Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 25th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Sujoy Bails Out Yogi

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Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 25th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari’s mother tells Srivastav family that Pari is missing since morning. Kabir says she is in police station and is returning home. Kusum asks how is Yogi, what did Sujoy says. Vivek says Sujoy is trying to get Yogi’s bail. Pari’s mother fumes hearing that. Pari returns home. Mother asks why did she go to police station to support a murderer. Pari shouts to mind her tongue. Family gathers and Daadi asks what happened. Pari says her mother doesn’t want her to meet Yogi as she considers him as criminal and murderer. Mother says she didn’t mean that. Kusum warns her to dare not badmouth about her son and orders her to get out of her house. Prakash also warns her to get out. She acts as losing consciousness.

Sujoy while preparing omelette for himself drops spoon and reminisces Pari. Mona asks status of Yogi’s case as he is sure Yogi cannot kill anyone. Sujoy says he is amazed seeing Pari’s immense love for Yogi. She asks if he is jealous. He says he is impressed instead and will do his best to get Yogi out, he got mall’s CCTV footage and will dig something out of it.

Seema gets worried seeing Gunjan crying over video call and requests Shiv to do something. Shiv says he is quiet as Srivastav family trusts Sujoy, but now will take charge. In lockup, Yogi reminisces his love for Gunjan. Chadariya Jheeni Re in the background. Gunjan also cries reminiscing Yogi. Pari cries sitting in school van.

Sujoy goes to hospital and questions doctor about Rani’s chacha’s death. Doctor says he was in very critical condition after physical harassment. Sujoy says his death reporting time and postmortem reporting time are different. He senses wardboy hearing their conversation hiding and pulls him out. Wardboy cries that he didn’t do anything. Sujoy asks how did Chacha die. Wardboy says Yogi had come to see Chacha and questioned his condition. Sujoy says Yogi is dumb and deef. Wardboy says he wrote it down. Sujoy says he is illiterate. Doctor says ward boy is an innocent man. Sujoy says he will find out the reason anyways.

Shiv meets Srivastav family and wishes to hire another lawyer for Yogi. Dadaji says Sujoy is handling case and he trusts Sujoy. Shiv informs that police tortured Yogi. Family panics and agrees to hire another lawyer. Bablu with Surjith enter playing drum. Prakash yells at them. Bablu says its time for celebration and lifts Sujoy. Yogi walks in next. Family rejoices seeing Yogi. Shiv apologizes Sujoy for misunderstanding him. Family thanks Sujoy. Sujoy says its a family case now. Nisha says Pari’s family is Sujoy’s family. Pari walks away emotional. Rani cries asking Yogi if he is fine. He signals her to not cry, then goes to Gunjan and signals that he loves her. Kabir says everyone are here, and Nisha taunts to go their room. Prakash asks Bablu and Surjith to continue playing drum. Kusum says let Yogi have food first. Yogi searches Pari.

Precap: Dadaji announces Pari and Sujoy’s engagement next week.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Verma4

    Good episode. Don’t blame the family for the panic, it’s human nature.

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