take her name. Ishqi hears them. Manager thinks to tell her that Mayank didn’t make the payment. He goes to Ishqi and says Mayank didn’t pay the party bill that night. She says sorry, my focus was something where. He says system is fine, he didn’t pay the bill. She says I will talk later. Kartik says I had seen you and Ishqi that night at the pool side. Ishqi thinks what happened that night. Kartik says you can deny. Ahaan says I didn’t tell her I like her, she told me that she likes me. She runs away. Manager comes to Ahaan and says Dadi wanted to see records. Dadi checks the records. Ahaan thinks of Ishqi. Ishqi recalls the night. She says no, this can’t happen, Ahaan and I are totally different, this can’t happen, there is nothing common, he just comes to help.

Dadi says Ahaan, Savitri’s name isn’t in the records, its good. Ahaan asks why would she come here. Dadi says she left you for money, she wants to come back for money, she knows we also have money, she is very clever, she will come and cry, she will say she loves you, she couldn’t come because she was helpless, will your heart melt for her. He thinks of Ishqi. He says you think anyone will come and say that they love me, will I melt down, no. Dadi goes. Ishqi says my list is wrong, leave Ahaan, see Mayank, he is a simple person, Suman and Shekhar are good people, just focus on Mayank.

Ahaan sees Ishqi and says Mayank wanted to talk to you, I don’t want any problem in your marriage. Ishqi says I know what you want. Ishqi gives her hand to Mayank. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Raabi

    No-one will believe on ishqi and ahaan will think because ishqi loves and like him and so in order to break his alliance with him she us saying shit about mayank and misunderstood her…
    There is no proof against mayank to prove him culprit..his phone is not working and also not with him….sonu will never stand with ishki infront of all…
    But on a serious note i want them to believe and sonu to stand with ishqi…and without any misunderstanding ishqi break her alliance with mayank….
    It will be great fun to watch how ahaan accept his feelings and convince ishki also that he is also in love with her….

    But i know nothing will happen like that they will misunderstood ishki

  2. I think so too. No one will believe Ishqi. Even Ahaan will not because his family comes first and he will not tolerate another scandal in his family and that’s why even Sonu will deny everything, out of fear of Ahaan’s temper and being rejected by everyone. It’s really sad.

    But I hope Ishqi sticks her ground and not marry that slimeball. I want to see Ahaan miss Ishqi and try to win her back.

    If this serial is about women and the pressures from society on women, then I hope the producers do the right thing and expose Mayaank and he gets punished. I know men like him in real life, the ones who treat women like crap.

    Anyways I am really excited to see the wedding episode.

    I love this serial.

    1. Raabi

      Don’t worry as per the promo she will not marry mayank and break her alliance with him…
      There is also 1% possibility that sonu stands for ishki in front of her family or raj only and accept that ishki is right after the marriage

  3. Guys I think there will be a big drama that will go till next Monday and then misunderstanding will get created between Ishqi and AVM as in daily soaps everything gets dragged 😂😂😂 but tbh even I want this Mayank to get punished but that will only happen when the truth will get out and this will take another month I guess😂😂

    1. Raabi

      Itna jayada na khiche warna boring ho jayega

  4. Neehaa

    You know what of sonu doesn’t stand up for ishqi and denies everything then her charecter will loose her respect in my eyes . Because anyone should not be soo weak that when a person is fighting for them and can do anything for them but u don’t support cause ur scared that isn’t a reason . Ahaan jo samajna chahta hai samjhe magar I hope raj reveals the truth in front of all that Mayank was sonu’s ex and support ishqi and believe her otherwise ishqi ki jo galat hogi na I can’t imagine that too jab sarla daadi ginni and Mayank ho sath tho darne ki hai baat kyunki unke taane sunne ki shamta nahi hai mujhme

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