Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 7th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Shiv Gets Yogi Arrested


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Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 7th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari informs Srivastav family that Yogi was crying yesterday. Yogi says she is lying. Pari asks who was crying last night in school van. He says he didn’t and offers money to Prakash saying he fixed 2 speakers todayand got more orders. He tells Daadi that he ordered Dadaji’s specs. Yogi signals that Pari wants him to be in sorrows like Devdas. Family scolds Pari. Yogi signals he is hungry. Kusum says she will prepare Yogi’s special mutton korma. Khushi scolds Pari to stop lying. Dadaji asks Prakash if she should speak to Shiv once. Prakash warns not to. In Shiv’s house, Seema tells Shiv that she is searching her old caring Shiv who used to respect her and thought of family’s happiness always and says let us go to Prakash’s house and refix Yogi

and Gunjan’s wedding by apologizing them. Shiv stops her and says he has fixed Gunjan engagement with Chauhan’s son day after tomorrow. Seema confronts him and says she will not let the engagement happen as Yogi and Gunjan love each other. Shiv asks where is Gunjan. Seema says Gautam has taken her out to cheer her up.

Pari stops Yogi and asks what is going in his mind, he is acting in front of family hiding his feelings for Gunjan. He signals her to leave his house soon. She scolds him to stop his acting and express his feelings for Gunjan as she also loves him, he should go and meet her once at least and find out what is she feeling. Yogi happily hugs and kisses her cheek. She scolds not to kiss her. He apologizes. She says he is back to normal now.

Shiv insists Seema to accept Roshan and Gunjan’s engagement as he wants best for his daughter and took wrong decision by fixing her alliance with Yogi seeing his family. Seema tries to explain him, but he doesn’t. Servant informs that Yogi has come. Yogi walks in and signals he wants to meet Gunjan. Shiv says he cannot as alliance is canceled. Yogi signals what problem he sees in him, he can be a perfect husband. Shiv says he likes him, but he cannot be Gunjan’s partner. Yogi tries to convince him, but Shiv doesn’t budge and tries to shoo him away. Yogi forcefully tries to walk in, but Shiv calls watchman. Yogi raises hand on Shiv. Shiv calls police.

Kusumsits sadly reminiscing Yogi’s wedding cancellation. Dadaji and Daadi walk to her and asks to control herself as Yogi and Prakash are most hurt and they all have to support them both, Yogi has shattered and is trying act as happy in front of family. Prakash enters and says his parents are right and they should concentrate on Yogi. Kabir says he is right. Prakash says they will play antakshari with Yogi. Their chatting continues when Moin enters hurriedly and informs that police is bringing Yogi. Family worriedly asks what happened. Constable enters with Yogi and asks to control him. Shiv calls Prakash and informs that he got Yogi arrested to stop him from meeting Gu9njan and he even misbehaved with him, but he forgave and didn’t file complaint, Yogi shouldn’t return there as Gunjan also wants to stay away from Yogi. Seema angrily looks at him. Prakash angrily slaps Yogi.

Precap: Prakash gets heart attack. Gunjan reaches Yogi’s area and sees Prakash being rushed to hospital.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Verma4

    Shiv has no answers for anyone. All he can say is I don’t want to talk anymore. He should play dodge ball.

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