Is it really love?? (RIANSH) Episode 14: Forgiveness……..

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The episode starts as…..


In Riddhima and Sejal’s house,

Everybody has dinner, thinking about Riddhima’s condition. Aryan notices Vansh isn’t inside and goes out to check. He finds Vansh with Rishi. He goes towards them. Vansh tells him the reason behind Riddhima being upset since yesterday. Aryan (almost about to cry), “I didn’t know my Riddhu had to go through so much. I am sorry Riddhu.” Vansh, Aryan and Rishi have a talk. They hold their hands and say (together), “Done. We will do it.” Aryan says, “I don’t think we should involve the rest because if Riddhima doesn’t get convinced then they would get more hurt.” Vansh agrees and says, “Only we three would execute it.” All three go out.

At 11:00pm,

Vansh enters Riddhima’s room through the window. He accidentally drops the vase near the window which wakes Riddhima up. Riddhima opens her eyes👀. Vansh sneaks to her side within time. Riddhima switches the light on and finds the vase⚱️ on the floor. She goes to pick it up when suddenly Vansh from behind ties a black ribbon to her eyes. Riddhima (scared) says, “Who’s it? Please let me go. Please!” Vansh gets upset realising he is also the reason behind her getting so scared, but he doesn’t say anything. Riddhima turns and faces Vansh but due to the ribbon can’t see him. She tries to hold the person’s hand. The moment she holds Vansh’s hand; she says, “Vansh! Vansh is it you?” Vansh is surprised on hearing his name as soon as Riddhima holds his hand still he doesn’t answer. He doesn’t say anything and takes Riddhima along with him. Riddhima hesitantly walks with him. She sits with him in the car. He starts driving. She says, “Please tell who you are! Where are you taking me? (Now firmly) Do you know who my fiance is? It’s Vansh Raisinghania.” Vansh is surprised on hearing this😲. She later adds, “I am engaged💍 to him and if he comes to know that you have kidnapped me, he’s not going to leave you. He will definitely shoot🔫 you. It’s better you leave me.” Riddhima continues praising Vansh and keeps reminding the person that Vansh is her fiance. Vansh keeps looking at her and wonders what will happen when she will realise it’s Vansh Raisinghania only who kidnapped her. Then I think she will shoot me! They reach their location. Vansh gets down and opens the door for her. Riddhima gets down from the car. Vansh goes from there. Riddhima hears a voice that says, “You can remove the ribbon.” She does and doesn’t find anyone around. She’s again scared but gathers confidence. She walks ahead and as she walks; at each step the lights💡 get on, the flowers🌸 fall on her. She’s surprised and thinks, “What’s happening?” She continues walking. She sees a table. She goes near it. And finds the surrounding area decorated with her childhood pictures, her current pictures and balloons. On the table there’s a cake. And on the cake in capital letters it’s written ‘WE’RE SORRY’. When she reads it, a card falls from top. She picks it up and it reads, “We are all Sorry. We didn’t mean to hurt you. Please forgive us but please don’t ignore us.” She smiles on reading this. She feels the presence of someone around her. She turns back and finds three people. One person dressed up as a heart❤️, second as Mickey Mouse🐭 and Third as Puppy🐶.[Faces are covered, with the mask] She starts smiling. They surround her. They go to hug her together but she sneaks out from below which leads them to collide with each other. All three fall down. Riddhima starts laughing and says, “It’s not so easy to catch me.” They get up all of a sudden and run to catch her. She tries to run away. But ultimately gets caught by Heart. He gets her near the table. Riddhima says, “Now atleast show me your face. I am eager to know who y’all are.” They remove their mask. She’s surprised. She says, “Vansh, Aryan, Rishi. Y’all like this?” She starts laughing. Aryan says, “Well, since I made you laugh so many times I became Mickey mouse.” Rishi says, “And because you love puppies, I had to dress up like one.” She comes near Vansh and asks, “What’s your explanation?” Vansh whispers, “Well…… I feel fiance should always stay in heart and that’s why I chose heart.” Riddhima realises it was Vansh with her in the car. She smiles and let’s it go. Aryan says, “I am sorry Riddhu. I didn’t know about that incident.” Riddhima looks at Rishi. Rishi says, “I had to say. Vansh came and asked me and he was not ready to go and neither let me go, so I told.” Riddhima nods. Aryan says, “So let’s cut the cake.” Riddhima agrees. She cuts the cake🍰 and feeds the first to………….. definitely herself. She later feeds Vansh then Aryan and later Rishi. Aryan says, “MUSIC!”🎶 and Vansh plays music from behind. They all dance. After dancing they all lie down on the grass. Vansh and Riddhima are beside each other. They don’t say anything but just have an eye-lock. But suddenly Vansh gets up and walks out. Riddhima too follows him. She holds his hand and stops him. He turns. She hugs him🤗. After a minute, Vansh hugs her back. They are really close and it seems they can feel each other’s breath. They hug for a while and then move back. Riddhima says, “Your idea of surprising me was too good. I loved it.” Vansh asks, “How do you know this was my idea?” She says, “Rishi told me when you and Aryan had gone to have a talk.” He says, “That Rishi! I am not going to leave him.” He is about to walk towards Rishi but Riddhima stops him and says, “I was the one who asked him to disclose the name of the person who could plan such surprise. So it’s okay.” Vansh says, “Alright! But answer one question. Why did you say Vansh Raisinghania is your fiance?” Riddhima gets awkward, she hesitates, she tries to distract Vansh but it doesn’t affect him. He gets her really close. She closes her eyes as she’s really close to him and says, “That’s because it was your name that came to my mind first. I am sorry.” Vansh puts his finger on her lips, she opens her eyes. Vansh says, “Didn’t I tell you to let me know if you are in any problem? I was surprised but also happy to hear my name as your fiance.” She blushes.

Suddenly Aryan says, “If your romance💕 is done, can we go home?” Riddhima and Vansh get awkward. Riddhima says, “There’s no romance. We were just having small talk.” Rishi goes near Aryan. They get really close. Aryan holds Rishi by his waist and Rishi keeps his hand on Aryan’s shoulders. Aryan says, “It’s a wonderful place, isn’t it?” Rishi says, “Yes!” Vansh asks, “What the hell are y’all doing?” Rishi answers, “Can’t you see we are having small talk?” Riddhima asks, “small talk like this? Y’all would almost kiss👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨” Aryan answers, “Well, even we realised today that for having small talk there has to be no distance between two people.” Riddhima and Vansh get awkward. Vansh says, “Can we leave now?” They agree and leave. They reach Riddhima’s house. Riddhima says, “Y’all can stay here tonight. Have breakfast and go tomorrow morning.” They refuse. Riddhima insists and says (making a puppy face), “Please!” Vansh says, “I will stay, I can’t deny that.” Riddhima gets happy and looks at Aryan and Rishi. They too agree. They enter the house and go to sleep. Riddhima recalls how the trio planned to surprise her and falls asleep.

Next morning at 07:30am,

Riddhima is in the kitchen preparing breakfast. Vansh comes there and greets her. She greets him back. He comes closer to her and asks, “What’s my fiance making for breakfast?” Riddhima(smiling) says, “Please Vansh! Just forget about it. I had to say that. I am sorry.” Vansh laughs and says, “Chill! I know. I was just playing around.” Riddhima says, “Well…… your fiance is preparing garlic bread for breakfast.” Vansh pinches her waist and says, “You are the one who said it now.” Riddhima starts laughing and says, “Alright! I am Sorry.” Aryan and Rishi too wake up and come to the kitchen. Aryan says, “Garlic bread?” Rishi says, “Idiot! When somebody wakes up they say ‘Good Morning’ and not ‘Garlic bread’.” Aryan says, “Sorry. Good morning! But garlic bread for breakfast. Who wants this?” Rishi says, “You are stuck on garlic bread only.” Riddhima says, “Vansh and Rishi both like Garlic bread.” Aryan says, “ I wanted fruit salad🥙 today, that’s it.” Riddhima says, “That’s also ready.” Aryan gets happy and goes to set the table.

Just then everybody else too comes out. They get happy on seeing Riddhima back to the vibe they wanted. Sejal goes to her, hugs her and says, “I am sorry. For the prank, it was my plan.” Kabir says, “Don’t blame yourself, it was our fault also.” Angre asks, “But what made you so scared?” Rohan speaks up and says, “It’s when we were 8 years old. Riddhima was a bubbly and chirpy kid. She used to keep talking everytime. She could fit anywhere easily. And everyone in the orphanage praised her. Moreover, she was one of the brightest students in the school. Nobody ever raised their voice on her. She never got feared by anyone. Things were going good for her, until one day there was a fight between her friend and a senior. Everybody was scared to speak against the senior but Riddhima was brave enough to do that. That senior got punished because of her. So he planned to deteriorate Riddhima’s performance. One night, he locked Riddhima’s room from outside and switched off the lights. He took the scariest sounds possible and played them in her room. He made her scared saying there’s a ghost👻 present in her room and it would attack her if she doesn’t run away from the orphanage. She started crying😭 as all this was going on. During this, I was just passing through her room and heard her crying. I found the door latched and so opened it. I saw her crying. She was crying so bitterly that she couldn’t breath. She had actually planned to run away. Though we hated each other, I couldn’t leave her in that situation. I had to be there by her side. Whole night she was crying. That time I realised, she wasn’t as bad as I thought she was. But that incident destroyed the naughtiness in her. Even during the day if anyone used to call her name she would get scared. It took me almost a week to make her realise that it was a prank and that there was no ghost around her. As a kid, she was mentally broken. Though she recovered that incident sooner than I had actually thought. But still sometimes in darkness she gets scared and has the same dream.” Sejal says, “Oh……. So this is the reason you don’t agree to celebrate Halloween🎃.” Riddhima says, “Yes.” Aryan says, “I am so sorry. I would never do that again with you.” Ishani says, “Do you think we will do it?” Aryan says, “No, but………. forget.” Sia says, “Why did you stop? Continue. We want to know.” Vansh says, “Lets have breakfast. They won’t end this soon.” Riddhima says, “I agree. Y’all once start need to learn to stop also.” All of them have breakfast and go inside. Riddhima is washing the dishes when Vansh comes and helps her. And they together complete the work. Just then Rohan comes in and says, “Riddhima, I am leaving.” Riddhima turns and says, “Now. So early, Can’t you wait for a few days?” Rohan denies and says, “I have an important meeting to attend in Bangalore. I can’t miss it. I am sorry, but next time I would definitely stay with you.” Riddhima says, “Okay. I will drop you till out.” Riddhima and Rohan walk out. Riddhima hugs him tightly and says, “Thanks, for being there.” Rohan says, “Don’t be thankful, my friend needed me so I had to come.” and Rohan leaves. Riddhima comes inside, she wonders where Vansh went as he was just in the living room. She goes to her room and finds Vansh there, near the window. She says, “Vansh.” Vansh turns and says, “Yes.” She asks, “What are you looking for outside?” He walks near her and says, “Nothing.” and then adds, “Next time if you feel low you should call me. I will cheer you up. You don’t need to disturb others.” Riddhima says, “I didn’t call him. I just bumped into him near the temple⛩️ and the moment I saw him, I recalled the first incident and so I told him everything. Moreover, he isn’t others; he’s my friend.” Vansh says, “Okay. I am sorry. Let’s have another sorry party.” Riddhima(smiles) says, “Don’t you have work?” Vansh says, “I can take leave if you say.” Riddhima says, “No need. Please go to the office.” Ishani calls Vansh out. Vansh and Riddhima come out. Sia says, “Guys, we are leaving now. Will see y’all maybe tomorrow.” And Vansh, Ishani, Sia, Kabir, Angre and Aryan leave. Riddhima and Sejal go to their rooms. Riddhima recalls the ‘Sorry Party’ planned by Vansh, Aryan and Rishi and also recalls her words she spoke in the car with Vansh. She starts smiling☺️, reminiscing her moments with him. She just then says, “Why am I smiling remembering him? Oh God! Like this I will become mad.” She gets back to work.

In VR mansion,

Vansh goes to his room to freshen up and go to his office. Kabir and Angre also go to freshen up to accompany Vansh. Ishani and Sia quickly get in their rooms, freshen up and go to Uma. They go to her and Ishani says, “Mom, please can you tell Vansh bhai to not go to office today.” Uma asks, “But why?” Sia says, “Mom just say once, please. We will tell the reason later. Just say you want everybody at home.” Uma agrees. Vansh, Kabir and Angre are about to leave when Uma calls Vansh and says, “Vansh, don’t go to office today please. I want everybody at home today. It’s been days since I didn’t have a word with you.” Vansh says, “Mom, I would have stayed but I have an important meeting to attend today. So please, tomorrow I will stay.” saying this Vansh leaves with the two. Uma then looks at Ishani and Sia. She notices them smiling. She asks, “Now will y’all tell me why did you ask me to stop him?” Ishani says, “Mom, this morning Vansh bhai was with Riddhima in her room. He told her that if she agrees then he wouldn’t go to the office today and spend the day with her.” Uma is surprised and says, “Who is this person staying in my house? I need to find out. If needed I’ll do a DNA 🧬 test because he’s definitely not my Vansh.” Sia interrupts and says, “I feel he’s Riddhima’s Vansh.” Ishani and Uma start laughing.

At 01:00pm in VR Enterprises,

Vansh comes back to his cabin after attending the meeting from the conference room. He informs that he doesn’t want to meet anyone. And ‘anyone means anyone’. He’s sitting on his chair, his back facing the door. Just then the door opens. He feels the sensation that someone entered his cabin. He says(angry but firm tone), “Who gave you the permission to enter my room? Don’t you know to knock? Before entering my cabin one has to knock and enter, even the interns know that.”. The person says, “Last time you said just enter and now you are saying knock and enter. You need to decide and let me know. If I need to knock and enter or directly enter.” Vansh finds the voice familiar, he turns and says, “Riddhima.” She says, “Yes. I thought, I cancelled the ‘Sorry Party’ so decided to come to your office. But I was about to go without meeting you. Vansh asks, “Why?” Riddhima says, “Your staff wasn’t letting me enter. They told me that you ordered them to not let anyone in. And now I realised why. Vansh asks, “Why?” Riddhima says, “In yourself so much of volcano is erupting🌋, how will anyone tolerate it? You need to learn to keep yourself calm.” Vansh smiles and goes near her. He eventually comes really close to her. He slides his stand near her waist. Riddhima stands still just staring at him. As he’s sliding his hand, Riddhima looks at him, she closes her eyes. He takes a file that’s kept behind her. He looks at her and asks, “Why did you close your eyes?” Riddhima wonders what happened. She doesn’t answer but says, “Have lunch quietly. Or else that day I snatched your laptop, today I will snatch this file.” Vansh says, “Okay fine.” They sit together and are having lunch. Vansh says, “Get lunch tomorrow also. We’ll have together.” Riddhima says, “Tomorrow I will get for you but I won’t have.” Vansh asks, “why?” She says, “It’s karwa chauth tomorrow.” Vansh (puzzled) says, “You never told me that you are married.” Riddhima (surprised) says, “What! Are you gone mad? I am not married. I just keep fast.” Vansh says, “I don’t believe all that.” Riddhima says, “I am not asking you to believe.” Vansh says, “I will break your fast tomorrow.” Riddhima says, “That’s not possible. I don’t let anyone break my fast easily. Sejal also keeps telling me every year that she would feed me something but it couldn’t happen till date. ” Vansh says, “Let’s see. I would do that deed.” Riddhima says, “We’ll see.” and leaves.

Precap: Riddhima says, “I saw an amazing guy today. He was just so cute, handsome and adorable, I can’t even describe. He was just so handsome, I can’t forget his face.”

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    Hahahahahaha!😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Can’t explain in words! Keep writing buddy! And help me out too! I have tests coming up you know… and about that prefab, Riddhi is trying to make Vansh jealous right?

  3. the epiode was amazing …I was smiling like an idiot…wait ..I am still smiling like an idiot
    all the scenes were amazing especially the rish and aryan mimicry one & that just by hearing her voice his anger of volcano eruption goes away…just loving ur..and waiting to see how vansh breaks her fast

  4. Great episode.mmmbut I have two doubts
    First,did Rishi tell about their plan to riddhima before its execution??
    Secondly,riddhima’s friend wad rishi,then whose rohan??

    1. Seanna_0044

      1) Nope! Rishi didn’t tell it before execution. He told it later that the plan was of Vansh.
      2) Sorry dude! I apologise it’s autocorrect issue. I didn’t notice.

    2. Okk..when are you posting next…post asap…

  5. I loved the way Aryan and Vansh seeked forgiveness from Riddhima with the help of Rishi…..👍
    Flashback scenes are also equally good….👍👍
    Just amazing episode….
    Waiting for next episode…

  6. Thank you dear!! For wonderful episode!👍
    So amazing and unique👏👌
    You’re so good at writing 😉
    Lets see how he broke her fast

  7. It’s too good yaar eagerly waiting for your upcoming update

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    A beautiful episode…thank god she forgive them…..shes fasting for vansh tomorrow😜😍

  9. Figured, I’ll let you know I’ve read earlier than I’d thought, lol.
    But this was an amazing episode, absolutely lovely. I love how Riddhima and Vansh are slowly coming closer and how everyone’s teamed up to bring them together. I’m definitely looking forward to the next episode!

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    Nd i predict all this bcoz on twitter we have habbit of predicting what will happen in future😅

    But pls make them realise their luv for each other, Riddhima is keeping fast nd Vansh will break it so indirectly its a strong feeling of love na

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  17. Naira U Singh

    Really good this one 10/10. And why do i feel as if there’s going to be a jealousy track coming the next episode. Anyways want to see how he breaks her fast, really excited for the next episode. Update soon

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