Is there love in my life?? Episode – 6 (Anika Is Shocked!)

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As the movie was already finished dadi and rudra were in the car returning from there suddenly with a scratch rudra stopped his car.


“oye what happened?” dadi asked confused


“dadi see that girl…. is so similar to the girl we met in the theater” rudra whispered


“Our khotuhiya because she’s the same girl” dadi said hitting rudra’s head

And she gets out of the car followed by rudra


Saumya was standing at the corner of the road looking for a taxi looking at dadi she smiled


“What happened putter why are you standing here?”dadi asked concerned


“Voh… Actually… My car got punctured and I am waiting for the taxi to come”saumya said


“Ohh… Don’t worry you come with us we’ll drop you” dadi said smiling


“What?? Dadi… What are you” saying?? Rudra said making faces


“Chup reh tu….” dadi said


“No.. No.. Dadi don’t take soo much problem I’ll go in an auto” saumya said


No.. Dear you have to come with I’ll not listen anything!! Dadi said Making fake strict face.


Okk she agreed


They all sat in the cars and leaves


Shivay was In his car returning from office

why do I feel so special around her?? why do I feel the pain?? when she gets hurt like today,  why did I ran to her and panicked like that, what is happening to me? A tonight strikes in shivay’s mind


Anika gets back to the home

She entered with a tiring face. But as soon she noticed a person she ran to hug him.


Chachaji!!! You!! Here today!!? She ran to hug him but he points out gun on her

She gets stopped

What will happen Next??

Why did he do that??

Will shivay realize his feelings??


Stay tuned!!!


So yaa that’s it guys small update… I know…. but please bear with it can’t post long episodes exams, academic pressure so much work…. 😢😢but try to post as much as I can. Please drop your precious likes guys really need them. like and do comments


Loads of love❤


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  1. ItsmePrabha

    Hey ananya.. Good to see you.. Short but cute update.. Will be waiting for the next.. Post it whenever you are free… Till then take care..

    1. Ananyagour

      Thanks dear I’ll try my best to post it soon and a very happy new year to you take care 😃

  2. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice update

    1. Ananyagour

      Thank you! Happy new year!!

  3. JeevithaTK

    Hi dear.
    Hru. Happy to c u back. The episode was good dear… Will b wait for next. Till then stay blessed… Keeping smiling….

    1. Ananyagour

      Thank you soo much… The next chapter will be posted very soon… Stay tuned and happy new year dear😄😄

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