Is it really love?? (RIANSH) Episode 68: The escape!

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The episode starts as…..

Vansh: Has the dead ever come back?

Aryan: But no one here knows that we had killed all of them.

Kabir: And none should know….

Angre: Otherwise, they won’t be able to tolerate it!

The past,

Few days before escaping,

In the old factory,

Everyone were tied to the chairs. It had been years, they hadn’t known who was the main person behind their kidnapping. One of the men entered in.

Man: Sir has called Vansh!

Vansh: Finally your boss realised that he has to meet us.

Man: Be careful with that tone of yours. Don’t speak like that with him.

The man untied Vansh’s ropes and then guided him to a separate room. Vansh without knocking entered inside and closed the door.

Man: Weren’t you taught basic manners of knocking the door?

Vansh: Weren’t you taught manners of treating your guests well?

Man: How well do you think kidnappers treat?

Vansh: It’s my first time, I don’t know! But definitely better than what you did!

Man: Be glad for you’ve been alive all these years!

Vansh: I am! But to myself! But still, you don’t have the courage to show your face! You are showing your back!

Man: Are you planning to back stab me?

Vansh: I don’t intend to do so! I would like to stab you from abdomen.

The man turned.

Vansh: Who are you? I don’t know!

Man: Do you remember Armaan? (Guys, time to go down the memory lane)

Vansh: Armaan……? (Realising) Yaa! How do you know him?

Man: He’s my son! (Sad) He was my son!

Vansh: Was?

Man: He’s dead!

Vansh: How?

Man: Thanks to you, Aryan and Riddhima. Riddhima rejected his proposal, you and Aryan beat him and left him injured. He was hurt and there was a cliff near by. I lost him.

Vansh: I am sorry for that!ย But why did you kidnap all of us?

Man: So that I could take all of Riddhima’s supporters away from her. She’s alone since so long, all broken and trying to find y’all. Dejected! The way my son felt.

Vansh: She wouldn’t fail! She’s my wife! Vansh Raisinghania’s!

Man: What if she dies?

Voice: She wouldn’t!

Vansh turned around and saw Aryan along with Angre and Kabir. They came and stood besides Vansh.

Man: How did y’all come here? Y’all were tied!

Angre: Your own men opened us, allowing us to meet you!

Man: It’s okay! If they did!

Aryan: You were saying something.

Man: Ya! Riddhima death!

Vansh felt the rage growing inside of him since someone is speaking of his wife’s death. He walked to the man and punched him on his nose, making the man fall. Blood started dropping down. The man stood up laughing.

Man: How shameful! You raised your hand on an old man.

Aryan: Exactly Vansh! Raise your legs also. Hands aren’t enough!

Aryan said with a smirk while the man pointed the gun on Vansh’s head, making the trio startled.

Man: Another word and your brain would have a hole.

Vansh: You don’t have the guts to do so, do you?

The man was thinking but Vansh pulled the gun back and threw it to Angre.

Vansh(to the man): So you were saying something, what was it?

The man raised his hand to slap hit Vansh but Vansh stopped him in the time. The fight between the duo took place while Angre, Aryan and Kabir had to join in too to stop Armaan’s dad from taking any wrong step. As the fight went on, they stopped for a moment while Vansh took the gun in his hand and pointed it on the man to scare him. As he had the gun in his hand, he remembered the man’s words for Riddhima’s dead and unknowingly pressed the trigger. Reality struck him late as they saw the corpse on the floor, shot on the heart. The gun fell down from Vansh’s hand and Vansh too collapsed.

Vansh(still in shock): I killed someone. How could I? If Riddhima comes to know then she’ll hate me. No! This can’t happen! It shouldn’t happen! No!

Vansh started slapping himself, only saying, โ€œRiddhima would hate me!โ€ He was stopped by the trio and they luckily consoled him.

Aryan: It’s between us and none would come to know about this!

They left the room and saw the family members sleeping. The guards got the news of their boss’s death and were scared. Vansh just asked them to leave all of them, if they want a peaceful life. The next day, everyone left.

While leaving,

Shaurya: How did the kidnapper agree to leave us?

Aryan: According to the guards, they boss died due to over use of drugs and excessive drinking. And if the boss is dead, why would the guards keep us?

Rudra: But who was he?

Aryan: Unknown to all!

Vansh: Let’s leave for now!


They departed to their rooms on recalling their escape and slept.


Everyone were sitting in the hall and having a gala time. That’s when Rivan came inside. He ran to Riddhima.

Rivan(sad): Mumma, Dada’s car met with an accident.

Rivan said it out loud and everyone rushed outside. Riddhima was all worried but when she came outside along with others. She was shocked. Vansh’s was lying down on the ground and the car had turned upside down.

Precap: Vansh’s treatment.


I am sorry if the story is not interesting because this wasn’t what I had exactly planned about. The thing what I had planned was totally different but I don’t know what made me change everything. Sorry for that!

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