Ishk Par Zor Nahin 18th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Savitri reaches her home

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 18th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi and Chachi having a tag about Sarla. They laugh. Dadi says we are not gossiping about anyone. She gets angry seeing Savitra’s pic. She scolds Sonu. She says even her memories aren’t allowed to come here. Ahaan says maybe you all forgot that its her barsi today, we need pandit and pic for the barsi. Chachi asks him to leave it. Randhir says we have always kept her barsi, we have to remember who broke our family. Raj calls Sonu and asks why are you sounding low. Sonu says I was missing mum, she left us, I know that this matters to your mum. He says you matter to me, you didn’t hide anything from me. She says its all over between me and my ex. He says everyone has a past, we shouldn’t focus on whatever happened, we should focus on our present and future. Ishqi comes to Ahaan’s house. She asks is the address right. Driver says yes. Ishqi says don’t know, if I should go in or not. Savitri comes to her and says you are so good, you fulfilled your promise. Ishqi says this is a dangerous man’s house, not your children’s house, come. Savitri cries and says I have to meet my children. Ishqi says fine, stay here, I will just come.

Ishqi comes to meet Ahaan. She sees the barsi happening. She asks how shall I get ring size. Sarla asks her not to make excuses and just do the work. Ishqi sees Savitri gone. She looks for her. She says where did aunty go. She sees Savitri. Savitri says I was plucking some flowers for my children. Ishqi and Savitri come home. They try to see the pic. Ahaan doesn’t see Savitri. Sarla sees Sonu wearing the gold bangles. She thinks she would be Sarla’s would be bahu. She goes after Sonu. Ahaan sees her and turns to see.

Ahaan goes to Ishqi and sees her face. He says you… how dare you come here. Ishqi starts her drama and says fate has snatched my husband. He asks her to stop the drama, he knows her well, car thief. She cries aloud. He asks her to move the dupatta away. She asks why do you want to see my face. He says shut up. Kartik and Sonu come. Ishqi continues her drama. Sonu says she is crying. Ahaan says she is acting, she is the same girl, car thief. Kartik and Sonu ask the same girl again. Ahaan asks Sonu to remove the dupatta veil. Savitri looks at the house. Chacha and Chachi don’t see her. Ishqi tries to hide her face. Ahaan says remove her dupatta. Ishqi says don’t do this. Sonu sees Ishqi. Ahaan says see, I told you, she is the same car thief, you know what to do with her. Sonu takes Ishqi and asks her to chill along. Ahaan says she isn’t a guest, call the police, she will change if she goes to jail.

Ishqi says Sarla had sent me to get the ring size. Chachi calls Sarla and asks did you send any girl to get Sonu’s ring size. Sarla says yes, my assistant Ishqi, didn’t she reach. Chachi says she reached. Chachi asks Ahaan not to doubt always. Kartik asks Ahaan to come with him. Ishqi gets angry on Ahaan. She says Ahaan has forgotten to say sorry. Ahaan says I never say sorry to thieves. She says I m not a thief. Kartik says yes, you are Sarla’s assistant. Ishqi says I won’t go without hearing sorry. Everyone smiles.

Savitri sees her children’s pic and cries. Dadi comes and asks who are you. She sees Savitri. Savitri screams. Everyone runs to see. Ahaan asks Ishqi to just leave. He shuts the door. Everyone sees Dadi alone. Ahaan asks who had screamed. He sees the pic and asks how did this frame…… Dadi says I had seen a cockroach and got scared. She makes excuses. Ishqi says how to find out that aunty. She gets Mayank’s call. She says sorry Mayank, I can’t talk right now, I will take aunty to hospital and then talk to you. She says I will go and tell them that aunty is with me.

Ahaan collides with Ishqi. They argue. Mayank introduces Ahaan to Ishqi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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