Is Priyal Mahajan(19yrs) Comfortable romancing Amar Upadhyay(44)? She answers…

Some tv shows are based on harsh realities of traditions. And one such show in today’s times is Molkki. Priyal Mahajan, who is currently seen playing the role of Purvi the show is cast opposite Amar Upadhyay and there is not a big gap of 25 years between them. She recently spoke to ETimes TV and opened up on the age gap between them. The actress is 19-year-old and plays 44-year-old Amar’s onscreen wife and it might be bothersome for some but not her Priyal. She adds that romancing Amar Upadhyay in the show was initially difficult and it was him who made her comfortable.

“To be very honest the age gap never bothered me because not just Amar Upadhyay sir, everyone else on the set like Supriya Shukla ma’am, Abhay Bhargava sir, my director mostly everyone is senior to me, except for Juhi and Manas who play my kids on show. I never felt the age gap thing because they all are like my friends and they talk to me about anything. The best part being around them is that I am getting to learn a lot. I look at it positively that I am getting to learn new things everyday. So this age factor has never crossed my mind and I hope it doesn’t come in future also. Amar sir is elder to me, but there has never been a moment that I had awkwardness talking to him. We mostly discuss scenes so there has been no discomfort. We have fun while shooting and crack small, healthy jokes,” said the actress.

Talking about performing romantic scenes with Amar on-screen, Priyal said, “Initially, we did not have romantic scenes. The storyline was very different but slowly the story progressed and we had to do romantic scenes. But there were not many romantic scenes, it was more to do with eyes and all and that was also very difficult for me. This is my first show as a lead and I was learning everyday, I still am. Initially, it was a little difficult and I felt I couldn’t do it. So the first scene was normal. Then I kept asking my director Mussamil sir if the scene was fine as I was not very convinced with the way I did the scene. Then, he told me it’s fine and with time it will get better. Also, in my personal life I take time to gel with people and just don’t connect easily. It took time but things got better and normal. And I give the credit to my director Mussamil and Amar Upadhyay sir who made me comfortable. Amar sir started talking normally, maybe he sensed that I was not comfortable enough. Then things came on track. Touchwood, now we all are very thick with each other, the entire cast is super close.”

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