Is Love Possible After Marriage?? (Kanchi) Episode 3


Sanchi’s First Day,

Sunny and Sameer Come For The Pag Phera

Sanchi’s Rudeness

Reception Party


Is Love After Marriage Possible?? Episode 3


Continuation Of Where We Left Off

Meera: What the f…

Kriti: Did I just hear what I think I heard??

Vivaan: If Bhai finds this out

Kriti: We are not telling him

Vivaan: Are you crazy??

Kriti: It’s better to let the drama unfold. And it’s not like she is hurting us or Bhai. She just isn’t in love with Bhai and I doubt Bhai is in love with her. And maybe they might start to get along or if the situation gets worse then we can interfere.

Meera: Vivaan I agree with Kriti, Sanchi isn’t doing anything illegal or trying to steal our property(most indian serials). And Bhai isn’t in love with her either.

Vivaan: FINE but know that in the end all of us will be hurt…


Meanwhile In Kanchi’s Room

Kabir walks in with the first aid kit.

Sanchi: There it is, why don’t you have that in here…

Kabir sees blood all over her feet. Sanchi gets up closing her eyes

Kabir: Don’t you dare try to get up

Kabir lifts Sanchi’s foot and starts to bandage her foot

Sanchi: Arre it’s fine, you don’t have to

Kabir: Chup, khud ek doctor aur yeh halat hai tumhari.

Sanchi: Stop I can do the rest

Kabir secures the bandage

Sanchi: You really didn’t have to do that

Kabir: Don’t come downstairs, and you’re welcome

Kabir closes the door …

Sanchi: I hate this!!

She walks to the window and stares at the moon but then starts slowly crying

Sanchi: Dadi I miss you!! Please I need your help… Dadi please…

Dadi’s Spirit Comes

Sanchi: Dadi I don’t want to be here

Dadi: Beta why don’t you give this relationship a chance

Sanchi: No!! You know that I hate men, I hate the idea of love.

Dadi: So you hate your family and your father and brother

Sanchi: Dadi you know what I mean

Dadi: Okay fine then why don’t you relieve yourself like you did before when you were young

Sanchi: Singing and dancing are for the weak  

Dadi: Accha so you are calling the Sanchi from 3 years ago weak

Sanchi: Yes, I was foolish. I fell in love with that Vikram because of music and dance and what did he do?? He played with my heart for 5 years. He hurt my dad’s business, he took advantage of our familial relationships and almost destroyed our company.  If I wasn’t so naive and stupid then this wouldn’t have happened.

Dadi: Hmm but not all men are the same, destiny has given you another chance, don’t waste it.

Sanchi: Dadi, I needed support not to make myself feel guilty

Dadi: Then don’t call me next time

Sanchi: Accha I’m sorry,

Dadi smiled but then disappeared.

Sanchi: At least I am going to work tomorrow, won’t have to see Kabir all day



Kusum: Kabir where is Sanchi

Kabir: Upstairs, she isn’t feeling very well, I guess it’s because of stress

Kusum: Accha, no problem

Sameer comes to Kabir

Sameer: Accha Kabir, chalta hoon

They shake hands,

Sameer: Take care of my Sanchi will ya

Kabir: Are you leaving

Sameer: Yes, I couldn’t get a long time off just two days

Kabir: Hmm. Sanchi is upstairs, on right, 3rd door down

Sameer: Thanks



Sameer: Sanchi

Sanchi: Hmm

Sameer: I just came to say bye

Sanchi: You’re leaving??

Sameer: I couldn’t get many days off

Sanchi frowned

Sameer: Don’t worry once I finish my work then I will be back to annoy you

Sanchi: I’d rather have you annoy me than be stuck here

Sameer: Huh??

Sanchi: Nothing, you should get going or else you will be cranky

Sameer: You know me too well… and you better not wear heels tomorrow

Sanchi smiled and waved bye


Sanchi changes and goes to sleep after Kabir comes in, he sighs in relief seeing Sanchi sleeping.

Kabir: Don’t know what tomorrow will hold…


Next Morning

Sanchi wakes up and quickly gets ready for work, despite Kabir telling her to rest at home.

Sanchi: My wound is fine now, it’s on the back of my ankle, I can put a bandaid on it.

Kabir: Why don’t you just

Sanchi is about to walk out when Kabir holds her and pulls her to him…

Kabir: Why don’t you just listen to me?? Just stay at home for today,

Sanchi: Kabir chor do mujhe… I can take care of myself, I don’t need someone to baby me

Sanchi walks out and Kabir follows

Sanchi: Good Morning everyone

Kusum: Here you are Sanchi

Sanchi: Thank you aunty

Kusum: Are not aunty

Sanchi:  Sorry

Kabir comes and sits with Sanchi…

Kusum: Kabir can I take your car today??

Kabir: Is your car in for repairs??

Kusum: Yes

Kabir: Yeah you can use my car

Sanchi: “ Oh no ”

Kusum: Kabir can go with Sanchi… right??

Sanchi: ……. Yeah that’s fine with me. We should get going

Kabir: Hmm


Sanchi’s Car

Kabir: I’ll drive

Sanchi: My car my rules, sit I drive

Kabir: Can you stop being so stubborn for once and listen

Sanchi: No one told you that you have to care for me

Kabir: We are husband and wife

Sanchi: That… Whatever

With that Sanchi started to drive and both sat in silence



When Sanchi and Kabir enter everyone is standing in front clapping, then Nurse Fernandez hands Sanchi a bouquet

Sanchi: Thank you so much everyone!!

Kabir: But I think we all should get working

Sanchi and Kabir go to their offices and start their day.

Veer goes into Kabir’s office

Veer: Dr. Kapoor I know you are a workaholic but don’t you think you should give your marital life a chance.

Kabir: Veer just get to the point

Veer: You and Sanchi are the first couple who hasn’t gone on a honeymoon after marriage. Yaar kuch log toh marriage wali raat hi

Kabir: Sanchi and I are NOT stupid. We just don’t feel comfortable with each other

Sanchi walks in

Sanchi: And when will you have the guts to propose to Pragya

Veer: Woh toh

Sanchi: Exactly

Veer walks out

Sanchi: Anyways, I need Saxena’s file

Kabir: Pragya has it

Sanchi: Hmm, also… nevermind


Sanchi goes to Pragya and she gets the file but Pragya was still behaving weirdly. During lunch Isha and Pragya go to Sanchi


Pragya: Isha I really can’t take this

Isha: Fine then first I will talk to her, Sanchi it’s lunch

Sanchi: Hmm

Isha: Sanchi why don’t you eat with Kabir

Sanchi: I’m fine

Isha: Sanchi if you don’t put an effort in this relationship then you will never be happy

Sanchi: I know that’s what … wait??

Pragya: We read your diary

Sanchi: How dare you

Pragya: CHUP, you little idiot!! Why?? Tum sach mein pagal ho. Sanchi you really put yourself in this situation and are ruining your life and Kabir’s

Isha: I understand that you don’t want to build a relationship with him but at least befriend him. It won’t be as painful

Pragya: And maybe tell him so that he won’t get as hurt if he finds out

Kabir walks in

Kabir: Find out what

Isha: Nothing Sir, just something between us

Kabir: Sanchi I actually had your lunch with me

Sanchi: Then I must have yours… here you are

Once Kabir leaves

Sanchi: I don’t want to talk about this but you guys shouldn’t have read my diary.

Isha: Just remember that the more you delay telling Kabir the more hurt he will be when he finds out

Pragya: Aaj kare so kal, kal kare so aaj

Isha: I don’t think that’s how it goes

Pragya: Whatever she gets the message

Sanchi: I don’t know I will think about it

Once Isha and Pragya leave

Sanchi: I have about 2 hours until my next appointment, if I go now I will be back in 45 minutes…

Sanchi goes to Kabir’s office

Sanchi: Kabir I am going out for a while…

Kabir: Where?? And right now

Sanchi: My next appointment is in 2 hours and I will be back in about 45 minutes

Kabir: Sanchi I don’t think

Sanchi: Byee


Sanchi drives off to a place no so far from the hospital …


A beautiful green and luscious hilly area, flowers and a few benches. From here you can see the the sun rise from east and sunset looking west…

Sanchi: Finally I can breathe and think about my life… I know that I am being harsh towards the Kapoors yeh shaadi meri hi marzi se hui… but I don’t. Why did I put myself in this?? I just thought it would make Papa and Mumma happy and they would stop worrying about me. Calm down Sanchi!! No crying!! Dadi was right, I should give my new family a chance… I have nowhere else to go. Pyaar nahi dosti sahi, but should I tell Kabir, maybe some other time…

After that quiet time with herself she drives back.


Sanchi: Oh shit, I am late for the appointment, stupid traffic.

She runs upstairs and goes into the patient’s room and continues with her day.


End of the day

Sanchi goes into Kabir’s office…

Kabir: Done for the day?

Sanchi: Yes, I was wanting to ask what is your family’s favorite restaurant and their favorite dishes…

Kabir: Why??

Sanchi: Because I called home and said that I will bring dinner so I need to know

Kabir gives her a piece of paper

Sanchi: Thanks


Kapoor Mansion

Meera: What will Bhabhi bring

Vivaan: Poison

Kriti: Shut up Vivaan

Meera: Vivaan just pretend you never heard what Bhabhi’s friends said, instead focus on keeping Tai-ji away from you

Kusum comes over

Kusum: Kya baatein ho rahi hai

All: Kuch nahi

Kusum: Accha Vivaan

Vivaan: Meera, Kriti, do y’all want anything to drink while we wait for Bhabhi

Meera: Juice for me

Kriti: Water

Vivaan: Hmm


Just then Sanchi comes with bags of food

Sanchi: Dinner’s here

Kabir and Sanchi take the bags to the table and they all eat dinner, except Sanchi of course


Kanchi’s Room

Sanchi: It felt good going back to work

Kabir: Did it?

Sanchi: No…

Kabir: I saw your plate

Sanchi: Sorry

Kabir: Mrs. Sanchi Mishra Kapoor

Sanchi: Sorry but I am not putting your name in MY name

Kabir: Hey totally understandable

Sanchi: Umm … Kabir

Kabir: Yees

Sanchi: Can we talk??

Kabir goes to Sanchi and sits down next her

Kabir: Is something wrong

Sanchi: Kinda… Kabir I just want to apologize for my behavior. I just … I am not comfortable with all of you guys and I just feel extremely awkward in this situation. I’m really sorry and I will try to give a better effort towards this family and … you

Kabir: I can say I totally understand but I don’t. And it’s fine you are new here and I can see you are trying to adjust. It’s fine if you modify the rules or regulations. As for this situation then to be honest… even I feel really awkward

Sanchi: I would like to make an offer Mr. Kabir Kapoor

Kabir: And what is this deal

Sanchi: In front of the world, we are a loving caring couple, but inside our private life hum sirf dost honge

Kabir: Hmm, not bad. Agar pyaar ho gaya toh

Sanchi: Tumhara toh nahi pata but mujhe toh nahi hoga

Kabir extends his hand and both shake on it

Sanchi: You just signed your death contract

Kabir: Huh??

Sanchi: You just signed up to be my friend…

Kabir laughed a little

Sanchi: Good Night

Kabir: ‘Night


2 Weeks Later

Kusum: Kabir, honeymoon naa sahi but farmhouse toh le jao and when you have the time take her on a honeymoon…

Kabir: Maa what will we do there??

Chachu: Ab yeh bhi Bhabhi bate

Kabir: Chachu … that’s not what I meant. But we have work and we just joined after 2 weeks. Dr. Malhotra won’t appreciate it

Kusum: Arre log toh poore mahine ki chuti le te hai aur tum dono

Mr: Kabir don’t think of this as a honeymoon think of this as a way to get to know each other a bit more. Come walk with me


Shailesh and Kabir go the garden

Shailesh: Kabir tell me is something wrong between you and Sanchi

Kabir: No Papa, we both are fine. It’s just that …

Shailesh: Bolo

Kabir: Papa Sanchi and I were just colleagues. We just feel a little awkward in this situation. And we barely know each other. We just want to maintain a friendship… for now.

Shailesh: Kabir beta I understand completely. This was how your mom and I were. You don’t know but she was our secretary before marriage. My dad saw her and thought she was the best for me. And here we are 30 years later anyway … Kabir use this farmhouse as an opportunity to learn about each other and to get over this awkwardness.

Kabir: I will talk to Sanchi about this and thanks Papa

Shailesh: No problem beta


Kanchi’s Room

Kabir comes in to see Sanchi laying down flat on her stomach…

Kabir: Sanchi…

Sanchi: Hmm

Kabir: Still in pain??

Sanchi nods

Kabir: I’m sorry… can we talk or later

Sanchi: Now maybe it might distract me from the pain

Kabir: Mom and Dad were asking if we wanted to go to the farmhouse for a little vacation

Sanchi: That sounds nice… but when

Kabir: Our call

Sanchi: Do you want to go

Kabir: I thought you would say no so…

Sanchi: It would be a nice outing and away from all these …

Kabir: You can say it

Sanchi: Crazy people

Kabir: But how about next Wednesday to Sunday

Sanchi: That sounds nice but we take your car…

Kabir: No your car is nicer

Sanchi: Ughhh

Kabir: So next week

Sanchi: Okay



Author’s Note

Not an extremely eventful episode but hope you all liked it. But we will see what happens next …

I am so sorry I am posting after one month, I was so busy with school work and AP exams but I am finally done with everything!!! Just waiting for school to be over. I will try to post once or twice a week. Every Wednesday and/or Saturday. 

Also can I just say how terrible SDCH has gotten, I read two written updates and I was done with it. The fact that Dr. Kabir is now after Sanchi for revenge just proves that the SDCH writers need to be fired. I understand that many people want to see Veer and Sanchi together and I understand that too but at least don’t ruin Kabir’s character. Like come on there are so many other ways to bring in a plot twist. A to be honest in real life no girl would be dumb enough to choose the guy who never trusted her and was easily blackmailed by literally anyone. Let me know in the comments what y’all think 



Road Trip To Farmhouse

Vacation At Farmhouse!!

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