Is it really love?? (RIANSH) Episode 36: Introduction!

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Sorry for last time, I misprinted episode 35 as episode 34 though the storyline was right!

The episode starts as…….

Shaurya in the car(thinks): How ill-mannered children! None of them know to talk well. Being friends with such kids is also prohibited. Luckily, Aryan and Riddhima aren’t like them.

At 11:30am in Shaurya’s house,

Shaurya with an irritated mood enters inside his house and is surprised to see his friend.

Shaurya: You! After so many years!

Friend: Yes!

Their eyes showed happiness and joy of meeting each other after 19 years and why wouldn’t it? They were best friends back then, and even now are! It’s a blessing to meet again. They hugged each other tightly with tears of joy rolling down. Riddhima and Aryan come downstairs and are surprised to see the two. Then,

Aryan: DAD!

Rudra and Shaurya: Yes Aryan!

Both of them get surprised at each other’s responses. When Saanvi arrives with Chanchal. Shaurya walks towards Saanvi while Rudra near Chanchal.

Shaurya(confused): How? and When?

Saanvi: Let me explain! Ever since we met Aryan, we both thought that we knew him for a long time. Then in the farmhouse also when Aryan stated about his Dad’s quotings, our intuition grew stronger. So I thought of settling it. We had Rudra’s number for so many years but didn’t contact him. I worried if the number was active but luckily it was. And Aryan is Rudra and Chanchal’s son.

Shaurya: I knew it! I felt Rudra in him. His actions resemble so much of him.

Rudra: I am so happy we met after so many years. And I am really glad you found Riddhima.

Chanchal: Ever since we were introduced to Riddhima we too felt a strange connection. We had accepted her as our daughter. Moreover, their bonding everytime reminded me of their Aryan and Riddhima’s childhood.

Riddhima (confused): Can someone please explain to us? Neither I nor Aryan understood a single word.

Aryan: Exactly! Kindly elaborate!

They all sat down together and started their story.

Shaurya: So Rudra and I have been childhood best friends. We have been with each other every time. And to tell you, Rudra helped me to propose Saanvi. (Saani shies). Coming back, Saanvi, I, Rudra and Chanchal were like best friends in college, we met your mother’s there. We had our own gang and no one from outside was allowed.

Rudra: Let me continue. After college and settling with our careers, we married the love of our lives. We had even decided to stay together and we did so. After two years, y’all were born; to let out one more truth, we had planned for y’all too. Aryan’s birthday is on 3rd April while Riddhima’s on 5th.

Aryan(surprised): Oh God! Y’all are much closer than expected! I didn’t know that you too would be so close.

Riddhima: Exactly! But I’m curious to know more. So please continue!

Chanchal: Let me do it! After y’all were born, we were very excited. We wanted y’all to go to the same school, college. Actually live like your Dad’s, Childhood Bestfriends. But to our unfortunate, Riddhima disappeared. And in this shock, Shaurya and Saanvi left, and never contacted. But who knew, that y’all would turn out to be best friends later.

Saanvi: Yes! And y’all are just like Shaurya and Rudra, arguing, fighting but caring and loving.

Aryan and Riddhima were surprised to learn that they were destined to be best friends. They got too happy and smiled.

Rudra: Aryan, you remember that I didn’t allow you to touch a few albums and kept them preserved?

Aryan: Yes! And I have always been curious to know what’s inside.

Rudra: Yours and Riddhima’s childhood pictures together, that we had clicked and wanted to show y’all when y’all grow up.

Aryan: Grow up? How much more? I am grown enough to see the pictures.

Riddhima: I too want to see them.

Saanvi: Alright sweetheart! We too have the same album, but it’s not just one. There are four so you and Aryan go and get it. It’s in our room.

Aryan and Riddhima rushed inside Shaurya and Saanvi’s room to get the album’s. The doorbell rang. One of the servants opened the door and the cops came in.

Inspector: Mr. Shaurya Mehra?

Shaurya: I am! What’s the issue inspector?

Inspector: You are arrested for kidnapping Ms. Riddhima.

Everyone was shocked on hearing the charges.

Shaurya: This is false. Who has charged the complaint?

Voice: Me!

Vansh along with Kabir, Sejal, Ishani, Angre and Sia enter the house.

Shaurya: You!! Y’all came to my house.

Saanvi: Do you know them?

Shaurya: They are some ill-mannered kids. You do not know to respect elders.

Kabir: You don’t even deserve respect.

Vansh: Exactly!

Shaurya: Get out of my house! I didn’t kidnap anyone.

Vansh: It’s a lie! We are sure it’s you who kidnapped my Riddhima.

Just then Riddhima and Aryan get the album’s and come down. Both of them are laughing on some stupid unknown joke. They came and stood down along with their parents’. Riddhima notices Vansh.

Riddhima: Vansh!

Vansh got tears in his eyes. How long he waited to just hear his name from her lips! It meant the world to him. He ran and hugged her. She took no time to reciprocate to him. Shaurya and Saanvi were shocked. Just then Vansh got back. He held Riddhima’s hand firmly, looked at the inspector and said, “Here is my Riddhima. This man kidnapped her (pointing to Shaurya). You got evidence too.” On hearing this statement Riddhima jerked his hand and went near her Dad.

Riddhima: What are you saying? Have you lost your mind?

Vansh: Don’t worry Riddhima. Don’t get scared of this old man. He won’t be able to do anything

Kabir: Exactly! Don’t be scared and this man I wish I could have…….. forget it!

Riddhima looked at Aryan and he understood what she wanted to say. He went towards the police officials and whispered something to them. They left the house and Aryan locked the door. He came and stood next to Rudra and Chanchal.

Riddhima: Now can y’all start what the hell is wrong with you guys?

Sejal takes the initiative of how everyone got worried from the time the duo disappeared to the house being messed and them not taking their phones and how they saw someone taking her last night.

Sejal: Now can y’all tell where had y’all disappeared?

Riddhima: After I left, did you go to my room?

Kabir: I went!

Riddhima: And Sejal?

Sejal: No! (Pause for 15 seconds and realize something) Ohhhh!!!!!

Aryan: Oh…..!

Vansh: Arrey what ohhh……? Explain to me also.

Riddhima: Whenever I have to leave somewhere urgently and I can’t really inform Sejal due to the work or over-excitement, I leave a letter in the side drawer of my room. And Sejal and Aryan, both know about it.

Everyone glares at Sejal and she keeps her head down in shame.

Riddhima: And you idiots! The one whom y’all are accusing for kidnapping me is actually my Dad.

This statement was enough for Vansh to get shocked. He realised all what happened a few hours ago. And not just Vansh but also Kabir and Sejal. The trio went numb.

Ishani: WHAT! I want to know everything.

Sia: So do I!

And so everyone sat together to know the whole story about Riddhima meeting her parents. But Vansh tried to avoid eye-contact with Shaurya. Just then Shaurya recalls Vansh saying, “My Riddhima.” Shaurya stands up and goes near Riddhima.

Shaurya: Riddhima, Won’t you introduce me to your friends? I want to know them. (He said this eyeing Vansh angrily)

Rudra: Oh ya! Even I want to know them. I have only heard Aryan saying that he’s going with his friends but I never met anyone except Riddhima and Sejal.

Vansh, Sejal and Kabir were ashamed because they knew that Riddhima was going to praise them in front of her Dad but he already had another image created in his mind.

Riddhima: Ofcourse Dad! I would love to and Uncle you too will know them.

Saying so she started……

Riddhima: I will start with my best friend. The one who was with me during my hard times and stood by me, Sejal. (Sejal was shocked, not because of her description but because of Shaurya’s reaction). Dad, she’s just the best. And you too will find a daughter in her.

Sejal stood up and took his and Saanvi’s blessings. She was nervous but Shaurya tried to make her calm and hugged her. Though he was still disappointed, he didn’t want to hurt his daughter’s emotion’s.

Riddhima: Now it’s Kabir. (Kabir was almost dead because he didn’t find any kind of sympathy in Shaurya’s eyes for him as compared to Sejal) He is Sejal’s boyfriend. Just an amazing friend for me too.

Kabir too stood up, gave a smile(which was forced) to everyone but nervousness was visible on his face and actions. He sat down and tried to make himself comfortable.

Aryan: Let me say, Here’s Ishani and Sia. Dad, Ishani is your soon to be daughter-in-law. I wanted to take time to introduce you to her but now it’s the best time. And Sia is her sister. She’s my close friend too.

Chanchal: Who’s my daughter-in-law?


Chanchal: What Mom? Recall your sentence. You said that Ishani is your Dad’s soon to be daughter-in-law so I thought maybe you will find another one for me.

Chanchal went close to Ishani and Sia and hugged the two. Ishani took her blessings.

Aryan: How’s she Mom? Your kind?

Chanchal: Nahh! But I will make her like me.

Aryan(smiles): Torture again!

Ishani: What did you say?

Aryan: Nothing Sweety! (Wrapping his arms around her)

Riddhima: Okay so…. Dad, I want to introduce you to someone who’s the dearest to me.

Shaurya(hesitantly): Sure child, continue!

Riddhima came next to Vansh, he stood up and she holded his hand. Vansh is really nervous to see Shaurya’s reaction.

Riddhima: Dad, He is Vansh and we love each other. I know it’s a shock for you to know this thing so quickly but trust me I’ll follow your decision and I know that Vansh is still the best one for me. I really really love him.

Vansh looked into Riddhima’s eyes which showered love and trust for him but when he noticed Shaurya’s eyes, they just showered anger and hatred. Vansh tried to stabilize himself and went to take Shaurya’s blessing. But Shaurya backed off.

Shaurya: Riddhima, it’s ready one, so I feel that we should have lunch.

Riddhima didn’t notice Shaurya’s changed behaviour and went along.

Riddhima: Sure Dad, I’ll set the lunch and come.

Riddhima leaves from there and Shaurya stands directly in front of Vansh. Vansh bows down his head. Except for Kabir and Sejal, everyone is surprised by this.

Shaurya: Now you realised how you are actually supposed to talk. I doubt if you love my daughter and I will try to find it out.

Vansh: I really do!

Shaurya: Is it really love??

Precap: Vansh tells about his and Shaurya’s first meeting to Aryan and Aryan assures to help him to clear his image.

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