Is It That I Let Her Leave Me???(TS-Part: 1)

I read the letter. It breaks me when I am reading it. I have been waiting for this moment, but somewhere it hurts me when she left me.

I am not made for her. She deserves someone better. It hurts me a lot.

Every thoughts vanished from my mind. My mind was whispering her name, Anika…..

How sarcastic!! The one you love loves you but you feel that you don’t deserve her!!!

It’s true. She deserves someone better.

But I can’t imagine a world without her. I don’t know when I see her face, my anger hides.

I can’t let her leave me but I should do that. She is someone who deserves happiness.

If she remains to stay with me, then she will be in danger. I can’t afford to take a risk like that.

I wanted to cry.

By the time, my family were looking at me.

Unknowingly, tears started pouring out of my eyes. I immediately wiped them and ran to my room.

I couldn’t control myself. I wanted her badly but I can’t be selfish. I destroyed her life and now I have to mend it by staying away from her.

I threw all the things in my room. I want to somehow end this frustration in me.

I was waiting for this moment but now I don’t want it to happen!

I was about to throwing all the things when I heard a voice.

V: Stop!

Me: Nani!

N: You know what you were about to do now?

I checked it, I was shocked. I was about to throw the frame which has her photo.

Unknowingly, I was hurting myself again.

N: Shivaay, I know you love her. She needs you. You need her. That why do you have this complex?

Me: But, Nani?

N: See, as far as I have seen and heard, you both are made for each other. I want you both to be together. I supported you because I thought you were right. But when I saw Anika, I understood that she needs you. You were right, she deserves better. For that, she should come neck here, and you should make her happy by your presence and love and not like this.

Me: Nani, but…

N: No buts! Just do what I say. Think about this and bring my bahu back.

A voice comes from behind.

V: Your bahu??? She is mine too!!

Me: Dadi, you too?

D: I need my bahu back home. Otherwise, we are going from this house, because we can’t see you both suffering.

Suddenly, my phone started ringing. I pick up the call.

V: I want to meet you for the last time. Meet me at the bridge near XYZ park.

Me: Ok. I am coming.

I reached there  to see her sitting on the bridge.

I went near her. (I hope my readers are intelligent enough to understand that it was Anika from the beginning itself!!!)

Me: Anika, why do you want to meet me?

A: I want you to do a small help for me.

Me:(acting arrogant) What? Money?

A: Mr. Oberoi, I don’t need your money. Please, you can keep it with you.

Me: Then what do you need?

A: Push.

Me: (shocked) What are you saying, Anika?

I looked at the gushing water. I left her to make her safe and she wants to leave this world forever just because I am not there!

A: Are you a fool or are you acting as one????

Me: I am not a fool!

A: Then push me, now!

Me: I won’t do that.

A: I said push me!

Me: (acting) I don’t want to be a murderer again!

Inside me, those words were stabbing me. Tears were filling my eyes. They started flowing out but I wiped them off.

A: Ok, if you don’t push me, then I will jump by myself.

She proceeds to jump but I pull her over. She struggles to jump off but somehow we fell to the other side. She hits her head to the concrete side of the other side of the bridge.

She again gets up and was about to jump from the other side. But I somehow caught her and grabs her towards me.

Me: (angry)Why did you do that?

A: Why do you care?

Me: Don’t try to escape by asking me questions.

A: I don’t care! What should I do my husband doesn’t like me, want to marry someone else, and I am staying in between them as a burden.

Me: Then just give him divorce and you can live your life, right?

A: I can’t imagine a life without him and he won’t understand that!

Me: Why should he understand?

She lost her patience that moment. I think she wanted me to call her back that moment. She thought I would. But I was stubborn.

A: Why don’t you understand, Mr.Oberoi? (Grabs my collars) I love you  and you love me. Then why do you have this stupid complex? Why?? Why can’t we live together? A happy family? Don’t I deserve happiness? Tell me! Tell Me, Mr.Oberoi!!

Suddenly the grip she had on my collars got loosened. Her eyes were drooping. She caught her head and I knew what was going to happen.

I immediately caught her before she fell.

I took her to the car and made her lie on the passenger seat. I dressed her wounds and drove back home.

I went home and made her lie on the bed. Everyone was looking at us and enquire what happened to her.

I lied that she fell down. They didn’t feel suspicious by God’s grace!

After some time:

I woke up from my sleep when I got disturbed by feeling that someone was moving my hand.

I got up to see her moving. I caught her hand. She looked at me.

Me: You are not going anywhere!

A: I am, Mr. Oberoi!

Me: Your husband needs you.

A: But he doesn’t me as his wife.

Me: He does! And he did that drama of acting just to make you happy without knowing that he was the reason for your happiness.

A: Are you saying the truth, Shivaay?

I nodded and hugged her tightly. I can’t afford to lose her again!

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  1. I hope this happen in real also.

    1. Agga4102

      I am sure that Anika will come back within some episodes and Gul has agreed to go the real world and pregnancy track is on the way!!!!

  2. Hi agga
    Wow you everytime make me speechless by your stories. How you do that how you make stories from the matters which ib just shows a little.
    Superb episode agga you made my night blissful as i ended with your story. If possible continue it.
    Bye keep smiling and take care

    1. Agga4102

      I am really sensitive person, so basically I go down into the character by putting their shoes. That’s how! Anyway one part is on the way!!!!

  3. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice and lovely dear

    1. Agga4102

      Thank You!!!!!!!

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