Is there love in my life?? Episode – 18 ( shivika’s curtain romance)

Is there love in my life?? Episode – 17 ( oberois at roy mansion)

“Dinner is ready!!”A maid came and announced

“Come gauri have dinner with us… “Anika insisted

“No.. Why are you all taking so much problem, because of me I got hit by the car that’s because of me only” Gauri said

“It’s Okk….we are fine with it it happens…. Come let’s have dinner with us” Om too insisted her

“Okk…” She agreed and smiled

They went on dining table shivay was sitting beside Mr roy

“Hey! Shivay you should sit beside anika” My roy said

Anika looks on

“No I mean from there you will have a great view of garden while eating it will be so pleasant… ”

Shivay sit beside anika

They ate their food

“I think you should all stay here only tonight” Mr roy said finishing his food

“Yaa… We’ll have so much fun together” Rudra said getting excited

“Shhh… Rudra… It’s Okk we’ll go” Om said

“Nhi its a great idea you all saty here and gauri you too stay here only.” Anika said

“Noo… I think… Already you took a lot of problem” Gauri said

Anika stares at gauri

“Gauri… If you’ll stay here we’ll feel nice” Om said

Rumya looks on in shock at om

“So you guys stay here I a m leaving.”saying this shivay gets up from the table starts moving, his watch was got tangled in anikas bracelet again Anika and shivay had an eyelock it was broken by rudra’s voice
“See… Anika bhabhi’s bracelet also doesn’t want you to go.” Rudra said giggling

“It’s nothing like that if he wants to go then he may go.” Anika said

“Bhaiya i wanted to say something…..actually when these kind of things happen they happen for a reason better is that you shouldn’t go its may be a sign that you should stay here only. ” Gauri said

“I don’t believe in these kind of thin…” Om was about to complete the sentence whenl

Gauri winks at om

Om gets shock at first but then he understands

“Yaa… Shivay mat ja… ”

“What?  Om you also? Okk fine I’ll not go..”

Anika heart was dancing in happiness for an unknown reason she smiled a bit

After that they were sitting in Anika’s room it was full of photos of anika and his dad.

“Hey! Yoh were so chubby when you were small” Shivay said

“But I am pretty sure that you must be arrogant that time also” Anika said

“You guessed it right!! Shivay used to shout of his things used to not be in the place where it supposed to be” Om said

They all giggled except shivay

“Now enough of it right otherwise I will go” Shivay said

“Oho! Stop behaving like a kid shivay.Anika said
“And you stop pointing out some bad habit of mine”shivay said

“That means you also agree that you were a bad boy” Anika broke into laughter

“No… I was all rounder be it studies dance sports or anything I was perfect!” Shivay said raising his chin Stoubournly.

“Except singing! I remember shivay singing in annual day and everyone started throwing tomatoes on him” Om said

“Really!! I want to see that scene!”

“Okk fine let’s play something.” Shivay said

Girls vs boys

“No sumo we’ll do teaming rudra said

“No teaming,everyone will play individually I have some chits in which movie name is written  each player one by one pick up the chits and enact the movie whoever will guess it first owns a point….” Anika explained games rules

“That’s fine too” Gauri agreed

Anika comes in middle and picks up the chits the movie was

Ek main hoon aur ek tu

Anika starts the acting she do acting that people will guess the actors

Rudra shouted “its Ek main hoon aur ek tu”

Gauri comes in between and picks up the chit the movie was Stuart Little
She starts acting like a mouse starts smelling like a mouse smell

Everyone gets confused omkara started laughing at her cute antiques he was lost in her cuteness and innocence

“Is it stuart little??”om said

“Yaa… Finally!”

Everyone had a great time together and soon everyone were asleep except shivay and Anika
Anika got up from her place

“Hey… Where are you going” Shivay aske

“Just for getting water” Anika replied

“Wait I’ll come with you… ” Shivay said

“No don’t worry I know the way of my kitchen” Anika said sarcastically

“Very funny!” Shivay replied

Shivay to stands up to go

“Are you scared to be alone” Anika asked

“No… I. I just want to accompany you so  you don’t get bored” Shivay replied

They both reach to kitchen
Anika went to get water shivay was standing outside the kitchen it was all dark suddenly someone keeps his hand on his back and he a scream came out in fear

“Ha. Ha…haa i knew you are a pansy” Anika laughed

“Whatever…..” Shivay rolls his eyes

They both get back into the room anika stood in front of her room window and shivay decided to take the revenge he slightly went and in order to make anika scared he held her from back from the waist slowly he started to be in that moment and anika too get numb and didn’t know what to do they were all drapped around in curtain soon shivay frees anika from his hold and they both feels little embarrassed and blushed hard.

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