Is it really love?? (RIANSH) Episode 41: Disappeared before being engaged?

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Hello AA, Your response means alot😘. I was wondering how to make that scene Interesting and it turned out better than expected 💯 And I worked on your suggestion a bit🤗

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Hello Jayashree, Ishq mein marjawan 2 is a serial of twists so there should be some twist in the Fan Fictions too, right? 🤭. Ofcourse, you are right🔥. Riddhima’s words change Vansh’s mood!

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The episode starts as…..

At 04:45pm in Riddhima’s room,

Riddhima and Vansh were sitting together on the bed. Vansh kissed Riddhima’s cheek, which he slapped the other day. Riddhima was under guilt but also happy. Guilt because she didn’t know that the stupid prank would make her Vansh so upset, and Happy because she realised how lucky she was to have Vansh by her side every time. The man who loves her and cares for her. Her absence and presence matters to him. Hear tears and smiles matter to him. She matters to him. But what did she do to him? Playing along went a long way. Now she had to get him back to either become arrogant or joyful. Though she preferred the joyful one more. It’s her engagement and she doesn’t want her fiance to be upset. Riddhima noticed the expressions on Vansh’s face. They weren’t the happy one’s but there wasn’t sadness as well. He was just neutral. Riddhima wondered what to do. There was just silence in the room.

Riddhima: Vansh, what happened?

Vansh: Nothing sweetheart! I was just thinking if all this wasn’t a prank and it was reality. If really you would have to get engaged to Aarav then…..

Riddhima: But it’s not reality, right? And stop thinking about unrealistic things.

Vansh: Okay Sweetheart!

Riddhima had broken the silence in the room by starting the conversation. It didn’t help Vansh smile but it definitely helped Vansh to get life in his voice. He seemed active but not completely. He still needed the smile, charm and attitude on his face.

Riddhima(faking anger): Vansh, I am smiling, so can you please smile?

Vansh(understanding her tone and mood): Why all of sudden?

Riddhima: Because you are looking dull!

Vansh: So what?

Riddhima(very interested in the conversation): Listen, If you look dull then you will look unattractive, if you look unattractive then you will look upset, if you look upset then people will think that you are unhappy with me. And after that they will notice me. I am smiling, which makes me look happy and then attractive. If I look attractive then boys will notice me and they will try to come close to me, and since you are already looking unattractive then I may give a chance to someone else. So……….

Vansh:(least interested) So?

Riddhima: Just smile yaar! So much I spoke.

Vansh holds Riddhima by her waist and pulls her closer to him, leaving no space between them. In such a way that their hearts beat together. They are just lost in each other. Vansh is completely lost in his love’s eyes that nothing more is mattered to him. Just he and his love. And then suddenly the little distance between them goes off for a minute when Riddhima gets even close to his lips and kisses him. Vansh takes a few seconds to digest the sudden surprise but then kisses her back. Their moment is short lived because of the knock at the door. They go apart still living in the moment. Riddhima goes to open the door and finds Aryan, Ishani, Sejal and Kabir outside. Without asking the four just enter inside and sit on the bed. Vansh and Riddhima felt awkward, after all such a pleasant moment had been interrupted. But Riddhima signalled Aryan to come out of the room.

Aryan: What happened Riddhu?

(🚫 conversation)

Aryan and Riddhima return back to the room. Aryan whispered something in Kabir’s ears when Ishani and Sejal were busy talking. Kabir walks closer to Sejal.

Kabir(whispers): Let’s go out na!

Sejal(whispers): (surprised)Why?

Kabir(whispers): I want to talk about US!

Saying so Kabir and Sejal left the room and after they left.

Aryan: Ishani, let’s go out!

Ishani: Why?

Aryan: I want to have a word with you!

Saying so Ishani and Aryan also left the room and after they left Riddhima locked the door again.

Vansh: So it was you who convinced Aryan to send them out?

Riddhima goes near Vansh who was standing and wraps her arms around his neck.

Riddhima: Ofcourse Sweetheart! I wanted to spend sometime alone with you.

Vansh kisses her forehead, holds her by her shoulders and they sit on the couch. Riddhima keeps her head on his shoulder. Vansh notices Riddhima.

Vansh: Now what are you thinking about?

Riddhima: I was thinking about our kids!

Vansh(surprised): I doubt your intentions! *Smirks*

Riddhima(hits his arm playfully): Shut up! But seriously, imagine my kids, just like me Gentle, calm, down to earth, humble and…..

Vansh(interrupting): Excuse me! What’s ‘My kids’? Shouldn’t it be ‘Our kids’?

Riddhima: Same thing! Fine! Our kids, just like us.

Vansh: So adorable, cute and……

Finally Riddhima had succeeded in getting Vansh back. He started his theory based on his kids. Riddhima found it funny because Vansh had started to talk about sending them to school, college and then even get them married. Just like some oldies. But Riddhima couldn’t help but just control her laughter and listen.

Vansh: See, whatever I am speaking is not valid for a longer duration.

Riddhima(confused): What do you mean?

Vansh: I know you intentionally wanted to speak all this so went with the flow and moreover, I may change my decision.

Riddhima: So you understood that I brought that topic intentionally?

Vansh: Yes! *Smirks* Ofcourse, but the idea wasn’t bad!

Saying so Vansh moved closer to Riddhima and she closed her eyes. But their closeness will always get interrupted by the knocks at the door even after they get married. Riddhima and Vansh went and opened the door. Saanvi and Uma were standing outside.

Uma: Y’all in one room?

Vansh: Why Mom? Can’t we be?

Saanvi: It’s very dangerous to keep the two of you together in one room.

Uma: Correction, Locked room!

Uma and Saanvi started laughing. While Vansh and Riddhima whined

Vansh and Riddhima(whined): Mommmm!

Uma: What? We were just joking! Now y’all have to come down.

Saying so the Mothers left and before Vansh could say anything to Riddhima, Aryan interrupted and took her away. Now Vansh was alone again still having nothing to do so, he too was about to leave the room and come down when Shaurya and Rudra stopped him and started having small talks with him. After a while, Shaurya and Rudra left as they got calls.

At 05:15pm in Mehra house,

Vansh came down, his eyes were searching for his lady love with whom he’s eager to spend his whole life. He looked around everywhere but still couldn’t find her. He was surprised as how can this girl just disappear! He was searching for her and then ended up bumping with Sejal and Kabir. Kabir noticed the tension on his face and questioned him about it.

Vansh(tensed): Riddhima just disappeared yaar! I am searching for her. Have y’all seen her?

Kabir: No, we haven’t. (Looking at Sejal) Have you known about her whereabouts?

Sejal: No Kabir! I was with you the whole time. I too have no idea.

Uma and Saanvi walk towards the trio.

Uma: Vansh, where is Riddhima?

Vansh: Ask Saanvi Mom!

Saanvi: I don’t know where Riddhima is! She was with you right?

Vansh: Ya! But then she left.

After this everybody gets worried for Riddhima’s whereabouts. This girl got a bad habit of disappearing on special occasions. Now where would anyone go to search her. She didn’t inform anyone either. Suddenly Vansh recalls.

Vansh: Where’s Aryan?

Ishani: He is……. (Looking around) Not here.

Kabir: Ohh ya! Even he’s disappeared like Ridhhima.

Sejal: This duo is never gonna learn to improvise. Even today they have to do some tactics, and trouble us.

Saanvi and Chanchal eye Rudra and Shaurya who are also tense. They walk towards them.

Saanvi: Y’all better tell us what’s happening!

Shaurya: I don’t know, really! Do you think we did something?

Chanchal: Think! We are sure that it’s y’all!

Suddenly the lights go off and everybody panics.

Sia: What happened to the lights?

Sejal: Exactly! How can they go off all of a sudden?

Shaurya: We should check the switch board!

Kabir: I’ll go and check.

But before anyone could move from their position and walk, the spotlight was directed near the door. Everyone’s eyes moved in that direction and they got stunned to see Riddhima entering. Everyone had various emotions going on within them as they were looking at her. Few were happy, few were angry, few were upset but Vansh had only Happiness and Love. Vansh was standing in the centre. Riddhima walked upto him. He was mesmerized by her beauty. He hadn’t got a chance to notice it ago but now since the lights were only focused on her, he noticed every spot on her face. Her eyes which held love for him, her tiny nose which also carried anger on him sometimes, her cheeks which were red, doubting because of makeup, her red rosy lips. She went down on one knee for Vansh. He was surprised at her act.

Riddhima: Ever since you entered my life, you made it beautiful. The first time we met, you saved me. I didn’t know that my saviour for a few minutes would later turn out to be my husband for life. The care in your eyes for a few minutes, I would get it for life. The talks of a few minutes would become talks for life. And those few steps we took together for a night walk would lead us to walk together for life. I have enjoyed every moment with you, every word of yours enlightens me, your presence makes me happy, you make me happy. No one can take your place in my life. I repeat, NO ONE! Let me be honest and precise, so Mr. Vansh Raisinghania, would you marry me and give me the rights to dominate you for the rest of your life?

Vansh was amused, and why just Vansh? Everyone present there was amused. Never had anyone thought that Riddhima would speak so openly about her love, without fear. Vansh had a bright smile on his face. He accepted her proposal, made Riddhima stand. Riddhima placed the ring on Vansh’s finger and kissed it. Vansh lifted her up in his arms, lights got switched on and rose petals were being showered on the couple along with confettis. Vansh and Riddhima had a bright smile on their face. But everyone else was surprised on seeing Shaurya and Rudra showering the rose petals and confettis from top. Vansh put Riddhima down carefully. Shaurya and Rudra came down as well and Aryan came from the entrance and stood besides Rudra. Saanvi walked towards them.

Saanvi: Now who’s idea was this?

Rudra, Shaurya and Aryan pointed towards Riddhima. Everyone was surprised.

Riddhima: Actually Vansh was upset so I thought to cheer him and propose him. I asked Aryan for help when he along with Ishani, Kabir and Sejal came to my room. But Dad and Rudra uncle saw us talking and got involved in the conversation. So even they decided to help me. And we planned all this. Afterall, we four were the reason to make my sweetheart’s heart upset.

Chanchal: Day by Day y’all are proving that you four are least interested to grow up.

Everyone chuckles and then Vansh places a ring on Riddhima’s finger. They all clap. Uma comes near Riddhima.

Uma: My Vansh could never get a better life partner than you! *Smiles and leaves*

Riddhima(whispers to Vansh): Did you even see the ring which I gave you?

Vansh checks the ring and is surprised it has ‘RVR’ written on it.

Vansh(whispers to Riddhima): Why ‘RVR’?

Riddhima(whispers): ‘Riddhima Vansh Raisinghania’ so that in future any lady tries to flirt with you and get close to you, you show her this ring and shove her off. And if you forget that you are engaged with me, this will remind you!

Vansh(whispers): If the fiance is you then there is no chance of looking at someone else.

Riddhima blushes. Aryan goes and stands near Ishani who’s standing alone.

Aryan: Hii Baby!

Ishani: You don’t involve me in any of your plans! Everything turns out as a surprise for me also.

Aryan: *puppy face* I’m Sorry! Please!

Ishani: *looking at him* Okay fine!

Aryan: Listen…

Ishani: Umm…

Aryan: Even we’ll get engaged, so will you also propose me like this?

Ishani: Definitely! After you get upset over me! *Laughs*

Aryan: *upset* Okay!

Ishani places a kiss on Aryan’s cheek and goes near Riddhima and Vansh.

Precap: Riddhima angrily pushes Vansh.

Thank you everyone for your suggestions, it helped alot 🔥. I tried to something what y’all said 😃 I was really confused but your help made it better💯

Loads of love from me to y’all 💞💞

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