Is it really love?? (RIANSH) Episode 21: Proposed by the wrong one!

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The episode starts as……

Vansh and Aryan come to the living room.

Aryan: What are y’all talking about?

Kabir: Just thinking about Armaan and Riddhima.

Sia: I hope Riddhima understands that Armaan is misusing her kindness.

Ishani: She will soon realise that.

Vansh: Let’s go and inform it to her. Aryan and I will go and tell her.

Kabir: But where would y’all search her?

Aryan: I had messaged Riddhima a while ago to ask about her whereabouts so she told me that she’s at the beach. We should go quick because from there she’ll go to some mall.

Vansh: So let’s leave.

Vansh and Aryan leave the house.

Ishani: I hope Riddhima listens to them and understands them.

Kabir: I too want that to happen.

Sejal: And I am sure that it will happen.

At the beach,

Vansh and Aryan are searching for Riddhima and Armaan at the beach. They keep looking and they find Armaan. They walk towards him.

Aryan: Armaan!

Armaan: What happened?

Aryan: We know you like Riddhima and are using her kindness.

Vansh: And we won’t let that happen.

Armaan: Oh……. I am so scared. What will happen now? (laughing) Y’all think y’all can do anything. Like seriously? She’ll trust me and not y’all.

Vansh: That would never happen. She will not trust you. She will not go according to you.

Armaan: So let me tell you, today I will propose her. And I will make her say ‘Yes’. I will manipulate her in such a manner that she would not be able to resist.

Aryan gets angry and holds Armaan’s collar. Aryan is at his worst mood. He cannot let his best friend ruin her life and move on someone else’s steps.

Armaan(crying): Please leave me Aryan. I don’t know what’s wrong with you. I told you Riddhima’s gone to get water for me. Please leave me. Don’t hit me. Please!

Vansh(sternly): Stop this drama! We know you’re acting. So better stop it.

Armaan: What are you saying Vansh? I mean it.

Suddenly one voice comes from behind,

“Aryan! Vansh! Stop this!” it’s Riddhima. Aryan leaves Armaan’s collar and steps back. Riddhima comes and stands with Armaan.

Vansh: It’s not as it seems.

Aryan: Exactly! Listen to us.

Riddhima(frustrated): Shut up! Dare if you guys say anything. I don’t wanna hear a word.

Aryan: Riddhu!

Riddhima: Do you understand the meaning of ‘shut up’? I really didn’t expect you guys to treat him like this. How could y’all stoop so low? I don’t even wanna look at y’all. Armaan let’s leave.

As he leaves with Riddhima, Armaan smirks looking at Vansh and Aryan.

Aryan: Did you understand?

Vansh: Yes! He saw Riddhima coming from back and so he showed that we are evil in this story.

Aryan: Exactly! But he said that he will propose Riddhima today and will make her say yes.

Vansh: I would never let that happen. She will not say yes. I will make sure of that.

Aryan: If you don’t mind, Can I ask you a question?

Vansh: Yes….!

Aryan: I hate Armaan because I will lose my friendship with Riddhu, but why do you hate him?

Vansh: Because I…………

Aryan: I what?

Vansh: Nothing, let’s go back home.

Vansh and Aryan reach back home. Everyone is waiting for them in the living room. And as they enter, everyone carries a curious look on their face to know what happened.

Kabir: What happened guys? Did y’all meet Riddhima?

Aryan: We met Armaan. But when Riddhu came, he tricked her in such a way that we turned out be evil. And he also said that he would propose Riddhu and manipulate her in a such manner that she agrees to his proposal.

Sejal: WHAT! That’s not possible.

Vansh: I would never let that happen. I will not let Riddhima agree to him.

Just then Riddhima and Armaan enter the house.

Sia: Y’all were about to come in evening, right?

Riddhima: Right! But I was too tired, so we came back.

Riddhima moves to her room without saying anything. Armaan is still standing outside. He comes closer to Vansh.

Armaan: I challenge all of you, if y’all can do something and change Riddhima’s perception about me then y’all can do. But I know that would never happen. Because today evening she’ll accept me and my love.

Armaan saying this leaves from there and goes to his room. Meanwhile Riddhima is in her room,

Riddhima(thinks): I don’t know why, but seeing you with someone else makes me uncomfortable. You being so close to someone is unbearable.


Yesterday when Riddhima was going to the restaurant, she saw a girl hugging Vansh from back. They were really close. And that girl even confessed her love for him. She left from there, on seeing them so close.


Riddhima(continues thinking): Why were you so close to her? I don’t know Vansh but I can’t see you with someone else. Maybe because I am in love with.

“Riddhima”, come to have tea. Riddhima comes out. She sees Vansh sitting on the table. She sits next to him. They both share an eye-lock and are completely lost in each other’s eyes. Not realising that they’re friends are also on the table. None disturb the two because they know if they did it, they would part ways. But they’re togetherness was shortened because Armaan entered.

Armaan: Riddhu! Let’s go out.

Riddhima and Vansh get conscious.

Riddhima: I am not coming out. We’ll go later.

Everybody smiles on hearing this.

Armaan: But Riddhu, I am too bored.

Riddhima: I said right that we would go later.

Armaan: Okay. Then I am going out.

Riddhima: I am in my room, please don’t come and disturb me.

She reaches her room. She lies in bed and her eyes are filled with tears. She holds a pillow.

Riddhima: What happens to me when you are around? I really don’t understand. I don’t wanna lose you- Vansh! If you liked someone else you should have told earlier.

At 07:00pm,

Riddhima comes out of her room all dressed up. Everybody looks at her, they are stunned.

Sia: Where are you going?

Riddhima: Armaan asked me to reach a spot.

Ishani: But why? Did he tell you the reason?

Riddhima: Nope! He didn’t. He said that it’s something important and our lives are dependent on it.

Vansh and Aryan recall Armaan’s challenge.

Vansh: You won’t go anywhere!

Riddhima: I am not asking your permission. I am going.

Riddhima leaves the house in her car. Vansh and Aryan follow her. Riddhima reaches her destination. Vansh and Aryan stop their car at the very back and start walking so that nobody notices their presence. Riddhima walks ahead. She finds Armaan. The place is set-up with candles, balloons and flowers.

Riddhima: Armaan, what is this?

Armaan:. I want to tell you something today.

Riddhima: *Awkward silence*

Armaan goes on his knees. He gets a ring out. Riddhima is shocked.

Riddhima: What are you doing?

Armaan: (inhales deeply) Riddhima, ever since college I wanted to be with you. I always wanted to stay with you. I can’t forget anything that’s related to you. When the first time I saw you in college; you wore Blue and on the farewell day you wore; Orange. When the first time we spoke in college you wore; Violet. I really love you Riddhima!

Vansh gets angry on seeing and hearing all this.


Riddhima: Yes! I love you too!

Armaan: Really? You love me as well?Armaan comes closer to Riddhima

  1. Loads of love from me to y’all 💞💞
  1. Oh god…im so not in a good mood that i will kill that Armaan ….you really did predict that….NOT IN A GOOD MOOD 😤😤😤…that armaan even proposed to her😧😣😣😣

  2. No no no I don’t want this😟… But I think when armaam will go close to riddhima she will say I am in love but with vansh😌….. And I don’t want that stupid armaam to be with riddhima

  3. Give us some positivity dear,,,,😔😔😔😔😔
    The show is giving all negative vibes. Want some love and positive energy from the FFs.
    Clear the misunderstanding of Riddhima. Don’t want any Armaan between RIANSH.
    It’s immj 2 FF. Not dil mil gaye..😆😆😆😆😆😆

    1. 🤣😂 Ya and in immj2 they’re also at the negative side☹️

    2. Riaa

      Haha, the observation!

  4. I hope riddhima confesses her love to vansh🤗🤗….then it will be awesome 😍😍

  5. Riaa

    Seanna, this episode was lovely! I guess, I love antagonists in a story for how much they create depths, but facts aside, I also want Riddhima and Vansh to be together. I cannot wait for you to write the next episode, and I’m eagerly looking forward to it.
    P.S.: Had to log-in, because someone told me they got confused 🙂

  6. Bhuvaneshwari

    I hope this is Vansh’s imagination… Pls post the next one soon.. can’t wait 😅😍❤️❤️❤️

  7. What the hell is happening in the precap 😖😂

  8. And also I was curious to know if it was a real show going on then whom you would have chose armaam as……….

  9. Yaar I think Armaan is acting,so as to bring riansh together…. don’t know why but I think this may happen

  10. I’m damn sure there will be a major twist in the next episode 😎😎😎
    Waiting for the next episode

  11. I am already in a very bad mood and am so disappointed about the serial in addition this one makes me more sad 😰😰😰
    Muje naa chance milthoo yeah Arman Ku dhakkae Mar kar bahar phaekungi yeh bewakoof ghatiya badtameegh etc.., insaan ko
    pls make it clear that she love vansh and she will be going to tell I love vansh plsssss
    Yeah Arman beech Mae ayatho definitely I am gonna kill him 😠😠😠😠😠

  12. I m not going to miss any episode yr Primise😉…i m loving ur updates❤…nd coming to the episode, it was just🔥🔥. I hope Vansh will realise the love vry soon

    But pls disclose that misunderstanding flashback in tmro’s episode
    One more request add some attitude, aura to Vansh character like in the show

    The VANSH RAISINGHANIA ATTITUDE is different nd unique😊😊

  13. Naira U Singh

    Really good yaar, the episode was just on fire, waiting for the next one.

  14. Rianshfan

    I will kill that Armaan ..I m telling !!!

  15. RiyaVaghani

    Buddy! If you hadn’t named him Armaan then I would’ve hated him! (I am a yjhjk fan too) Couldn’t you just think of some other name!! 😤 but I hate him still! And the way he played the victim card was….. 😶 and Congo! You finally got a villain!

  16. It’s good feeling bad for vansh and riddhi hope she will not accept armaan proposal eagerly waiting for your upcoming update good luck yaar

  17. Ohh no!! What’s happening 🥰
    Just I can wait nothing else 😂
    Please update us soon eagerly waiting for the new twist 🥰😉

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