Is Love Possible After Marriage?? Episode 5 (Kanchi)


Kabir and Sanchi Go To The Kapoor Farmhouse

Kanchi Argue

Sanchi Starts A Fun Little Game

Riya Returns

Riya Finds Out About Kanchi’s Marriage


Is Love After Marriage Possible?? Episode 5


Dr. Sanchi Mishra Kapoor

Riya: How dare she?!?! I knew this cheap Sanchi was after my Kabir from the day she came. Always grossly flirting with him. And now she saw her chance and took it. My poor Kabir stuck with this cheap and downmarket Sanchi Mishra

Pragya comes near Riya

Pragya: Uh uh uh, not Sanchi Mishra, Sanchi Kapoor and I think you are forgetting that her family is much more richer than yours

Riya: Hmm

Riya angrily walks away

Pragya: Oh god, I should message Sanchi about this mess

Back At The Farmhouse

Sanchi goes back into the kitchen and makes 4 different subzis and a TONS of rotis…

Sanchi: This will surely make his stomach explode …

And along with that Sanchi made herself a delicious and healthy salad and ate that before Kabir came

Kabir: “Let’s see how Sanchi will like it after eating lunch … TWICE”

Sanchi comes and serves Kabir his lunch

Kabir: Oh my god you really out did yourself

Sanchi: Oh it’s nothing. Here eat. You must finish all of this

Kabir: Hmm and you

Sanchi: Oh I already ate

Kabir: Don’t lie Sanchi…

Kabir makes Sanchi and eat with him

Sanchi: I am serious I already ate

Kabir: Ahh

Kabir shoves some roti into her mouth with a spoonful of sabzi

Kabir: Now eat before I have to feed you

Kabir quickly eats his lunch …

Sanchi: “How did he eat all of that??”

Kabir: Look Sanchi you haven’t eaten anything

Kabr feeds Sanchi the rest of the dishes ….

Sanchi: Mmm hmm

Kabir: You want some yogurt

Sanchi nodded no

After that Sanchi was drinking some water when Kabir came behind her and whispered in her ear…

Kabir: Your plan seems to have backfired no??

Sanchi started coughing

Kabir rubbed her back to stop her from choking

Sanchi: You

Kabir: By the way not that you don’t look good in this saree but you shouldn’t wear this at home

With that Kabir walked away

Sanchi quickly cleaned up and then went to rest on the couches …

Sanchi: Oh my god… my stomach is going to explode ….

Kabir comes and gives Sanchi a medicine

Kabir: This will help you feel better

Sanchi: Thanks … how did you

Kabir: I heard you talking in the kitchen

Sanchi looked down in embarrassment

Kabir: Next time think of a better plan

Sanchi: Yeah or just keep it to myself

Kabir: That too

Sanchi: sorry

Kabir: Huh

Sanchi: sorry??

Kabir: What??

Sanchi: SORRY !!!
Kabir: It’s fine, I’m sorry too for what I did in the kitchen

Sanchi: Yeah … about that …. Don’t ever do that again

Kabir: Hmm

Sanchi: Aren’t you going to show my around this place. I’ve only been to my room and the kitchen and this room

Kabir: Can you get up??

Sanchi: Very funny

Sanchi extended her hand and Kabir pulled her up

Sanchi: Do you have any gum

Kabir: Here

Sanchi: By the way how did you eat of that food

Kabir: I ate a pill that empties my stomach

Sanchi: Ohh!!

Kabir: Chalo…

Kabir shows Sanchi around

Sanchi: Nice… now if you don’t mind but I would like to go and change

Kabir: I figured

Sanchi went into her room and changed into her own clothes … aka a small t-shirt and sweatpant.

Kabir: You look much better in this…

Sanchi: Are you saying that I looked bad in the saree

Kabir: You just looked too traditional

Sanchi: So … what do you wanna do

*Beep Beep*

Sanchi checks her phone and it’s a message from Pragya …

Kabir: Is everything alright??

Sanchi: Oh god!! Umm do you know if I can get a restraining order

Kabir: Why?? Is everything okay??

Sanchi: Here

Kabir looks at her phone and starts laughing.

Sanchi: You should smile more… it looks good on you

Kabir: …. Riya isn’t that crazy

Sanchi: Are you kidding me?? She will kill me. She thought I was flirting with you when I joined when I reality I ha…

Kabir: You what??

Sanchi: Nothing

Kabir: Sanchi … I know a way to make you say it

Sanchi: What a truth serum

Kabir: No

Kabir scoots towards her and Sanchi scoots back

Sanchi: Excuse me Mr!!

Sanchi gets up but Kabir pulls her to the couch and they both are in a deep eyelock

Sanchi snaps out of it …

Kabir: Sorry

Sanchi: You’re good

Kabir: You want to go to town and

Sanchi: Shop???

Kabir: Sure

Sanchi: I will get the keys and my bag

Kabir: We can just walk and I’ll pay today

Sanchi: You sure

Kabir: Hmm

Kabir and Sanchi walk to town and Sanchi does a little shopping for everyone. After …

Kabir: Now I do regret walking down here

Sanchi: I will hold some bags… give. It felt nice just shopping and relaxing

Kabir: This was relaxing??

Sanchi: For a girl, shopping is one of the most relaxing thing to do

Kabir: Well then

Sanchi: I mean I would rather be watching a good bollywood movie with some coffee or hot chocolate. But bollywood hasn’t had any decent releases in a while

Kabir: Agreed

Sanchi: Here give me the bags I will put them in my room and then pack them later

Kabir: What now??

Sanchi: I don’t know about you but it’s time for me to take a nap

Kabr: Really

Sanchi: I was just going to lay down in my room and blast the music…

Kabir: Okay …

After 1 Hour

Kabir comes to Sanchi’s room…

Kabir: Sanchi I …

He then sees a pretty angel sleeping on the bed with a book on her chest. He goes to her and puts the book on the side table and is about to tuck her in when he gets lost in her beauty

Kabir: “She looks so beautiful sleeping. Like a little fairy.

He carefully and slowly moved her hair to the side and tucked her in when … Sanchi grabbed his hand and hugged it like a teddy bear.

Kabir: Oh god

Kabir slowly removes his hand and walks out the room, turning the lights off


Kabir: Oh god what was that?? I just got lost in her beauty. No no no Kabir you can’t fall in love with Sanchi. A big NO.

Veer: So…

Pragya: I let Sanchi know that the drama queen is back

Isha: And what did you say

Pragya: She just left me on read

Isha: WHAT?!?

Veer: They must be busy with each other

Isha and Pragya looked at each other

Both: No…

Pragya: Don’t you remember how they used to fight like dogs and cats …

Just then Riya walks in with Madhu and Bala

Riya: Oh please, that was just her stupid act to get closer to him

Isha: Oh really and what about you, always falling and trying to show skin to Dr. Kabir

Riya looked away

Riya: Well you better know that I won’t let that Sanchi win. She may be married to Dr. Kabir but he will only love ME. Riya Malhotra

Madhu: That’s right!!

Riya: Shut up

Riya walks away with her spoons

Isha: How do you deal with her??

Veer: She is just like her mom

The girls hug Veer

Isha: It’s fine Veer, Savitri aunty is now back

Veer: Thanks guys, it wouldn’t have been possible without you guys

Pragya: Don’t mention it, plus now you have a great work life and personal life

Veer: Hmm

Isha: Sorry guys I gotta run

Veer: Bye

Pragya: Bye


Riya: I can’t believe this still. How did that Sanchi Mishra?? UGH!! I have to talk to Dr. Kabir NOW!!!

She calls Kabir but Kabir declines the call

Riya: UGH!!! If something happens between them … no no no!! I have to break this marriage. By hook or by crook. Even if I have to kill Sanchi.

Next Morning, Farmhouse

Sanchi wakes up to find herself nicely tucked in and wakes up to the sunlight and Kabir walks in

Kabir: Good Morning

Sanchi: Morning

Kabir: Here breakfast

Sanchi: You aren’t planning to kill me right

Kabir: I like my job and who else will impress my family

Sanchi: Riya !!!

Kabir: Oh god NO

Sanchi started laughing

Kabir: I can live with you all my life but Riya… no way

Sanchi: Wait what

Kabir just realizing what he said

Sanchi: You say something about

Kabir: Nothing just that Riya will drive me and my family crazy

Sanchi: Very true, umm

Kabir: Yes …

Sanchi: I wanted to call someone real quick

Kabir: Yeah sure

A Few Minutes Later

Sanchi steps out of her room…

Sanchi: Oh god

Kabir: Are you okay??

Sanchi: Yeah…

Kabir: You sure??

Sanchi: Hmm I just… where’s the gym again

Kabir: There

Sanchi: … don’t make anything for me today. I need to …

Kabir: Who were you talking to you

Sanchi: My coach

Kabir: Sorry

Sanchi: You’ll see when we get back home

Kabir: Oh no

Sanchi: Don’t worry about it

Kabir: No you are only worrying me more

Sanchi: See you …

So the rest of the week, Kabir and Sanchi get to know each other a bit more, spend some more time together but on the other hand, Riya has been planning to end their relationship. Let’s see what happens after Kabir and Sanchi return to the city …

The Day After …

Sanchi: Heyy

Armaan: I am NOT talking to you

Sanchi: So rude

Armaan: First off you don’t tell me that you are getting married, you get married and eat so much fatty and gross food. And now you call me when you have gained weight and lost all those toned abs and muscle.

Sanchi: Now you are just making me feel terrible

Armaan: You should feel terrible anyway where is the gym

Kabir walks in and sees Sanchi talking to Armaan

Sanchi: Oh Armaan this is Kabir, my husband, and Kabir this is Armaan, college friend and gym trainer.

Kabir: Hi

Armaan: Hello

Kabir: Sanchi can I talk to you??

Kabir pulls Sanchi aside

Kabir: Just a quick question, are all your friends guys

Sanchi: No … but is that a problem

Kabir: Not for me but for Dad. You know a … a little conservative

Sanchi: Oh umm then Armaan and I can workout in his gym, if that’s the case

Kabir: That’s not

Sanchi: Don’t worry Armaan will totally understand. Anyways I will see you later then

Kabir: Okay

Sanchi: Armaan, we have to work in your gym

Just then Kriti walks in

Kriti: OH MY GOD!!! The Armaan Verma!! Here??

Sanchi: Hey Kriti

Kriti: Bhabhi

Sanchi: Armaan and I go a long way back

Kriti: Sorry for that fangirl moment, I just love your work and what you do and

Armaan: Aww you’re so sweet

Armaan hugs Kriti

Armaan: You can come to my gym if you want and I can get you hooked up

Kriti: That would be lovely. Thank you so much!! But for now I gotta run

Kabir: Sanchi are you coming to work

Sanchi: Not today

Kabir: Okay I’ll see you later

Kabir arrives without Sanchi and …

Riya: Kabir!!!!

Riya goes and hugs Kabir

Riya: So glad to see you

Kabir: Dr. Kabir for you and I think you know what your limits are so maintain them

Riya: Kabir… I mean Dr. Kabir I can’t believe you got married and I mean that too with Sanchi

Kabir: Dr. Riya this isn’t the time or place to be discussing our personal lives, so you should head back to your post.

With that Kabir heads to his office and Riya stands there a little frustrated

Riya: Oh god, what has Sanchi done

Pragya and Isha see all of this from a distance

Isha: I am so telling Sanchi this

Pragya: Like she will care

Isha: But still

Pragya: Go ahead but again she won’t really care or do anything about it

Isha texts Sanchi and Sanchi replies saying …

Reply: Kabir is a grown man and he has handled Riya before so he can do it again. He isn’t a spoiled teenager

Pragya: I told you she wouldn’t care, anyways I gotta run

Isha: Hmm see you


Riya: Kabir you should stop and take a break

Kabir: Dr. Riya do you not know how to knock

Riya: But it’s lunch

Kabir: I am eating and working, Sanchi has given me a healthy and nutritious lunch

Riya angrily walks out

Riya: I have to do something about this. I need to call Mom

Back to Kabir

Kabir: Oh god Sanchi was right. Riya isn’t leaving me alone at all. Whatever I’ve handled her since her internship, I should be fine. Let’s see what Sanchi is up to

Kabir texts Sanchi


Kabir: Hey

Sanchi: Hey

Kabir: Where are you??

Sanchi: Gym

Kabir: Still??

Sanchi: Armaan and I are planning my workout and diet and then working out

Kabir: Make sure to eat

Sanchi: Hmm. How’s Riya

Kabir: Let’s not talk about that

Sanchi: lol, anyway I gotta go

Kabir: Hmm

Armaan’s Gym

Armaan: He’s so sweet

Sanchi: First time we ever texted informally

Armaan: How long have you known each other

Sanchi: He’s my senior so since I joined SDCH
Armaan: Oh so office love story

Sanchi: Armaan please, there is no story. We hated each other since the day I joined and then I stopped talking. Our parents wanted us to get married. I didn’t see anything wrong with him. Respectable, money, high class, good lifestyle, nice family. What else do I need

Armaan: Love??

Sanchi: Let’s not discuss that

Armaan: Anyway back to this you will not eat any sweets or chaats or any other type of fast food

Sanchi: You are so mean

Armaan: I love my job

Sanchi: Should we start

Armaan: Chalo

Evening …

Kabir and Sanchi reach home around the same time…

Sanchi: How was work

Kabir: Ehh the usual and you

Sanchi: Felt great to work out again

Kabir: That’s good …

Sanchi: I’m going to shower real quick and then I have to make my own dinner

Kabir: You should tell Mom that from now on you will have different foods

Sanchi: I will tell her after

Kabir: I’ll tell her since dinner is in an hour

Sanchi: That works …. Thanks

Kabir: Yeah

Kabir Heads Downstairs And Into The Kitchen

Kabir: Maa

Kusum: Back from work

Kabir: Hmm, umm Maa don’t make dinner for Sanchi. She is following a strict diet for herself

Kusum: Okay. And when will she make her dinner

Kabir: She just went to shower. She’ll be down in a few

Meera: Wow Bhai you know so much already

Chachi: Oh stop teasing Kabir

Meera: Aww poor Bhai

Kabir walked out before it got anymore awkward …


Author’s Note

Thanks guys for reading, hope to catch you in the next episode!!

I am EXTREMELY sorry for bailing out on you guys.

I have had some family issues going on and way too much other stuff. I honestly thought about stopping this story overall.

I will not promise any fast updates but hopefully soon.


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