Is Love Possible After Marriage?? Episode 6 (Kanchi)


Riya Finds Out About Kanchi’s Wedding

Kabir Backfires Sanchi’s Planning

Small Bonding of Kanchi

Sanchi Starts Working Out


Is Love After Marriage Possible?? Episode 6

The Next Day

Kabir and Sanchi return to work together

Seeing Kanchi together made Riya fume.

Riya: “Don’t worry Sanchi, enjoy some time with my Kabir, soon I will take your place”

Sanchi: Hey Riya

Riya: Dr. Riya to you Dr. Sanchi

Sanchi: I felt so bad that you couldn’t make it to our wedding

Riya: Don’t worry I’m back now

Sanchi: Hmm

Riya: Don’t think you won though

Sanchi: Huh??

Riya: I knew you were after Kabir, and now you have trapped him but don’t worry he will become mine

Sanchi: I think you have lost it Riya. You need a doctor yourself

Riya dramatically walked away

Sanchi: Oh that was funny

Pragya: SO….

Sanchi: Oh god you scared me

Pragya: How was the farmhouse

Sanchi: Fine, we went shopping and made some small talk, walked around that’s it

Isha: At least you didn’t spend the entire time in the room

Sanchi: We weren’t in the same room

Isha: WHAT

Sanchi: Shh

Isha: But you two are husband and wife

Sanchi: So… I can stay in a different room if I want

Pragya: Iska koi hope nahi, chalo Isha duty par

Sanchi: Byee

Sanchi goes into her office and immediately gets to work….

Sanchi left work early since she finished early and headed to the gym.

Kapoor Mansion, Kanchi’s Room

Kabir: Sanchi must be showering

Sanchi comes out of the shower in a long baggy t-shirt and shorts. Kabir was mesmerized but quickly snapped out of it.

Sanchi: Oh you’re back

Kabir: Did you leave early?? Something wrong

Sanchi: No, I was thinking that since everyone freaked out hearing that I quit almost living, I decided to get back on track. So I have planned all my work so that I can leave early and workout and get back on my diet as well

Kabir: Hmm makes sense. I will go freshen up and then we can have dinner

Sanchi: Kabir…

Kabir: Yes

Sanchi: Can we just eat in our rooms?? I don’t think Dad would like my

Kabir: Yeah yeah, we only eat together on Sundays or when we aren’t working

Sanchi: Oh that’s good but

Kabir: Businessmen are in the study or their rooms, only Maa is in the kitchen and she won’t mind

Sanchi: Thank you

Kabir: Don’t worry, Dad doesn’t mind short clothing

Sanchi: You sure??

Kabir: Positive… I will go ask him if you want

Sanchi: Please…

Kabir: After

Sanchi: You are AMAZING
Kabir: Umm thanks??

Sanchi goes downstairs and gets Kabir’s and her dinner and heads back upstairs.

Kabir: Dad doesn’t care

Sanchi: Yess

Kabir: Thank you for getting my dinner

Sanchi: No problem

Sanchi: Uff I can finally watch and movie, and calmly eat dinner. Do you wanna watch with??

Kabir: Umm I have some work do to

Sanchi: Suit yourself

Sanchi watches her movie and eats while Kabir works and eats.

Well nothing interesting happening between Kanchi so let’s see what Riya is planning

Riya in a restaurant with Gayatri

Riya: Mom!!

Gayatri: Riya!!

Riya: Mom you won’t believe it, Dr. Kabir married that Sanchi

Gayatri: What!! How?? When??

Riya: Just a few months ago

Gayatri: Toh ab

Riya: Mom you know Dr. Kabir is only mine. That Sanchi is nothing compared to me

Gayatri: “If Riya gets Kabir then I can use her to get some money too”

Riya: Mom??

Gayatri: Huh??

Riya: Mom what should I do

Gayatri: As far as I know Kabir he is a workaholic right??

Riya: Hmm

Gayatri: Well if you mess up their cases or give the wrong information. Get it??

Riya: Kabir will get mad at Sanchi. But that’s not enough to get them to divorce

Gayatri: Small steps my child, small steps

Riya: Hmm. Thanks Mom and here some money. I know you might need it

Gayatri: Thank you Riya

They hug and Riya drops off Gayatri at her house

The Trio (Vivaan, Meera, Kriti)

Vivaan: Guys, I can’t take it. We have to tell Bhai

Meera: Fine go tell him and break his heart

Vivaan: But he will feel worse if he finds out through Sanchi

Kriti: I don’t know, it’s their personal matter so we shouldn’t interfere

Vivaan: I’m going to tell him now

Kabir comes in

Kabir: Tell who what

Vivaan: Meera close the door

Kabir: What happened??

Vivaan: Bhai I have wanted to tell you something about Bhabhi

Kriti: Vivaan

Kabir: What happened?? Is something wrong??

Vivaan tells Kabir everything that he found out from Isha and Pragya talking

Kabir: Vivaan, thank you for caring about me. All of you, but Sanchi and I already talked about this. We both are not comfortable with marriage. So right now we are friends. She kinda gave me the message that she didn’t want to be married but now is trying to make the best of the situation

Vivaan: Bhai you sure

Kabir: I know Sanchi can be harsh person at times but she isn’t a bad person and come on she hasn’t done anything against us and has blended in our family

Meera: See Vivaan. I told you so

Kriti: We told you

Vivaan: Well sorry!! I was just looking out for my Bhai!!!

Kabir smiles and hugs them all.

Meera: What’s Bhabhi doing

Kabir: Watching a movie

Meera: I think we should talk to her

Kabir: I agree with that but two things

Kriti: What??

Kabir: Don’t involve me and do it on a Sunday

Kriti: Done!! Thanks

Kabir: Y’all should sleep now. Good Night

They all get up, except Vivaan

Meera Kriti: Good Night

Kanchi’s Room

Sanchi: Such a good movie

Kabir: We should sleep now

Sanchi: Agreed.

Kabir: I will take the dishes downstairs

Sanchi: Thank you

Kabir: Can ask one thing??

Sanchi: Bolo (says as she is fixing her side of the bed)

Kabir: Can we please not be as formal with each other?? Like saying thank you for everything and sorry

Sanchi: Yeah, kind of does feel a little too formal. Done!!

Kabir: Hmm

Sanchi: Good Night Mr. Kapoor

Kabir: Good Night Mrs. Kapoor

Sanchi smiled and fell asleep

The Next Day

Riya In Sanchi’s Office

Riya: Let me take this file and put this file here. And switch these files. Perfect, good enough to make him mad. Oh and let me just “grade” these papers

Riya walks out smirking

A few minutes later Sanchi come to her office and starts her work when she noticed she had all the wrong stuff and sees the papers graded wrong too!!!

Sanchi: Who did this??? Ugh now I have to fix this!!! But who did this

Kabir comes in

Kabir: Sanchi!!! Why did you come and switch the files and you graded this incorrectly

Sanchi: But I didn’t do that. Look even my stuff is stitched and…

Kabir: I don’t know if you did this or not but you are accountable for this so fix it.

He slams the files

Sanchi: Really!!!! I also have my own patients and work to do. You can’t just slap your work. And I didn’t do this. You know I just came and left early

Kabir: Wasting my time here. Finish these files NOW.

Sanchi: oh my lord!!! Kill me now

Kabir walks out

Kabir: Who does she think she in?? Switched our files. I know it was her because I saw her earring and only she knows my password to my office. Who else??

Riya walks by

Riya: Hello Dr. Kabir…

Kabir: Hey Dr. Riya

Riya: I needed the file for

She types in Kabir’s password

Kabir: Thanks … wait how do you know my password!!!

Riya: Woh umm

Kabir: Did you switch the oh my god!!!! DR. RIYA!!!! You better not move from here

He goes back to Sanchi’s office

Kabir: I need all the messed up files and papers

Sanchi: Finally I knew it was you who messed up

Kabir: Shut up

Sanchi: Excuse me?? Who talks to their wife like this

Kabir: You are my colleague right now. Bye

He slams the door

Sanchi: Didn’t even apologize


Kabir: DR. RIYA, you used to always complain of not having enough work right?? I am sure you will enjoy fixing all these files and grading these papers

He hands the stack to her and walks into his office

Riya stood there shocked with her mouth open

Riya: Ugh!! Don’t worry I get you next time Sanchi

Kabir’s Office

Kabir: I should get my password changed. Something that Riya will never figure out. Got it. I will send this to Dr. Malhotra right now … and Sanchi

The rest of the day goes by quickly since Kanchi was working

At Lunch

Sanchi: So how was y’alls day

Veer: Great!! I got to see old people the entire day

Pragya: I got to run around helping kids

Isha: I just delivered twins

Sanchi: Great!!

All gave her a death glare

Veer: You are so lucky. You don’t do anything

Sanchi: Actually I was heading to see the patients and interns after and you guys actually do work. I just read files, handle interns, look at patients.

Isha: So easy

Sanchi: Whatever…

Just then Kabir comes

Pragya: Aa gaya tumhara patidev

Sanchi turned around and saw Kabir heading her way along with two interns

Kabir: Bus brakes stopped working and crashed into three cars. Come on quick

Sanchi immediately got up and both went to the crash scene

Sanchi: You take the left I’ll take the right

Sanchi took one intern and Kabir took the other and they dispersed and helped wherever they could.

After 4 hours of getting patients out of the vehicles and healing some patients and getting them to the hospital. Kabir and Sanchi finally sat down in the SDCH emergency vehicle… for doctors.

Sanchi: Good Job guys

Kabir: Aakash, you needed to pick up the pace at first but got the hang of it but overall good job

Sanchi: Jiya CPR is mainly for the paramedics. You should focus on their vitals and bandaging

Jiya: Yes Ma’am

Kabir: You need to

Sanchi: You need to shut up.

Kabir glared at her and the interns were hiding their smiles

Sanchi: I know how to do my job. And you should be a little gentle on children. They aren’t adults and can be in more trauma.

Kabir: Dr. Sanchi you are forgetting that I am your senior

Sanchi: Sure …

Kabir rolled his eyes


Kabir and Sanchi drop the interns, get in their own cars and drive home. Sanchi goes changes and worksout later Kabir joins her but they don’t talk to each other.

Dinner (in their room)

Sanchi: Kabir…

Kabir: Hmm

Sanchi: … nevermind

Kabir: Okay??

Sanchi: Can I go see my parents tomorrow after work??

Kabir: You don’t have to ask me. It’s always a yes

Sanchi: You want come with me

Kabir: Umm sure

Next Day

7PM Mishra Mansion

Sanchi: Papa!!!

Suniel: Sanchi?? Sanchi!!

She hugs Suniel

Suniel: What are you doing here

Sanchi: Why?? Can’t I visit my parents

Suniel: Of course you can. Oh and my dear son-in-law is here too!!! Welcome Kabir

Kabir: Thanks Dad

Rohit: Mishti!!!!

Sanchi: Rohit!!! How are you

Rohit: I’m doing AMAZING

Rohit: I just finished my exams

Sanchi: Great!!! And

Rohit: Obviously I will get first place

Sanchi: That’s my champ. Did you think of a nickname for Kabir??

Kabir was talking to Suniel when he turned his head

Rohit: Lambo Uncle

Sanchi: Really??

Rohit: What??

Sanchi: You can do better

Rohit jumps down from Sanchi’s arms and goes to Kabir

Rohit: Tsk tsk Uncle

Kabir squats down…

Kabir: Yes

Rohit: What is a good nickname for you

Kabir: Just call me Kabir

Rohit: I can’t say your name, I’m not old like everyone else

Suniel: Excuse me??

Rohit smiled

Rohit: Uncle it is

Sanchi giggled

Sunny came and hugged Sanchi and shook hands with Kabir

Sunny: Oye Rohit

Rohit: Yes Papa??

Sunny: Dinner Time

Rohit goes and grabs Kabir and Sanchi and takes them to the dining table

Kabir: Arre iski koi zaroorat nahi hai

Naina: Why not Kabir?? You will have to eat dinner with us

Jaya: Naina is right. If not a lot then a little??

Kabir: Umm okay??

Sanchi: Bhabhi makes the best raita. Come on

Kabir: What about your diet??

Sanchi: Early cheat day?

Kabir rolled his eyes and ate dinner with the Mishra’s


Kabir: Oh my god!!! I am so full

Sanchi: Me too

Jaya: Sanchi!!!

Sanchi: Hmm

Jaya: Here take this

Sanchi opens the tiffin and sees her favorite sweet… JALEBI

Sanchi: Oh my god you are the best!!!

Jaya: I know

They hugged and Kanchi soon drove off

Sanchi was about to eat a Jalebi when

Sanchi: Kabir…

Kabir: What

Sanchi: Open your mouth

Kabir: What?? Wh

She shoves a piece of jalebi in his mouth

Sanchi: To enjoy some homemade jalebis

Kabir: Uhhmm

Sanchi: You’re Welcome

Kabir glared at her

Sanchi: Eyes on the road Mr. not on the beautiful girl

Kabir chuckled a little

Kabir: Beautiful and you!!! Please you are average

Sanchi: Tell that to every guy at work and my college

Kabir: Oh really

Sanchi: Mmhmm

Kabir: I should ask Riya

Sanchi: The witch herself

Kabir laughed on that

Sanchi takes a picture

Sanchi: And he smiles!!!!

Kabir: Ahem

At Home

Kabir and Sanchi go to their room, work a little and then sleep.


Author’s Note

Hope You Guys Liked It. Let me know if I am speeding through the story or if it’s too slow or if it’s fine.


Don’t Really Know!!

Possibly Riya planning something else??

Possibly focusing on the other characters and less on Kanchi…

Interview of Kanchi on television

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