Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 14th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Kabir’s Confrontation

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 14th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Yogi signals Pari that she will not go from their house. Rani says Yogi is right and asks Kabir what is he doing. Kabir says he is right and blames Yogi and Pari. Yogi angrily holds Kabir’s collar. Vivek interferes and warns Yogi to apologize Kabir. Kabir says he lost his child and nobody can understand his pain. Dadaji warns him to shut his mouth and asks if alive people are more important and who was about to be born. Kabir says what they really have is important and what they want to achieve is more important than that, if that is the case then why Prakash stopped Yogi from marrying Pari. Kusum asks why is he changing the topic. Kabir says he is speaking right and says like Prakash felt Gunjan important than Pari, he feels his child is also important with Nisha. Khushi says he is speaking a lot now. Prakash sits disheartened. Kabir continues. Vivek warns him not to cross his limits now. Kabir says truth is this family never accepted him. Dadaji warns him and says he can go if he wants to. Kabir goes to his room. Dadaji and Daadi console Prakash and send him to room.

Seema tells Shiv that due to negativity at Prakash’s house, Gunjan will also be affected, so she wants to bring Gunjan home.

Drama in Srivastv house continues. Vivek confronts Kabir for insulting Prakash, Yogi, and Pari. Kabir continues his anger and insults family members. Vivek slaps him and asks him to leave if he feels family is impartial to him. Rani stops him and consoles that Yogi and Pari took a right decision and asks if he can live without Nisha. Kabir says he doesn’t know what to do. Rani continues consoling him. On the other side, Yogi fumes that Pari is not at fault. Gunjan and Khushi try to calm him down and get angry on Kabir’s allegations. Pari leaves for hospital. Kabir walks to Yogi and apologizes him. Yogi hugs him and forgives. Vivek says they should maintain their unity always at any given situation. Kabir asks where is Pari, he needs to apologize her. They say she went to hospital. Kabir says let us go to hospital then and leaves with family, leaving Gunjan alone.

Precap: Prakash tells Shiv that Gunjan is his daughter now and he will not let her go. Shiv says Gunjan is his daughter first and then Prakash’s bahu. Prakash says if Gunjan chooses Shiv’s house’s happiness, he will disconnect Gunjan from his house’s sorrows.
Gunjan slips on stairs.

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