Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 24th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Kanjeevaram Venkateshwaran Natarajan Annadurai Visits Pari

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Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 24th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kusum asks Daadi why Pari lied them, doesn’t she consider them as dear ones. Pari walks to them and asks not to think so as she considers them as family. Gunjan serves tea to Dadi and Kusum. Pari asks her if she doesn’t consider her family members. Gunjan asks who is her boyfriend. Pari nervously says Kanjeevaram Venkateshwaran Natarajan Annadurai. Daadi asks such a big name. Pari says that is how it is in Chennai, they can call him KVN Annadurai. She nervously walks away. Daadi asks Gunjan if Yogi knows about Pari’s boyfriend. Kusum says he must be knowing and asks Gunjan to go and rest. Yogi with Surjith returns home. Kusum asks why did he come so early. Surjith says they brought Pari’s friend from Chennai. Bablu disguised as Tamilian walks in and says Kanjeevaram Venkateshwaran Natarajan Annadurai. Kusum asks is he for real. Bablu asks where is his friend Pari. Pari walks to him, and he says he is her friend Kanjeevaram Venkateshwaran Natarajan Annadurai. His drama continues. Pari asks Yogi why did he make him a joker. Yogi signals. Prakash walks in shouting at Yogi and seeing Bablu asks who is he. Bablu says he is Kanjeevaram Venkateshwaran Natarajan Annadurai and continues his overacting. Pari warns him to control. Prakash identifies him and runs behind him. Bablu runs into bathroom. Prakash locks bathroom and trashes him brutally.

Bablu with red and blue face writhes in pain while Surjith applies ointment on his injuries. Pari walks to them and trashes Bablu for acting as her boyfriend and says because of their lame drama, everyone came to know that she doesn’t have any boyfriend. Kusum applies warm compresses on Prakash’s hands while Prakash fumes on Bablu. Kusum says it proves Pari is lying and does not have any boyfriend, she just wants them not to find any alliance for her.

Pari meets Neha and tells describes whole incident and fumes. Neha says they care for her. Pari says they are fool, especially Yogi. Neha says Pari loves that fool. Thei discussion continues. Pari says she doesn’t know why Srivastav family is eager to get her married. Neha says they are in guilt that their son is married and Pari is left alone, she should leave their house, else they will be in guilt forever.

Precap: Khushi tells Yogi that a surprise guest has come. Pari also enters and stands shocked.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Yvonne Codner

    Tonight’s episode was a good LoL!!! I figured Prakash would have recognized Bablu as an impostor. Gunjan figured him out too. It was quite comical!

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