Is life all about betrayal? (Episode 6)

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The episode starts with……

Kabir:aaarrr, ouch😩

Riddhima: serves u right😏

(She leaves and goes home)

(Riddhima’s home in the morning)

Riddhima: good morning Siya😜

Siya: good morning di😝

Riddhima:where is Ishani?πŸ˜ƒ

Ishani:I am here Riddhima😑

Riddhima:why are u angry?πŸ€”

Ishani: what did u do? killing Kabir was not part of our plan.😑😠

Riddhima:why do u care so much?πŸ€”

Ishani:because he is my ……(ishani keeps quiet)

Riddhima:tell me, who is he to u?

Ishani: nobody

Riddhima:I am getting angry😠😠

Ishani:he is my ex boyfriend


Ishani:yes we dated before papa’s death, but now I have nothing to do with him.

Riddhima:u hid such a big thing from me, how could you do this?

(Riddhima gets angry and leaves for work)

(At VR mansion, Doctor is treating Kabir’s injury)

Vansh: Kabir, tell me who did this to u

Kabir: ACP Riddhima Chavan

Vansh: what?!! Thank God she shot u on the leg. But why did she shoot you?

Kabir:it is because of a small thing that I did.

Aryan:what did you do?

Vansh: Kabir,What did you do?😑

Kabir:relax bro, she made we angry so I decided to deal with her my way so I tried to molest her.

(Vansh slaps Kabir)

Vansh: how dare you disrespect a girl in that manner?

Aryan:I feel disgusted to call you my brother.

Vansh:u are a disgrace to mankind

(Vansh and Aryan got angry😠😠 and left)

(Vansh comes to the police station)

Vansh: officer I am really sorry for whatever happened.

Riddhima:wait a minute, are u sorry for killing my dad or are u sorry for what your brother did to me?

Vansh:I am sorry for both

Riddhima:hmm sorry does not work for me

Vansh: look, I am not used to saying sorry but whatever happened deserved an apology

Riddhima:wow, u are here to apologize but u are showing so much attitude.

Vansh:it was my mistake, I forgot that I am not speaking to a human being.

Riddhima:ok then get lost before I throw u out of here.

(The day got over soon, at Riddhima’s home)

Riddhima:gu gu tomorrow is my birthday so anything special for me.

Ishani:I am really sorry for what I did in the morning, the way I behaved was wrong.

Riddhima:it’s okay

Siya:well, di I planned a party at the club for us tommorow night.

Ishani: no Siya, no parties please

Riddhima:u are so boring 😴

Siya:so are we going?


Ishani:why not?

(VR mansion)

Kabir:Bhai, am sorry yaar


Vansh: absolute no

Kabir:pls both of u should forgive me , I will die if I don’t talk to me pls guys I feel empty without u two.

Vansh:ok but don’t ever repeat it again

Aryan:do whatever you want but don’t ever joke with a girl’s dignity.

Vansh: exactly

Kabir:ok but to make it up to u guys I have arranged a party for us at a club tommorow night.

Precap-(Riddhima sees the 3 brothers at the club and decided that it is the perfect opportunity to achieve their plan.

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