Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 13th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Pari Breaks Up With Yogi

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 13th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari drives scootie towards hospital reminiscing Prakash telling he fixed Yogi’s alliance with Gunjan, Yogi and Pari’s romantic moments, etc.. She reaches hospital where Neha asks if she didn’t go to temple for marriage, what happened to her. Pari shouts shut up. At home, family asks Prakash what did he tell Pari that she went to hospital. Prakash stands silently. Neha walks in. Yogi asks her where is Pari. Family asks who is she. Vivek says she works with Pari in hospital. Neha says Pari will not return here again and sent her to get her belongings. Pari sends message to Rani. Each family member reads message for them and get emotional, finally Kusum reads message for Prakash that she will not trouble him again. Yogi walks away angrily. Kusum confronts Prakash what did he tell Pari that she was forced to leave house. Dadaji, Prakash, Vivek, Daadi confront him next, but he sits silently. Rani asks where is Yogi and whole family searches him.

Pari in hospital speaks in sign language with dumb patient and assures that he will get well soon. He signals how did she learn sign language. She says via her dumb and deaf friend. Yogi walks in and confronts why didn’t she come to temple. She shouts what is he doing and takes him to her cabin. Yogi picks kumkum and tries to apply it on her forehead, but she throws kumkum away. Yogi signals that he will leave his family for her and loves her a lot. She asks how much he loves his family and for his father. He says he cannot live without her. She asks what about the sacrifices his family made for him, what all Prakash suffered because of him, etc. Yogi says what about them. She a boy and girl’s love is not only love, family’s love is also important, they loved each other but that doesn’t mean their destiny is same, she will come to meet him often and they will enjoy beer. He tries his best, but she doesn’t agree. Yogi sadly walks away. Gunjan and Yogi’s wedding rituals start which whole family attends.

Precap: Prakash tells Pari that she is a good girl and can marry anyone she likes, but Gunjan is dumb and nobody will marry her or listen to her cries.

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  1. Verma4

    If the wedding is legit then Yogi has missed out on true love because Pari did the ultimate sacrifice.
    Pari you deserve better than this shellfish Prick ass.

  2. Verma4

    Disappointed. Over and out. Time to move on from this show.

    1. Razeena Cassim

      100% agree with you?

  3. Yeah! Gunjan weds Yogi???.I wish Yogi keeps her happy forever.

    1. Yeah now it will be same old stories where first he hate Gunjan and then love her that’s it story end ……
      But I want yogi and pari jodi

  4. How to ruin a good show

  5. I hope Yogi & pari will be United by some twist in the story.makers and writers are ruining the beautiful show.yogi&pari are the best.

    1. No and never(Yogi and Pari), Gunjan and Yogi forever.

  6. This serial started off with a good theme of holding family together through the family values and mutual respect while touching the subject of physically challenged individual . This very theme has been now compromised by showing one of its members putting his ego first and emerging victorious with sheer commercial objective of dragging the serial life and ruining it in that process. It now time to move on for viewers just like the other serial that Sony channel messed up lately

  7. No pari and yogi so were cuteees

  8. Yogi Pari Jodi Best ??

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