Is it the end? Description and Prologue


“Usse pyaar nahi karna chaiye tha, par hogaya tha mujhe (I shouldn’t have loved her, but still I did)” ~Vansh

“Mere dil ne dhokha diya mujhe (my heart betrayed me)” ~Ridhima

“Tumhara dhokha tumme bohut baari parega (You will pay for your betrayal)” ~Unknown

Three characters, three different backgrounds but one thing is common between them as they share the same story!

My take on what should have happened after Vansh falls down the cliff…

Cover credits go to @virat_arijit18

Heya Twistinians this is my first time writing on Riansh and as for now all my other stories are on hold except for this one, Falling like the stars and maybe another one, who knows.

My thoughts are occupied with some stories and now I’m here.

Internal monologues are written differently than usual but in bold.

So let the prologue begin…

“Tere ishq mein marjawan Ridhima (I’ll die in your love).” Vansh said and let go off himself. I can see him falling yet I cannot save him, he did this because of me…

“Vansh,” I yell his name but no answer  comes and with a jolt, I lie awake on my bed.

“Calm down Rids, it was a nightmare, Vansh is alright. He didn’t die 4 years ago!” I tell myself while I remiscise the moments spent with him.

All of them were a lie, he never loved me yet my heart betrayed me by falling in love with him.

Yes, your heart is very stupid, I always warned her not to fall for the lie. My mind yells at me and my poor heart.

The heart wants what it wants. My heart’s reply shut my mind up. I shake my head as this is not good at all.

I need to see him, so that I can move on and let him as well.

Meanwhile Vansh is lost somewhere in the battle between himself and his demons.

Ridhima, why did you leave him? My heart asks no one in particular. Time feels like it has stopped and has not gone any forwards even though IshAngre’s baby is 3 years old.

Everyone has moved on or is moving on except for me. I cannot and now that my enemies are gone out of my life, I wish that Ridhima would be here with me.

Even I wish to have my arch enemy Kabir here in front of my eyes but he’s gone without leaving a trace.

My dadi (grandma) hasn’t even looked me in the eye since 4 years now as she’s still upset with me.

Like everyone she found out about my and Ridhima’s marriage being a lie on my supposed to be death day!

Only Siya, Ishani and Angre still talk to me. The rest ignore me and Anupriya is still in jail, paying for all the deeds she has done.

I’m more lonely than I was before. My heart says in the tone of sadness. It’s the truth…

In a place far far away another person is planning his or her revenge from the people who wronged her or him.

“You are going to pay for your betrayal that you wish death to be your only companion,” I say looking at my new target’s picture with hatred as well as yearning to destroy this person completely. I’ve waited for 4 years!

{End of the prologue}

Welcome to my new story Twistinians and I hope you support this journey too!
At last but not the least, here are the cover credits to virat_arijit18

{End of AN}

Disclaimer: I need a cover🥺 Who wants to make it?

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