Internet Wala Love 9th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Jai and Aadhya fix a meeting

Internet Wala Love 9th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aadhya thinks if she will get answers if she closes her eyes. Jai thinks if he fell in love with the internet friend just while chatting for some time. He opens his suitcase and is shocked. Aadhya closes her eyes. Just then Jai comes and knocks on the door. Aadhya opens the door and sees him wearing a nighty. She laughs. Jai asks don’t you identity your clothes, it is yours. Aadhya asks what. He says our suit case are exchanged. Aadhya thinks to take his pic and upload on social media. Jai asks her not to do that. He takes his stuff and leaves. Aadhya laughs.

Samrat thinks it is good that Jai and Aadhya didn’t see me, but they have seen Shanaya. Rupa comes and says I heard that you got hurt last night. He says yes. Rupa says you can become Sadhu and good boy

infront of everyone, but I know you are very mischievous and is jealous of Jai since childhood. She says Jai got beaten up for your doings and that’s why I sent you to hostel, but now I can punish you big. She asks him to be careful.

Aadhya thinks I thought I will get answer, but Jai came again. Jai thinks he don’t love her, but she is special. Aadhya thinks if she meets him then all her problems will end. She messages him and asks if he is awake. She writes I was thinking, can we meet? Jai gets happy and writes ofcourse. He thinks to meet her after reaching Delhi and says we shall meet tomorrow. Aadhya says ok. She thinks we will meet finally. They return back to Delhi. Dadu calls Jai and asks him to come to Aadhya’s house after reaching Delhi. Aadhya gets message from Shubhankar asking her to reach home fast. Jai and Aadhya reach her house.. Dadu says we brought shagun for Aadhya as engagement will happen after 3 days. Jai thinks how to save my brother. Rupa greets them. Shubhankar asks Jai to sit and says we don’t insult guests. Rupa asks Jai to come and sit with her, asks him to see that they have served tea in steel cup.

Shubhankar asks Aadhya, if she is fine? Aadhya says yes. He says don’t know how we will live after your marriage and hugs her. She says I was thinking that engagement is happening fast. Shubhankar asks her not to worry and says Samrat is a good guy. Jai thinks I have to make everyone realize that Aadhya is not good. Dadi says we are thinking to buy jewellery for Aadhya and asks can we take her along with us. Aadhya says no and asks her to buy with her choice. Jai says if you want, I will take you all to my friend’s jewellery shop. Dadu asks him to take them there. He thinks his plans flopped to meet his internet friend. Dadu asks Samrat to drop him home.

Rupa asks Aadhya’s mum not to buy ring for Samrat and says they will manage, and says they have to think about their reputation. Shubhankar keeps hand on Samrat. Samrat feels pain. Rupa says he had an accident two days back and asks Jai to come for shopping. Jai takes his family to jeweller shop and asks them to shop, goes somewhere. Aadhya thinks why Jai is behaving nicely with them. Jai comes there and aims gun at his own family while hiding his face. Aadhya asks Rupa and Dadi to go, says she will handle the goons. Rupa says we got saved. Dadi says Aadhya saved us. Aadhya fights with jai and pulls his mask. She is shocked. Dadi thinks Jai failed and Aadhya is proved to be a good girl. She thinks of jai telling that he will test Aadhya. Aadhya says I had understood that you will do something. Jai says that’s why you saved your family. Jai asks her not to be happy and says he will expose her till engagement day. He wears mask and goes with his friend.

He thinks to think about Aadhya tomorrow, but now he will think about his internet friend. He looks at the letter and thinks he will give it today. He makes greeting card. Aadhya messages him that she has ordered something online for him and says it is her favorite songs and asks him to listen it. Song plays….kuch toh hua hai plays…..Aadhya waits for the parcel. Jai comes to the hotel and waits for her. Aadhya leaves from her house. Jai is waiting for her, someone comes. Jai says I am waiting for my friend and thinks if this girl is my internet friend. He gets Samrat’s call and asks him to hold, comes out of shop. Samrat says I called to ask you about shopping. Jai says I left Dadi and Maa for shopping and came for work. Samrat thinks why is he lying, Tanisha said that he is having off. Aadhya comes and sits on the table.

Jai comes and sees Aadhya reading the letter written by him. He thinks this can’t happen. Aadhya can’t be my internet friend.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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