Is there love in my life?? Episode – 5 ( Rudy the crybaby)

Anika gets a coffee for Shivay in his cabin
and keeps on his table
“Now you go and finish your work” said Shivay while he was looking into his file.

Anika starts leaving but she slipped and fell and got hurt on her forehead blood starts- oozing out of the wound
Shivay hurriedly got down “Why don’t you take care of yourself what if you get severely injured” he holds Anika’s head “ much blood is coming out…let me call the doctor”

“It’s okk Shivay it’s just a small wound it will get heal” said Anika

“No…no..i don’t want to take any risk when it’s something about you”
Shivay stopped when he realized what he has said

Anika and Shivay had an eyelock.

“Let’s go!! Rudra! I am really excited for the movie” Dadi said

“Yaa..ya..Dadi let’s go”said Rudra

Aaaaaaa!!! Ooooo!!
Shouted Rudra “why the ghosts are very scary”

Dadi was enjoying watching Rudra more than the movie

Rudra hides behind Dadi. when,Rudra heard laughter

He saw that a cute, chubby girl wearing a dark blue middie sitting next to him was laughing at rudra she looked Soo beautiful Rudra was just lost in her and she continues lauphing

All of a sudden
The chudail( witch) from the movie laughed and rudra again got scared

“How kiddish you behave!? This movie is not at all scary and you are hiding behind your Dadi” the girl said

“Oh hello you fat girl!do you even know who am I” said Rudra

“You are calling me fat! You know what you are a crybaby!!” The girl said

“Just shut up you moti!” Rudra said

“Aree..will you both stop fighting I am trying to concentrate on movie now the witch is taking an important decision.who’s blood should she drink.So you both please be quite”Dadi scolded them

So that’s it guys I know very short update😅😅but please hit people only motivate me to write more n more. comment what you liked,loved,hate
Tell me if you are finding it boring or not liking. I will definitely try to improve 😃

Loads of love❤

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  1. Amazing episode dear.

  2. ItsmePrabha

    cute it shivika scene or rumya dadi scene both are so good..will be waiting for the next..

  3. JeevithaTK

    Hi dear,
    The episode was short and sweet dear. Care of shivay nd cuto fight of RuMya was nice. Will be waiting for next episode. Tc

  4. Nikita_jai29

    Cute update

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