Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 5th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Family Scolds Kabir

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 5th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari after her duty finishes fumes in anger when Yogi doesn’t come to pick her. Nehna asks her to chill as his father have stopped him. Pari continues fuming and says he must be busy chatting with Bablu and Surjith boasting how Pari proposed him. She picks phone to call him when Gunjan with Seema and Gautam brings Shiv on stretcher. Neha asks if she is Gunjan. Seema pleads Pari to help them as Shiv got heart attack. Pari asks wardboys to take Shiv to ICU. Yogi walks in holding gift for her and stands amazed seeing Gunjan. Pari signals that Shiv got a heart attack and walks into ICU. Gautam seeing Yogi asks Seema what is he doing here. Seema crying profusely says she will not spare Pradeep Chauhan if something happens to Shiv.

Rani and Vivek return home and seeing Kabir with Nisha asks if he didn’t go to work today. Kabir asks them not to disturb him. Vivek finds file in his hand and checking it asks if it is Nisha’s file, are they going to hospital. Kabir accepts that he is taking Nisha for abortion. Rani is shocked to hear that. Vivek drags Kabir to room to speak and asks if he is in problem, they are all with him as they are brothers in both sorrows and happiness, reminisces Kabir’s monetary help and asks if it is the reason. Kabir says no. Rani pleads him to drop idea of abortion.

Pari comes out of ICU and informs Seema that Shiv got a minor heart attack and is out of danger now, senior cardiologist Dr. Verma will handle his case. She hugs Seema and consoles her. Gunjan thanks her. Pari walks to Yogi and says she will have to stay here till Dr. Sharma comes, so he can go home. Yogi says he will wait for her. She says he should stop showing boyfriend’s rights and not pamper her more, she will return home after Dr. Sharma comes. Yogi signals okay and leaves while Gunjan gets disheartened seeing their chemistry.

Prakash scolds Kabir for thinking of aborting baby and tells Dadaji how low Kabir can stoop. Kusum says if he has any problem, he should discuss it with him; they were in financial trouble since before and will share their problems together. Yogi returns home. Prakash says if they can share his happiness, they can share his sorrows also. Dadaji says Yogi forgot all his sorrows and taught them to live happily. Kabir apologizes family and says he shattered due to his financial loss and forgot that his family is his biggest strength. Family assures him that they are all with him always. Yogi signals that Rani will educate is child, Vivek will teach boxing and he will teach football. Prakash asks what will he do then. Whole family says he will scold. Pari returns. Rani asks if she didn’t go on a date. Kusum asks what date. Vivek nervously asks not to call appointment as date. Pari informs family about Shiv’s heart attack. Family gets tensed hearing that.

Pari then gets her mother’s call who says their work is finished here, so they are coming to pick her up for Kolkota. Pari says she is busy and cannot come with them. Mother says they will go after 3-4 days, but don’t want to listen no from her. Yogi seeing Pari tensed hears her and tries to calm her down. Pari says her doesn’t know her parents, they will not listen, anyways he frightened them by telling he is her boyfriend, did he really mean it, holding his hand says she will never leave him. He smiles.

Precap: Pari asks Yogi if he doesn’t know how to propose girls.
Yogi holds her. Bablu asks Pari to reply him. He says she will reply after informing about them to their families. Shiv tells Seema that he is her culprit. Seema says he is culprit of someone else also and shows Prakash.

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  1. Verma4

    I just hope Yogi doesn’t go back to Gunjan. He should stay with Pari.

    1. I hope yogi should go to gunjan. She loves him.

    2. Verma4

      @Amit & AmandaS..if Pari was your daughter??? would you still be singing the same tunes?

  2. He should stay with Pari

  3. I want Yogi & Gunjan to stay together. That’s pure love, 2 crazy people together.

    1. Verma4

      Wasn’t Gunjan ready to move on with Roshan?

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      @Amit R as well.

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