Is there love in my life?? Episode – 10 (shivika’s Romance)

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What why didn’t you told me mom?! Like I only don’t know that my marriage is after three days” shivay said


“Sorry beta forgot to tell you”pinky apologizes


“Did you tell to roys? “shivay asked


” Yaa just now called them told them about it they have no problem in that

But what about you”pinky said


“Well,  I also don’t have any”shivay said said calmly


“But we’ll not be able to do the pre wedding function “pinky said


“Mom, it’s not important just the wedding is important for our business “shivay said

“But beta you always make her happy don’t just think she’s a deal but she’s your wife btw how was your meet with her?”pinky said in fake anger and asked


“If I tell my mom that I didn’t met her  she will again send me tomorrow…”shivay thought


“Mom,  it was good”shivay said with a big smile


“She is very beautiful na… Pinky said


Yess mom really beautiful


Next day at office


“Today I think I should ask for the leave to sir for my wedding “Anika thought


“Rudra and Om entered office and announces  suno suno suno shivay singh Oberoi marriage has been fix and that’s why we will party today!” rudy declared


Shivay comes

“What?! The person for whose this party Is being organized doesn’t know about it “shivay asked


” Vo actually I thought to surprise you”rudy Asus asking an innocent face


“But what’s the need of this party and all… “shivay said


” Shivay I agree to rudra this time because already we are not having the pre wedding ceremonies and then we can at least celebrate it by partying “omkara said


What shivay sir is getting married?!!

But why?!

Anika’ pov

These feelings which I am having are really weird I am sad… And upset for shivay’s wedding but why am I upset? That’s probably makes no sense a man who is very mean to me I am upset for him? But I can’t deny the fact that he’s a nice person for his family.

Shivay was standing with rudra and Om


Shivay’s eyes were searching for Anika but he was not able to find her


“Reena… Did Anika came to office today “he asked


Hearing her name she goes to shivay

Yess…” Sir I am here ”


“Anika… Why did you came? You were not well na…” shivay sound concerned


“Because sir I won’t be able to come the next two days”anika said


“What?! Why?”shivay asked


“Sir after two days I have my marriage.” Anika replied sadly


Shivay was hell shocked (peron k neeche se zameen khisak gyi ho jese….)

“What!!!!!!! You are getting married” shivay asked


“What is shocking shivay congratulations Anika…. Anika right?”om said as he shook hands with anika


“Yaa… “Anika said as she smiles a bit


” Bhaiya talks a lot about you…. “Rudra Said


“About me?!” Anika asked


“Yaa yesterday you fainted na… “rudra replied


” Ya…but how do you know”anika asked


“Actually Anika daily we sit on pool side and talk what happened whole day. “om replied


“I wish our bhabhi will let us talk there” rudra said


“Wow… How much you all love each other I wish I would also have that kind of family but I just have my dad as my family and I hope that your bhabhi will let you talk at the pool side as you do it now”anika said and gets little emotional but controlled them


“BTW… Anika didi… Can I call you didi…” rudra said cutely


“Sure… “Anika replied with a broad smile


“You will come for the party Right?!” rudra said playfully


“Uhh…. Vo  actually…..”


“Anika didi I don’t want hear a no from you please…”


“But…. ”


“bhaiya say na…. “rudra said


Anika come there….

Shivay was soo sad about anika ‘s marriage that he can’t control and left the spot


“What happened to bhaiya?” rudra said to om


Anika also goes from there




“Yaa… Today we have organized a party for all our office staff and close relative and Mr Roy your daughter should also be there. It’s a youngsters party she’ll have Fun!” pinky said on a call


“Actually there’s lot of wedding work and I am alone and my daughter is also well…” mr roy replied


“Ohh… Don’t. Worry. Tell her to Take. Rest and we’ll meet on. The. Wedding. Day



Pinky cuts the call


Anika comes home

“Dad… Actually I have to go for a party or I should not…”Anika said


“Obviously you should go after all its your  fiance… “He was about to shivay’ name but got an reveal the truth cut by deepak Roy(Anika’s uncle dusht chachaji)


“You should definitely go my child…. After all you’ll be married in two days enjoy your freedom now….”deepak Said


Anika makes a ignoring face goes to get ready


Anika reaches to a party she enters in Oberoi mansion rudra and Om welcome her

She was standing at one corner

Then she thought of walking around OM

She goes to the 1st floor for seeing it where shivay’ room was also there

She entered in shivay’s as she loved the bedroom the background of it looked so amazing to her

She was seeing it

Shivay entered there fixing his hair


“You!!…..”they both said it together


“Yes…. Actually I came here as I loved the background of the room who’s room is this” Anika said


“Mine room…. “shivay replied with a smirk


Anika gets shocked


Rudra passes by the shivay’s room he locked the door from outside as he thought while partying no one should go there.


Shivay and Anika bangs the door loudly


“Oh god now what we’ll do” she said


“Its all because of you” shivay said


“Shut up!!!” Anika said


Anika slips from the carpet and falls on bed as she held shivay’s collar he too falls on her they both got lost in each other and wanted that this moment should go on forever Anika tries to stand up but they rolled by mistake and Anika came over shivay

Her hair falls on shivay’ face and


Aaaacchhhooooo!! Shivay sneezed Anika makes a disgusting face and stands


“Oh god these girls hair can’t be on their place”shivay said as he too stands


“Oh hello! No need to complain you pretend to be well mannered and classy but you just sneezed on my face who does that”anika said


“That’s because of your hair”he said


”Oh.. Whatever…. ” she said


“Oh god I don’t want to be in this room with you”anika said


Dadi was sleeping in her room but hear some noise from Shivay’s room


Just then dadi opens  the door from outside and gets inside in his room and sees No one there

Shivay and Anika hid themselves at the bathroom as they heard the sound that someone opened the door


She went back to her room thinking that she got some kind of dream and slept again in her room


At bathroom

“Thank god no one saw us otherwise my marriage would broken”shivay Said


“Who’s that unlucky girl marrying you! “Anika said looking him


” Vo actually I am marrying an…. “he was about to say the name a d real the truth

Just then the shower started on shivay and he got all wet


Anika started laughing looking at him shivay got angry and pulled her also under shower


They both were very close to each other and all went to it anika closed her eyes as she was not able to take this……. The have the very less gap  between their lips shivay was rejoicing the moment  he holds Anika’s waist and whispered

Ab haso….


Anika’s eyes were still closed and she was breathing heavily.

He slightly rubs his cheeks on Anika’s her cheeks and turned shower off as he was feeling little  weird


Anika and shivay both were all wet from head to toe they got out of the bathroom.


“Shivay because of you I got all wet”Anika said as ahe looked herself


“It was your punishment on laughing at me” shivay said smirking


“But I think you were enjoying it”shivay teased her


“N.. No… No. There’s nothing like that you should stop your stupid thoughts”anika said


Down at OM

“I am thinking where’s shivay and Anika they are seen for a long time….” om said looking here and there


“Aree… Honge yahin kahin and bhaiya would be spending some time with her coz now he’ll get married na… “rudra said playfully


“Shut up rudra!!!” om said


“But how we will go down like this I have no clothes to wear also. “Anika said


” Wait I’ll call khanna he’ll arrange clothes for you from somewhere”shivay replies


Khanna enters the room

“Sir, how did you both got wet? ”


” You leave that just arrange some clothes for Anika to change by the time I’ll go to change. “shivay said said shouting at himn


“Yess… Sir…”


You wait here I’ll just came and went to the bathroom taking his clothes


He comes out the bathroom Anika was drying her hair with a towel and the extra drops of water were falling here and there


Shivay was lost in her beauty.


Anika waved her hands in front of his eyes…. What happened?


”Oh! Ya… You can change here by the time I am going down coz if we both will go together then they might doubt on us and before my marriage I don’t want any controversy with another girl….. “shivay said


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