IS IT DESTINY OR FATE?- Character sketch..

hi iam is my new FF..please give your suggestions readers…☺️🥰.let us see only short character sketch… this FF will be based on divya drishti and naagin 3…based on your comments it will be easier to carry on forward so kindly share your opinions…

1. Amish (Rithvik)

ceo of a company..kind and genuine man..

2.mihir(pearl v puri)

brother of Amish..he is also a CEO of a company..very helpful and genuine in nature…

3.anu, adi and yuvraj…

anu is model..

She is smart and nice girl.. she is also said to be a nice hearted person

flirts with girls…friends of mahir and Amish…adi has habit of drinking and his charater is little bad…

4. Priya:(Ishita Dutta)

mahir’ s fiance…good. side love for mahir..

5.shravani(Surbhi Jyoti)

servicer/cleaner in a hotel.soft and good character..


manager of a same hotel where Shravani works.sister of Shravani. Funny girl and naughty..


owner of hotel where Shravani and ananyaa works…

friends please tell me of how is this charater sketch..and share your opinions..

Everyone please give your suggestions..iam sorry I can’t give story intro as story will be revealed with twists….☺️☺️☺️☺️the other additional characters will come between the episodes as it is suspense…

1st episode precap: rithvik and his gang enjoys….for what??

  1. Jasminerahul

    Wow.nice cs. Surprised to see ishita too.but she loves it a typing mistake or mahir is also there?Happy to see the names as mahir shravani as shrahir ffs are rare.shravani as a cleaner is a surprise. Anu as a nice girl is there going to be a love triangle between amish ananya vish?if amish anabya are the end game as its a DD ff I hope ajitabh enters for vish.but I wonder why advik Anita have 2 names.lots of suspense.please start many parts story is this?

    1. Kifu

      Thank you so much jasminrahul 😊.pearl v puri is there only.. Ishita is extra Character to add twists between shrahir..vish lead will come little later.there is a twist in this will be different☺️☺️.I will reveal every doubts through episodes☺️☺️ shortly I can say it as suspense thriller..hope you like it ☺️

  2. Jasminerahul

    Banner is beautiful. But why is it written sample?

    1. Kifu

      Thank you☺️☺️. sample was mistakingly wrote..I couldn’t change that’s why

  3. Hey I like it when will you upload next episode and how much episode do you write for it and I hope for vish will not negative

    1. Kifu

      Thank you soo much🥰🥰.next episode will be coming tomorrow ☺️.I have decided to write for 25 episode ☺️. don’t worry vish is not negative☺️☺️.

  4. Hey where is first episode

    1. Kifu

      I will upload tomorrow early morning without fail…

  5. @kifu
    Ok we will wait

  6. Hey! Kifu. Just read this and other ongoing ffs of yours. Prerna, Maya’s ff is worth-reading. I mean I can’t remember it’s nane well, just read it and enjoyed it. This ff is too interesting. Will surely support you. Keep moving. Lots of Love❤❤

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