Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 22nd October 2019 Written Episode Update: Dada Dadi’s Master Plan

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 22nd October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bablu and Surjith ask Yogi to calm down as one doesn’t get the love they deserve. Yogi signals why Gunjan had come here. Bablu says Gunjan had come with Gautam and Roshan to make him jealous, Gautam was searching Yogi in each shop, so they yelled at Gunjan royally and sent her from here. Yogi signals that they did wrong and scolds them. Bablu asks why is he scolding them, they did right. Yogi slaps Bablu and walks away saying he doesn’t need their support. Bablu says bhai is heart broken.

Pari in hospital sees dumb patient resisting to get injection and doctor’s unable to convince him and speaks to him in sign language that if he loves his family/children, he should get injection for his long life. Patient agrees. Senior doctor praises Pari’s skills and says she will handle specially abled patients from hereon. Neha asks if she learnt sign language for Yogi and if she loves him. Pari says no. Neha says sometimes we subconsciously fall in love and we don’t realize it.

At home, Daadaji tells Daad that whole family is sad and to divert their attention, they should act as fighting. Daadi says it is a good idea, but on which topic. Dadaji says they don’t need a topic to fight and reminds her of her college friend Kamlesh who used to gift her books. Daadi asks why he took Kamlesh name instead of any other friend. Their fight starts. Family interfers, but they continue fighting and alleging each other. At night, they throw each other’s goods out of room. Prakash takes Daadi’s side and fights with Dadaji. Dadaji warns Vivek take his father away, else he will slap his father. Vivek takes Prakash away. Yogi tries to calm them down in vain.

Gunjan cries reminiscing Bablu and Surjith insulting her. Seema sees that and tries to console her. Gautam informs her what happened. Seema says Srivastav family even stopped her from meeting Prakash in hospital, but they cannot insult Gunjan like this.

Precap: Daadi tells Pari and Khushi that some relationship have respect and not love. Dadaji feels guilty for fighting with Daadi. Family sees someone under blanket and trash him/her thinking him/her as thief.

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