Ishk Par Zor Nahin 14th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Ahaan surprises Ishqi

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 14th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maasi and Ishqi agreeing to come in the holi party for the engagement. Ahaan plans the holi party. Kartik smiles and teases him. Bhola gets the dresses and asks about the last one. Kartik asks is this last one for Riya or Suman. Ahaan goes to Suman. Kartik says its denial to the limit. He thinks there is something between Ahaan and Ishqi. Ahaan asks Suman to help. Sonu and Raj have a chat. She smiles reading I love you message. Dadi asks Chachi to increase the price of Sarla’s dress, she will be pleased. Sonu tries a dress. Mayank stares at her. Raj comes and punches him. Mayank says what’s this, I was finding my mom. Raj says shut up, Sonu came in your words, stay away from her, get lost. Suman comes to meet Ishqi and gives the gift. Maasi says you can come anytime to meet us. Ishqi says I had to talk to Mayank. She sees Ahaan and thinks Ahaan again, why.

Suman says Mayank had to take his dad to the doctor, I asked Ahaan to get me here. Ishqi thinks why did you get him. Maasi asks him to have tea. Ishqi thinks did he come with new insults, what does he want. Ishqi goes to make tea. She puts salt instead sugar by mistake. She gets the tea. Ahaan asks do you play holi, we don’t play holi, we wanted to know about the dates. Ishqi thinks what is he saying. Ahaan drinks the tea and says salt… I have arranged savouries and sweets, I hope you like it. He finishes the tea. He says you shouldn’t drink it, it has much sugar, you should take care of yourself. Maasi asks Ishqi to make another cup of tea. Ahaan asks what’s the need. Ishqi thinks he is strange. He drinks the other cup also and says its really good. Ishqi thinks he is praising my tea. Ishqi gets another cup of tea for Suman. Ahaan says we shall go, I have imp work, we have to plan surprise for tomorrow. Suman says we shall go, we will go to temple, you don’t play holi right. Ishqi says no. Suman says its good, you and Mayank have same thought about holi. She leaves with Ahaan. Ishqi asks Maasi to have tea. Maasi says you have it. Ishqi drinks the tea and says this has salt, it means Ahaan had two cups of tea so that they don’t know that I had added salt in the tea. Ahaan drinks water. Suman asks will she like the surprise. He says yes. She asks how was my acting. He says it was perfect. Ishqi says its not perfect, why did he not taunt me, I have to find out tomorrow.

Ahaan shows the shoes to Sonu. He says its not my idea, its Mayank’s idea. Ishqi likes the dress and shoes. She says Mayank understands me well. Its morning, Ahaan plans the holi party. Mayank sees Sonu. He says fantastic arrangements. Ahaan says it was your idea. Mayank says you executed it, Ishqi is very special. Ahaan asks him to manage food and drinks. Mayank goes. Sonu wishes Ahaan and hugs. Mayank sees the bhaang pill and says Raj’s punch will be proved costly. Raj’s family and Ishqi’s family reach. Raj takes Ishqi and messages Sonu about Ishqi’s entry. Ishqi asks what’s here. Raj shouts surprise, happy holi. Ishqi smiles.

Suman says you thought the engagement is at the temple. Dadi says Mayank did this for Ishqi. Ishqi says thanks. Sarla says no one does anything for us. Ahaan and Kartik play the dhol. Kartik says Ahaan played the dhol, but it was Mayank’s idea. Ahaan says yes, I didn’t do anything. Ishqi says Sonu and I are lucky to get guys like Raj and Mayank. Mayank holds Ishqi’s hand. Mayank goes to spike the drink. Ishqi thanks him. She says you have sent shoes for me. Mayank says I didn’t send it, these shoes look horrible on this ghagra. He goes. Ishqi thinks how can this happen. She sees Ahaan taking pills and thinks what does he want. Ahaan says finally, she will come to thank me, I will say sorry, guilt and matter will end.

Ahaan says I have planned all this as I was feeling guilty. Mayank spikes Sonu’s drink.

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