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Hi sissy’s. Here m with an Ragsan OS. It’s inspired by a Hollywood movie. Everything is not same.
After seeing movie a concept came in my mind. I got ragsan fit for that. So wrote this. Leave comments if u like. If u don’t like then also comment telling reason. Coz I wanna know ☺️

It’s going to be long.

Let’s start


A big mansion is shown where a party is going on. Party is thrown by Dr.Sanskar Khanna. He’s psychiatrist. He brought new mansion in London. So he thrown party. He’s frnds and other doctors were also present.

Sahil: really sanskar. it’s beautiful mansion. U gonna shift here only?

San: yes. It’s her choice. She too liked it. And moreover I got many cases here which r pending. Our hospital handed me to complete. No need to go hospital. Just have to meet patient and give treatment.

Sahil: afterall it’s all effect of our Bhabhi. Where’s she?

San: let me call. Swara.

Swa: yes dear. Oh. Hi Sahil. Enjoying party?

Sahil: of course.

Party got over. All guests went.

Swa: sanskar. U remember na next after 2 weeks it’s our first marriage anniversary.

San: I know swara.

Swa: u always say this and always forget by saying that u got busy in patients. But this time I don want any excuses. Ok.

San: ok Baba.

They opened there bedroom door. One guy was standing holding gun. Swara got scared.

San: hey who r u?

Guy: u forgot ur patient name also? U r bad doctor. U dint cure me.

He shoot at sanskar then shot himself and died. Sanskar fell on bed.

Swara screamed loudly: sanskar……..


After few days we see sanskar sitting on a bench outside his home checking case of his patient. The patient died was named Sanket.

After few mins he saw a girl coming out from home which is opposite to him. She was wearing blue jeans and red top with white scarf. She was wearing sweater as in London it was very cold that time.That girl luked at sanskar and looked into his eyes, and slowly she took her book and ran to main gate.

Sanskar saw her and smiled at her innocent face. He remember that he saw her somewhere . Then he remembered that her case also is one of pending case which had given to him. He opened her case which was having her photo. He read name as RAGINI.

Ragini Sharma. Studying in 2nd year degree college. She lives with her mom janki. Her father passed away in her childhood. From age of 12 she’s behaving strange. She doesn’t talk with anyone properly. She always seems like she’s getting scared by someone. She has no frnds. She missed college many times. when mom asked her reason. She never gave any proper explaination. Janki shown her for many doctors. But all tried and failed to know reason behind her behaviour. Coz of this janki is always tensed that how to cure her. After her who’ll take care of her.
Sanskar closed file after reading.

San: it’s same case as sanket’s case. He’s also same like Ragini. I cudnt cure him. He died thinking m not a gud doctor. If I cure any one person like him which is Ragini I’ll feel guilt free of his death. He decides to meet Ragini.

Ragini was sitting on bench in garden quitely. Sanskar went and sat beside her. Slowly she looks at him. Sanskar looks in her eyes. He sees fear in her eyes.

San in mind: in these beautiful eyes also fear is there.

Her eyes were telling him like she has so much inside her but not able to share with others.

San: hi. M sanskar. U?

Ragini didn’t reply, instead she left that place and went to home.

San: it’ll b little difficult to solve. But I’ll do it definitely.


Next day sanskar went to Ragini’s home and saw janki watching TV sitting on sofa. He sat on chair beside her. He was waiting for Ragini. Janki heard some noise in kitchen and went. Here Ragini comes home. She saw sanskar sitting. She stopped there only with fear.

San: hello Ragini, if u don’t know then let me only tell u that m ur doctor. Ur case has been given to me. Ragini dint respond, stood at door only.

San: ok. Let’s play a game. If I tell something abt u, if it’s correct then u shud come one step towards chair. If wrong u can go back. And if u sit on chair means u’ll have to agree to start our session.

She agreed.

San: u r shy type girl.
She moved one step to chair.

San: u have a secret which u don’t want to share with me.
She moved to chair.

San: u have no friends.
Again she moved. As she was only one step to reach chair, next thing of sanskar were not correct and she went away.


One day Ragini was sitting in church. Sanskar too went there. He talked with her, but as usual no response. He noticed some scratch marks on her hand. He thought may b due to any thing. Then he remembers that it’s their first wedding anniversary. He rushed to hotel where swara was waiting. They almost everytime come to that hotel only as swara liked. It most. He saw her sitting on chair. Her face was sad. He went and sat Infront of her.

San: swara, m really sry. Now a days m very busy in cases. M not able to make time for u.

Swara without looking at him paid bill and said happy anniversary and left place. He felt bad. Next morning he saw swara in kitchen doing some work.

San: swara, m really sry. Pls forgive me. I’ll not repeat this again. Pls don’t ignore me.

Door bell rings, swara went to open door. Sanskar again felt bad as he’s not making time for his wife.

Next day again he started to meet Ragini and kept on trying to make her fear out. But every time he failed. But as days passed he noticed changes in her. Her fear towards him became less. He always used to tell her joked and some moments happened with him to make her laugh, so that she can share with him. But still she didn’t talk to him a single word.

One day she just asked him.

Rag: r u a gud doctor?

San remember sanket’s words.

San: I think so. M not best but not bad also. I think almost all doctors think same.

One night Ragini was sleeping. She suddenly heard some noise. She woke up and got fear. She heard like someone calling her. She went to that voice. It was coming from store room. She entered. She saw someone crying behind a wall. She slowly goes. It was a girl sitting and crying bending her head. Ragini slowly kept her hand on her shoulder. Suddenly that girl looked at Ragini and Ragini got scared seeing her and screamed loudly. She was looking horror.

That girl was of age 8. She says
Girl: help me pls.

Suddenly that girl started laughing and crying at a time. She starts to walk towards Ragini. Ragini got scared. And ran from there to home temple and hide herself. She slept there only. Mrng janki saw her and took her to bedroom and makes her sleep. She saw scratches on ragini’s hand as sanskar saw. Janki thought it might b happened in college. She ignored.

Few days passed. Daily sanskar tried. As days passes he started to fall for her seeing her innocence and cuteness. He felt that but again asked himself that how can he think abt her patient. But he also saw in ragini’s eyes love for him. Coz her fear has vanished for him. Though she didn’t talk. But he thought she too feels same. But when he remembered swara, he thought of betraying her and hide his feelings.

One day sanskar was sitting in his room. He heard swara talking with someone. He was a boy. He saw that, that boy was cheering her to laugh. Sanskar felt bad. But he didn’t felt jealous.

San: y am not feeling jealous,? Is it coz m feeling for Ragini? Shall I talk abt this with Ragini that I feel for her?. But she’s not well still. Let her get well first, then I’ll confess my love to her and I’ll ask sry to swara. I don’t know abt her reaction but m ready for her punishment as she had all rights.

Next day he went to Ragini’s room. He saw her on bed fully covered with blanket except her face. She looked at sanskar. He came and sit near to her chair. She didn’t get up. She was on bed only.

San: Ragini, don’t wry m not going to try to start any session. Coz m sad today. I don’t know y. U know my wife name is swara. We had arranged marriage. It’s one year over. We never had any fights. She always cared abt me. And me too. I think due to our understanding. I liked her. But I think I don’t love her. Now I realized that, coz today I saw a guy who was happy with her and she too looking like happy. I felt sad but not jealous. I’ve decided to tell her that to marry that guy as I don’t have feeling for her. I just like her as a friend. But m scared also that how to face her.

Ragini smiles little seeing him. Sanskar got happy.

San: hey, u smiled for first time. M feeling very happy.

Rag: u r very nice person.

Suddenly she got scared.

Rag: I’ll tell u my secret. But u shud not tell others. Promise me.

San: promise.

He was happy that finally she’s gonna talk.

Rag: I see ghosts.

San: shocked. Wat?

Rag: yes. I see ghosts. From my 12 age. At first I didn’t understand that they are ghosts. As I grown up I came to that they’re ghost. There are many ghosts. Few hurt me if run away from them. See these scratches r made by them only. Even few they don’t even know that they’re dead. So I get scared.

Sanskar get into deep thought.

San: ok let’s do one thing. from now if u see any ghost then try to talk with them. They might need ur help.

Ragini thought it’s gud idea. She agreed. From that day she did as he said. She came to know that they become ghost due to their unfulfilled wishes. She helped them as she can.


After few days.

Ragini is very happy now. She’s not scared of ghosts. Instead she helps them. Now she talks free with sanskar without any hesitation. Sanskar thinks that now he can confess his love. He goes to Ragini.

San: Ragini, I want to say u something.

Rag: yes.

San: actually, I don’t know how to tell. I don’t know whether it’s rite or wrong. But I decided that I’ll tell whatever I feel.
Closed his eyes. I love you Ragini.

There was silence for few seconds. Both of were silent. Tear escaped from ragini’s eyes. She was looking like confused.

San: I know u r confused coz u think as a married person how can I propose u. But as I already told u once that I don’t have any feelings towards her. Really Ragini I don’t even know when I fell for u. When I started to spend my time with u slowly I started to fall for u. I don’t know ur feelings but I just wanted to confess my feelings. So I did. Sry if I hurt u.

Rag: how Wil u tell swara?

San: don’t know.

Rag: even I love u too.

San looks at her happily.

Rag: (eyes were moist, any time tears will come out) I too don’t know when I fell for u. I was so scared coz of things happening around me, so that I suppressed my feelings. Now when m free from that fear I knew that I too love u. But..

She bend her head down.

San: but.. wat Ragini?

Rag: swara?

San: I’ll talk to her.

Rag: I request u that talk to swara when she’s sleeping.

Sanskar dint understood but agreed for her.
That nite he saw swara on bed. She was not slept but trying to sleep. She just changing her turns.

Sanskar came near bed and sat on chair. Swara back was facing him.

San: swara, pls don’t look back. I can’t face u. I need to tell u something. I don’t love u swara. I love someone else. I realized when I fell for her. I don’t want to betray u m telling truth. M sry. U can punish me.

He bend his head sadly.he heard swara murmuring some thing closing her eyes. he slowly goes near and heard.

Swa: y did u leave me alone sanskar? How can I live without u. How I spent these days without u, only I can understand.

Sanskar was confused abt her saying. Then he saw a ring fell from swara’s hand. It was there wedding ring. He looked his hand. it was not there. Then he realised and shocked, he understood swara’s words meaning and Ragini’s saying.

He’s already dead. Yes . Sanskar is dead. He became shocked. He comes out of home and sit. Still he’s confused and shocked.

Ragini came to him. Sanskar looks at her crying.

San: u knew it?

Rag: yes. I knew it from first day only that u r dead.

San: then y dint u tell me and how m dead. M becoming mad.

Ragini sits on her knees near him. Tears were rolling from her eyes.

Rag: u died that day only when Sanket shot u. U dint know. U thought it was minor accident and u started behaving normal. U never knew that u were dead. At starting I was scared of u, coz u were dead. But when I came to know that u don’t know u r dead, and I realized u r gud. U r not ghost. U r pure soul. U remember I told u once that I see dead people who even don’t know that they are dead.

San: how I entered church then?

Rag: coz u r soul. Soul r not bad. there’s difference.

San: y m soul still?

Rag: coz of ur unfulfilled wish. U din’t cure sanket. U had thought atleast u will cure one person like him to feel guilt free.

San: and u were that person.

Rag: yes.

San: after knowing that m dead, how u loved me?

Rag: crying. Love is limitless sanskar. It connects soul to soul. Not only body. I loved the real sanskar. Love just happens. It just looks person’s soul’s purity. And u r such a pure soul, that I can’t make myself not to fall for u. I loved u after knowing u r dead show that my love is pure. It’s upto births. Not only body.

San: when I proposed that time u cud have told truth.

Rag: I can’t see sudden pain and shock in ur eyes sanskar. So only way to tell u was through swara. So I did.

Sanskar started crying. Ragini too crying. Both thinking that they can’t be one.

Rag: y did u cure me? I can’t live without u sanskar. Don’t leave me.

San: I don’t want to Ragini. Even I want to live with u. But m….

He cried badly. Slowly his soul starts to vanish.

San: Ragini. My wish is fullfiled. Allow me to go. Live life happily.

Rag: shouts crying. No sanskar. U can’t go leaving me. U made me to live. U made me to laugh. No sanskar….

She sits crying badly.


Next day she went to church.

Rag: God. Wat have u done ? U gave me life. But again snatched it. U very well know everything. Now tell me how shall I live? This is unfair god.

‘ God never do anything without any reason’

She looked at voice. It’s church father.

Rag: u don’t know anything father.

Father: I know everything child.

Rag: then give me solution for this prob. I love sanskar so much . I can’t live without him. And I don’t want to die coz this life is given by sanskar. I don’t want to loose anything given by sanskar. Now tell Wats the solution.?

Father: I can help u .u have two choices. U have to select anyone.

Rag: wat r those?

Father: first. U have to live as u r living with his memories. Then in next birth both of u’ll meet. But u both don’t remember anything.

Rag: second?

Father: second is in ur present life I’ll take his memories from ur life. Next birth u’ll both become one and u remember everything when u both meet.

Ragini thinks and agreed for second choice.
Father kept his hand on her head. Closed his eyes and chant something.


Next mrng Ragini woke up. She’s very happy. She wished good morning to her mom. Went to college. She completely forgotten sanskar. After few months she got marriage invitation from her opp home. She attended it. It was swara and laksh. Ragini felt something and felt happy also.

Years passed. Ragini lived her life happily. Through out her life she always felt herself incomplete. She spent her life in orphanage taking care of orphan children.


After many years (next birth)

A girl was walking in college. She was walking in such a speed that didn’t notice front person and dashed. Both fell on floor. It was sanskar and Ragini. They share eyelock. Some flashes comes Infront of there eyes. They ignored .

Next day it was Christmas. Ragini went to church. Sanskar too..

Ragsan met father for blessings. It was same father who blessed Ragini. Ragini dint recognise him. Father keep his both hands on ragsan heads. Then he disappeared.

Ragsan opened their eyes. Now they remembered everything. They look at each other. Both hugged eachother crying.

Rag:crying. finally our wait is over. We became one. How long we waited for this moment.

San: me too Ragini. I was not able to tell u bye properly while leaving. I waited desperately to meet u.

Both r hugged eachother with happiness and with satisfaction smile.

The end.

Let me tell u to avoid confusion. All over this story u observe sanskar was only talking to Ragini. No one cud see him except Ragini. In restaurant swara went alone on her anniversary as she want to keep there moments fresh. She went same hotel where they often go. She cudnt hear sanskar. That’s y he didn’t get any response from her. She wished herself and went. If u have doubts u can ask in comments.

Uff.. sissy’s..This was much more longer.
Leave ur comments.
Love u all??

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