Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 17th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Shiv and Prakash’s Friendship

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Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 17th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prakash informs family that Yogi was following a girl and seeing him changed his route and escaped in his cycle. Dadaji says it is obvious for a boy to follow a girl. Dadi says it was common for a boy to follow a girl during their days. Nishi says Kabir followed him till college. Dadi says dada gave her love letter on first day itself. Dadaji says his father gave ghazal to his mother at temple as mother used to visit temple daily, in fact Yogi is following his family lineage. Prakash continues yelling at Yogi. Yogi via sign language says whatever he does goes wrong, all his effort to keep his father happy fail; he was just going on his way and not following any girl. Dadaji and Dadi scold Prakash for misunderstanding Yogi.

Yogi sees bubbles on his terrace and imagines seeing Gunjan

there who throws bubbles in air. A romantic song plays in the background. He imagines dancing in the background. Khushi shakes him and getting him out of his imagination asks why is he spreading bubbles, if he really has a girlfriend. He says no and plays with water with her. Rani walks to him and asks if he really was following a girl. Yogi nods yes. She says that means he is in love, he will inform his love story in the morning. Prakash walks into lawn to get water from kitchen, slips on water and falls down. He shouts Yogi..who dropped water. Rani asks Yogi to go and sleep soon, and Yogi does same. Family rushes to Prakash, Prakash continues yelling as usual.

In the morning, ladies get busy preparing breakfast. Kusum asks Yogi if he was following a girl. He stands nervously when she hears Dadaji scolding Prakash and he silently leaves. Kusum and Dadi walk into Dadaji’s room and see Dadaji scolding Prakash for not letting Yogi play football. Family backs Dadaji. Prakash says Yogi wastes time and does not work. Dadaji says Yogi goes to shop daily. Prakash says Yogi lost final match last time and even this time may lose. Dadi scolds to speak right. Dadaji says Prakash is a failure, he got low marks in engineer and could not get job, so he tried to get him a TT job, but he did not go; then he tried many jobs and finally opened an electronic goods shop for him, but even that is run by Yogi. Prakash feels bad hearing that.

Khushi informs that Moin uncle has come to meet him. Prakash and Dadaji go out. Moin with a few shopkeepers says they came to speak about vacation order on their shops. Prakash does not let them speak and says they should go to higher government authorities and meet officer who is handling their case. Moin says they got officer’s appointment and wants Prakash to head them. Prakash hesitates, but Dadaji forcefully sends him. They reach government office and wait outside officer’s cabin. Prakash sends Moin and others in front and tries to hide nervously. They then get into officer’s cabin and Prakash continues scolding Moin and others to be brave, but hides behind them. Officer is none other than Shiv who notices Prakash. Moin says Prakash is their neighbor who is fit for nothing. Shiv calls Prakash in front and says he is his childhood friend Shiv. Prakash also identifies him. Shiv excitedly hugs him and giving him seat informs they studied till 12th. Prakash excitedly says he used to come first and Shiv second. Shiv promises to get their work done and insists Prakash to accompany him home. Prakash leaves with Shiv excitedly.

Precap: Prakash sees Gunjan’s photo and asks who is this girl. Shiv says his daughter and she has gone to his locality Chawdi Bazaar. Yogi follows Gunjan’s rickshaw as usual. A girl rams her scooty into Yogi’s cycle and fights with him.

Update Credit to: MA

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