Is it really love?? (RIANSH) Episode 24: Wrong information


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The episode starts as……

Vansh and Riddhima come back home and move into Riddhima’s room.

Vansh: I think nobody wants to see us together.

Riddhima: Exactly! They can never see us happy together. Always someone or the other comes up.

Vansh goes and sits on her bed.

Riddhima(looking at Vansh): Hey! Did you forget what Aryan just said. Sleep in separate rooms.

Vansh: Seriously? You are about to talk about this now!

Riddhima(laughs): No! I was just kidding.

Vansh: Let’s play something!

Riddhima: Uno? Hide and seek? or Touch and go?

Vansh: Are we kids? Don’t you have some good games?

Riddhima: Either you choose from the above options or leave my room. The choice is yours.

Vansh: Okay okay. Don’t get angry. Let’s play hide and seek.

Riddhima: Okay. Who would hide?

Vansh: You! And I am sure I will get you out fast.

Riddhima: Let’s see. Okay let me go and hide. By the time you can take the counts.

Vansh goes outside the room to take the counts whereas Riddhima goes and hides in the cupboard as she feels Vansh could never get her out. Vansh after some time comes back to the room and doesn’t find any traces of Riddhima. He searches for her under the bed, behind the couch, behind the curtains and every possible place present in the room. Riddhima is peeping through the small key-hole in the cupboard and laughing. Just then Vansh’s eyes go towards the cupboard.

Riddhima doesn’t notice Vansh coming. Vansh opens the cupboard and Riddhima in a reflex action falls on him as soon as he opens the cupboard. They both fall on the floor with Riddhima over him. They just look at each other and share an eye-lock. Riddhima settles Vansh’s hair while Vansh is just looking at her. But since the window is open, winds blow in and some documents which were kept near the window fly and fall all over the two which breaks their moment and they get up and become normal.

Vansh and Riddhima(to each other): Are you okay? Did you get hurt? I am sorry.

Vansh and Riddhima(to each other): Yes! I am alright!

They start smiling.

Vansh: Out of all the places you found the cupboard, seriously?

Riddhima: It’s okay. Doesn’t matter. I wonder what made you think of opening my cupboard?

Vansh: I just sensed your breaths and heart beats.

Riddhima: *Just looking at him and smiling*

Vansh: *snaps his fingers* I am going to sleep.


Vansh: I know and that’s why I am going.

Riddhima: Okay! Good Night!

Vansh: Good Night!

Vansh leaves the room and Riddhima falls to sleep after he leaves.

Next morning,

Riddhima wakes up and comes out of her room after freshening up. She’s sitting on the sofa and going through a magazine. Suddenly somebody comes from behind and covers her eyes. She says, “Aryan, Grow up!” Aryan removes his hand and offers Riddhima’s cup of coffee and sits next to her.

Aryan: I thought you would say ‘Vansh’.

Riddhima: How come? Don’t you know that I recognise you? I know the difference between you and Vansh.

Aryan: I too know that but nowadays you are only with Vansh. Whole time Vansh, Vansh, Vansh.

Riddhima: What do you mean?

Aryan: Don’t you feel some connection with him? I mean there must be something that’s connecting you and him and that’s the reason y’all are so comfortable with each other.

Riddhima(lost in Vansh’s world): I agree. There’s some connection. And that’s the reason I feel so special around him. It’s like my world revolves around him. He’s just so sweet. (Reminiscing her moments with him) And maybe that’s the reason ‘I love’.

Vansh(interrupting): Good Morning guys! What are y’all talking about?

Aryan(recalling Riddhima’s last two words): Actually Riddhima was telling that she has fallen for someone. And was just about to tell the name.

Vansh(shocked): WHAT! You are in love? Who’s that guy? Do I know him? You never told me anything about it? And……

Aryan(interrupting): Relax Vansh! Calm down. And why are you so eager to know?

Ishani who was standing at a corner of the room and witnessed every incident from the start.

Ishani: Because even Bhai has fallen for someone.

Riddhima who was not speaking anything after Vansh’s arrival because Aryan covered up but now she couldn’t believe her ears.

Riddhima: WHAT! You love someone? You never told me anything about it!

Vansh: I don’t love anyone. I don’t know what this Ishani’s speaking. But you love someone else.

Riddhima: Even I don’t love anyone. Aryan is just cooking stories.

Vansh: *with a strange look* Okay!

Vansh leaves the house saying that he has to attend an important meeting. Riddhima too goes to her room saying that she has some other work to be completed. Ishani and Aryan are alone in the living room.

Ishani: I guess our words affected them.

Aryan: You guess? I am sure that they did. They believed us but not each other.

Ishani: Why do you think that they didn’t believe each other?

Aryan: If they would have, then they would have gone together or been together now, but they are doing their individual works. This means that they feel that the other one has fallen for someone. And I am sure they will definitely try to know of the person.

Ishani: But they won’t tell the name, because they feel that the other doesn’t feel the same way.

Aryan: Yes. But do you think they will stop trying?

Ishani: No! And I am sure, later they will confess their feelings.

Aryan: Ofcourse they will have to. How long will they hide it from themselves or from us?

In VR Enterprises,

Vansh is in his cabin recalling Aryan’s words. He then takes his phone out opens gallery. He opens his picture with Riddhima which they had clicked in the farmhouse.

Vansh(thinks): Do you really love someone else? Couldn’t you sense my love for you in all this time? Couldn’t you understand my feelings for you? You didn’t even tell me that you have fallen for someone. Why did you do that?

Kabir: Vansh?

Vansh: Yes Kabir, what happened?

Kabir: What were you thinking?

Vansh: Nothing important.

Kabir walks closer to Vansh, he distracts him and snatches his phone. He finds Riddhima’s picture.

Kabir: Looking and thinking about her won’t help.

Vansh: What do you mean?

Kabir: It’s very clear that you love her. You need to accept the fact.

Vansh: We are in office. Can we continue with office work?

Kabir: Okay!

Meanwhile Riddhima,

Riddhima is sitting near the window sipping her cup of coffee. She recalls Ishani’s words.

Riddhima(thinks): I guess I was too late to confess my love for you. But, I hope you found a girl better than me. I know it would be tough to see you with someone else but I will try my best. But I would hate my fate for giving me a chance to atleast confess myself.

Precap: Kabir adds a diamond ring in the glass which contains juice. The ring has ‘love’ written on it. The glass reaches Riddhima. Kabir looks on and says, “I would confess myself today.”

Loads of love from me to y’all 💞💞

  1. O my god😱 what will happen next 🧐very excited to know🙂….. Loved it🥰😍. Awesome👍

  2. Oh my god! So nice ☺️
    Eagerly waiting for next update
    Keep updating us😊😉
    Nice going

  3. It’s just incredible and fab looking forward for your upcoming update good luck

  4. Excellent episode✨ and eagerly waiting for next episode… Liked it 🤩

  5. Oh no ! What happened next
    Pls ridhu confess your love to vansh and vansh you too. pls don’t make any drama this time pls yaar pls…..

  6. I think Kabir is doing on purpose just to let the RIANSH explode their feelings.😅😅😅
    Again an awesome one!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
    Try to post even earlier.Lots of love and duaa for you for keeping me entertained, when the original show is disappointing me..🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  7. Just Perfect.I read this episode twice bcoz it was too good.I think that in next episode kabir will be proposing ridhima to make riansh confess their feelings for each other.(from the precap)maybe I am wrong.
    Lots of love..

  8. Denza

    3 possibilities
    1. Kabir done for RiAnsh to confess
    2. It might be for someone else (sia or sejal)
    3. Kabir loves Ridhima

    1. Ashmita Rawat

      Option 1

  9. Awesome episode😍😍😍….hats off to u by intriguing us about whom Kabir was talking about 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  10. Oh man😧 …vansh needs to confess early😮 …before kabir …what if she excepts it …oh god no 😰

  11. aw, these two! I cannot wait for their union and for all that you’ve planned further. I’m super excited. Also, have you watched YHM? Is the diamond in the juice and Kabir saying, I’ll confess today, similar to that? Hm, just a wild guess. I’m looking forward to the next episode!

  12. Rianshfan

    Long time…….got this episode ..Its awesome…

  13. Ashmita Rawat

    I’m a silent reader for some time but now because of your fantabulous story on Riansh I can’t help myself out….

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