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Is there love in my life?? Episode – 9 (Anika wishes to be spiderman?)

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Anika open your eyes…. Shivay made Anika lie on the sofa

“Can someone please bring the water khanna call the doctor…. now!” shivay shouted on top of his voice

Khanna runs to call doctor

“Sir, it’s time for your meeting” reena said

“Have you lost it!? How can I go for meetings you’re seeing Anika’s condition naa….. Bhaad mein jayee meeting!” shivay yelled

A employ brings the water…. Shivay immediately takes it and sprinkles it on Anika’s face

Anika slightly opens her and after couple of seconds her vision got clear the first person she saw was shivay not arrogant but a tensed shivay

“Huh… Your fine…” shivay said it with a sigh

“How did I came here” Anika asked

“Now don’t say you lost your memory” shivay teases her

“What” Anika asked

“Kya what?  You’re such a careless girl can’t you care for yourself you’re really an idiot….” shivay said

Anika didn’t want to make an argument  so she remained quite…

Doctor arrives and checks Anika

“She’s fine you’re just little weak and have little fever have your meals on time here I am writing some medicines for you and this is a tonic I am writing for you it’s gonna be really helpful for you” doctor said

Doctor writes some medicine for her

“Thank you doctor” shivay said

No one has seen shivay soo tensed about someone everyone they were shocked seeing shivay like this

“Sir,  now Anika Is also fine now can we go for the meeting” reena said

“What? Why didn’t you go for your meeting” Anika asked in shock

Shivay looks here and there tries to avoid Anika voh actually you were unconscious so…..I didn’t go

“OK.. But now I’m fine.. Please go for your meeting”  Anika said calmly

“No.. First I will drop you at your home then only I am going to do anything else” shivay said

“What?” Anika asked and raised her eyebrows

“I mean it’s my responsibility to take care of my employees..” shivay said covering up

“It’s ok i’ll go by my own” Anika pacify him

Anika stands up she again feels little low and slips shivay holds her again

“Listen I am coming to drop you! Is that clear!!!!!” shivay said loudly

“No its okay sir i’ll go…and thanks for your help….” Anika said

Anika gets back to her home

“yaa… will be good if bride and groom will meet each other already all these decisions are really fast yaa…. Lets make them meet at a cafe I have booked a table” pinky said aa she was on phone call

Mr Roy hugs Anika….
“Anika get ready fast you and your husband to be have to meet each other in an hour” Mr Roy said

“Dad… I am really not interested to meet him nor I am interested in this marriage I am doing this for chachaji and for your safety I’ll marry him and as soon as possible I’ll get divorced” Anika said

“I know that but….he touched his forehead” mr roy said

“Oh my god! You have fever….and did you eat something wait I am calling of this date right now and let me call the doctor” mr roy said

“Dad… I already went to the doctor these are the medicine he prescribed
Anika shows the medicine which she  bought while returning  from office” Anika said

“But I didn’t get this your (the name though?)  tonic in the nearby drugstore.” Anika aaid

“It’s okk I will send someone for that”Mr Roy said

“You go and have rest I am sending your food in your room” he said

Anika went to her room.

“aree.. Shivay you came.. How was your day?” pinky asked

“Very tiring” shivay said

“Oh let me give you some more work to do” pinky smirks

“What” shivay said in shock

“I have planned a date for you and your finance you should go and meet her,” pinky said and smiled a bit

Just then she get a call

“Actually she’ll not be able to come today she have fever” mr roy said

“Ohh…. Did she go to the the doctor and took medicine?” pinky asked little bit in tension

“Yaa. Ya she’ll be fine don’t worry and soo sorry for cancelling there meet” Mr roy apologizes

“No.. No its okay” pinky said

She cuts the call

“Shivay you should go to roy mansion now…” pinky ordered

“But you just said I have to go to cafe”shivay ask in confusion

“Yaa… But anika is not well…” pinky said

“Anika?!” shivay said in shock

“Ya… You forgot her name? Anika Roy…” pinky reminds him

“Ohh Anika roy is also not well” shivay says to himself

“Go and meet her and go there with a bouquet… Ok..” pinky said

“Mom but she is not well na…” shivay tries opposing her

“Its ok shivay she’ll feel nice when you will go to meet her” pinky ordered

Okay shivay sits in his car and goes to roy mansion

Shivay’s pov
Oh god! Mom doesn’t understand we should not go to somebody’s house like this huh…

After half an hour shivay finally reached roy mansion he gets out of the car and was mesmerized to see roy mansion the fountains pools and big large gate which was opened for him he gets out of his car and removes his glares (shivay wears glares at night also ?) in order to see it more properly.

Anika was sitting on her window when she noticed a car entering the roy mansion her eyes were just there to see who gets out of it and to her surprise it was shivay

Anika was hell shocked to see him

“Ftw!! What he is doing  here peecha hi nhi chodd raha hai yeh insaan… Why he’s here Anika was panicking hopping in tension”

“What if he sees me here I am sure dad and oberois are best friends he may came here for some work….but what if dad forgets that he’s my boss and calls me down then he’ll k ow that I belong to a rich family! Oh god help me!!”

“Oh! Shivay surprised me by coming here…. But I know you can here with a bouquet to meet your to be wife right? Oh well I know that….” mr roy said

Shivay bows his head down and smiled a bit

“Wait I’ll call her
Mishti…. Go and call Anika” Mr roy said

“Roy…” shivay said interupting

“Yaa…ya.. Anika Roy…” mr roy smiled a bit

“What to do now…. I wish I was a spider man then I would have stick on that wall or jumped out of the window Anika was walking here and there in tension
Wait!! Anika you should pretend that you are asleep and”

Anika goes inside the blanket when the maid comes she sees Anika sleeping so she went down

Maid- sir Anika mam is sleeping

“Oh! So wake her up!!” Mr roy said

“No.. No… No need of that let her sleep already she’s not well she should rest and I should leave Mr Roy
Shivay stands up”

“Okay shivay we’ll meet soon” Mr roy said

“Sure…” shivay replied

They shook hands

Just then a servant enters
“Sir, Anika mam’s medicine”

“Ya.. Keep it here.”

Shivay notices that its yoyo tonic in servant’s hand which he remembered that Anika was also given by the doctor

Shivay’s pov
That’s yoyo tonic Anika was also prescribed this tonic by doctor it’s very weird

Shivay leaves
that’s really weird that Anika teivedi my employee and Anika Roy my fiance both are not well on same day and both were prescribed the same medicine…. Well,  I hope Anika Is fine I meant Anika trivedi is fine no no.. Actually  both Anika should be fine… Oh god what the hell! So much confusion I am marrying Anika Roy but in my thoughts there is Anika trivet….. shivay you should stop thinking about Anika trivedi and better start thinking about Anika Roy and the business deal!

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